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Biography Jasmine
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Jasmine was born on 12 October 1977. in Dagestan in the city of Derbent in a musical family: my mother was a conductor, choreographer and Dad. Brother, who two years older than Jasmine, the family decided to do the same musician, and so he was sent to music school. But to our great disappointment, the scion decided not to go on the creative footsteps of family and three years later gave music lessons. It is for this reason, the question of Jasmine was settled unequivocally: "No music - apparently on the children of musicians nature relaxes'.
As usual in the cities of this type of childhood is a fairly carefree and fun.
Those who were in Derbent, well aware of these friendly yards, from the rich vegetation and always rushing crowds mischievous children, and it is useless to urge parents to lunch. For days the children play chess, checkers, backgammon, skipping ropes, lazyat the trees in search of mulberries, subsequently falling and breaking his hands and feet. But Jasmine managed to get out of childhood, not crippled. The only once, she was very badly hurt his leg and as usual started yelling is not child's voice. Father had to start the car, put there Jasmine and her midnight ride through the city until the pain was gone, troubles awaited him at red lights when the car stopped, and seemed to signal immediately heard a baby crying.
Mom. Mother Jasmine believes the ideal woman and strives to be like her around. 'Particularly striking combination of rigor necessary for raising children, and at the same time, the inexhaustible kindness and affection'.
Dad. The main quality - love for children. Especially for them, opened a free circle in the House of Pioneers. Named Jasmine 'image', 'Fairy Tale'.
Brother. Was fond of painting, went to art school, graduated from college jewelry, then worked for two years in specialty. By the way, Derbent is famous for its jewelry.
Grandmother. Famous in Derbent their bread products and jam (white cherry and hartuta - mulberry), which in Dagestan are an integral part of national cuisine. It was her recipes were transferred Jasmine inherited - it is perfectly bakes bread and jam cooks at home.

At heart. Although, . parents decided not to tempt fate and did not give Jasmine a music school, . less vocal talents of all did not have and found it quite by accident: between medical school and the local music school decided to KVN,
. Artistic Director of 'medical' immediately realized on who should be set and made a bet on Jasmine - all the musical performances party command is executed it. In the end, to everyone's surprise victory in KVN Medical College, forcing the musicians to cry. This is how Jasmine has visited the first time on the big stage.
Nevertheless, in childhood she never dreamed of becoming a singer. Rather. Most were interested in her English, and all children's fantasies were as Ying. Yazu.
But the carefree childhood ended, and began adult life.
The turning point in the life of Jasmine was my mother's death. It happened just on the borderline between childhood cheerfulness and maturation - 18 years. 'My mother got sick, and literally within three months she was gone'. For Jasmine it was a real shock, which changed her life radically. 'There was soul-searching after such a start to understand that since you were born and before the end of the parents are no longer his, and your life. And you are growing and blooming in the greenhouse, because a mysterious force protects you from all ills'.
Justify all that invested in Jasmine's parents - affection, kindness, knowledge, education, wisdom and above all commitment, she decided with the help of self -. From that moment began her independent life:

. Already, as in Moscow with Jasmine underwent an interesting story, and has become the starting point in her creative work:
. Once, a friend of Jasmine - browser Prц?t-A-Porte (Haute Couture) at Rossiyskom TV, invited her to go in the film crew to Paris for the fashion show of leading French houses
. From all presented there, most of all she was struck leather famous couturier Jean-Claude Zhitrua (JITROIS). - She never thought of quite coarse material such as leather can do so elegant things.
The next day, under the impression from the show, the friends decided to visit the company store Zhitrua, although money to buy the products they have certainly not been. Naturally, having got there it was hard to resist trying on, and now in the midst of fitting bacchanalia, as in a fairy tale or a woman's novel, a mirror image appears in propria persona, Jean Claude. Though it was hard to believe. At first he did not notice the unusual visitors and just busily pacing the cabin, giving a subordinate the various indications. At this moment, just one of the workers, and drew attention to the couturier Jasmine, try on leather pants and vest.
'I was quick to appreciate how perfect my stuff sitting on this chiseled figure, and then when I saw her face, I realized that to begin an urgent need to make a photo session. I do not know how our business relationship will arise later, but decided that the girl with such invoice looks and quite extraordinary eye can not miss'
. Convey the feeling of a girl trapped in a history, . may, . probably, . only herself: 'I stood rooted to the spot, . eyes wide, . without understanding, . he said to me, . until, . not yet found, . I do not know French, . and we have not switched to English, . which, . i, . fortunately, . know well,
. When I finally realized what is at stake, I just laughed, took it as a very nice memorized French compliment. I knew that such stories do not happen in reality. "
Then Jasmine of course had to believe that this is not a compliment, but most real business proposition. They made a photo session and exchanged coordinates and for a time parted, because it was time to return to Moscow. Shortly after arrival, Jasmine called and reported that couturier would do with her samples for advertising your cabin in Russia. There are currently negotiating the signing of the contract:
As mentioned above, in childhood, Jasmine did not think of becoming a singer, as much as model the more. Of course, working with fashion worldwide is very flattering to the girl, and yet, all her thoughts were directed to work - she decided to try to do with music:
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  • entrepreneur for Jasmine
  • I thought: Why do I like Jasmine? And it turns out dagestanka, and even from the most Derbent. Sincerely, Anatoly.
  • Vladimir for Jasmine
  • You go to the forum Jasmine - jas.borda.ru
  • Lizunka for Jasmine
  • Who likes Jasmine! WRITE! ALL would be happy! [email protected]'ll wait for your letters! JASMINE! I adore you! I love you!
  • Arabella for Jasmine
  • Jessie - super! Be always such a beautiful, intelligent, kind and honest. Who like Jasmine - write to ICQ 384-874-560. Or at [email protected]! I'll wait!
  • Mark for Jasmine
  • My wife and I are very fond of Jasmine. She loves her songs.
  • lenuska for Jasmine
  • Jasmine remember you came in Samaria in the hospital Kalinina, come more tuda.s Yours Lena.
  • Julia for Jasmine
  • Jasmine! You're my favorite singer, . I'm from Krasnodar and I would very much like to visit your concert you really SUPER! I've got all your albums and I listen to them every day and I really like your tvorchestvtvorchestvo! Keep, . you are beautiful and adorable! THIS flower of our stage!,
  • Anonymous for Jasmine
  • Jasmine sings like a nightingale no longer who do not Paet it better than anyone
  • umid for Jasmine
  • I really like her analogy I like. Her songs пЎп?п°пІп°я?
  • Sevinj. for Jasmine
  • Hello Jasmine, I am your biggest poklonitsa, I love you very lyublyu.Ostavaytes always as beautiful and delicate dobroy.Tseluyu you hard!
  • David for Jasmine
  • Ona ne dagestanka a evreika !
  • shabana nayel for Jasmine
  • jasmine the most beautiful girl in the world, I realy love u.
  • Mr. Bojangles for Jasmine
  • Jasmine, your voice like bird singing from the sky, an angel from the heavens come from the clouds to serenade. Every where I look I see your eyes.
  • Wen-Jun Xu for Jasmine
  • Jasmine, Hello, I am a fan from China, I like to listen to Russian music, Chinese music, I watch TV, I see the world's most beautiful you are. Your wonderful voice, very charismatic and beautiful face dance fascinated me, so I love you to. You are my love forever, no matter what the time will not change. Rest assured, I am a single young, I want to come to Russia to find you, I would like you to marry him!
  • Ashot for Jasmine
  • she is beutiful
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    Jasmine, photo, biography
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