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Aurora (Irina Yudina)

( The leading `MUZ` Aurora and DJ `Europe` s Plus model past)

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Biography Aurora (Irina Yudina)
photo Aurora (Irina Yudina)
Born in Tallinn on September 7, 1974
. Zodiac Sign: Virgo (by nature rather stubborn Aries)
. Favorite color: Purple
. Ideal man: George Michael
. Ideal woman: Kristin Scott-Thomas
. Favorite drink: grape juice
. I almost spent her life in Tallinn, like all Soviet children went to kindergarten, went to school, and dreamed of becoming a rock star
. In four years, learned to read, and so fell in love with this business, that self-enrolled in the library. Sang in a choir. Then she went to Saint-Petersburg State University in the Department of Psychology
. In Tallinn became the director of the largest modeling agency in the city. The girl-models always said, . that do not need to waste money and specifically to learn this craft in private schools, . everything is much easier, . need to eat less and smile more,
. In his free time windsurfing, and in 1996 even won third place in Tallinn Regatta.
She worked as a musical leading to the popular urban radio station. When I came on the radio for the first time, I did not take, they said that I do not. But I made her, and after six months when it decided to leave for Moscow, director of radio station said he did not let the best lead. Then had to prepare three DJ-s instead of me one!
Most came to Moscow, wanted to know, to see something new, especially in the professional sense. Moscow is amazing, and I was surprised when it comes to radio, plenty of music stations, I almost said - for every taste and choice! I decided to stay here, I was curious, I knew that even as a radio broadcaster can do many useful. Long did not think she went to <Europe Plus> - Radio Number One. On the first day, in the eyes program director station S. Aksyutov, I realized that I would stay here to work. And it was not surprised when she received the most listened to radio clock.
In "Europe Plus" I have been working for two years. I love my students, not when I do not go out in the ether, not prepared, after listening to the program, millions of people, and I am responsible for them in a good mood. But what to say, set the receiver to 106,2 - themselves will understand. At the leading radio station can not be otherwise. Freebie can not, I fear that my colleagues will stop me smile.
From time to time, I work as a model. In Tallinn, as director of model agency, I could not afford it, the image director, you know. I do not consider myself a professional model, and indeed a model, but I can not deny myself the pleasure to walk on the catwalk, and even for a moment, to play any role, even a little daring.
Generally, in recently I have a lot of work, even more of its offer, but refuse. I like interesting work, but his conscience does not allow to do something carelessly, then itself ceases to respect.
In my spare time I like to communicate with friends, gambling preference, billiards, chess, and believe me, do it very well.
It just sort of laudatory ode turned out! Although I think that about me to say only good things, and as for gaming, you can check. If this is not quite modestly, that I think modesty is the shortest way to bezzvestnost.

Information site http://smeha.net/

Photos of Aurora (Irina Yudina)
  • Aurora (Irina Yudina)
  • Aurora (Irina Yudina)
  • Aurora (Irina Yudina)
  • Aurora (Irina Yudina)
  • Aurora (Irina Yudina)
  • Aurora (Irina Yudina)

Photos of Aurora (Irina Yudina)
Aurora (Irina Yudina)Aurora (Irina Yudina)Aurora (Irina Yudina)Aurora (Irina Yudina)

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  • Julia - my ideal woman!
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    Aurora (Irina Yudina), photo, biography
    Aurora (Irina Yudina), photo, biography Aurora (Irina Yudina)  The leading `MUZ` Aurora and DJ `Europe` s Plus model past, photo, biography
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