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Biography Jamiroquai
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Biography Dzhamirokvai (Jamiroquai)

. The present name of the group leader: Jason Kay.
. Born group leader: September 27, 1969
. Place of birth: London, United Kingdom
. Style: Acid Jazz, Alternative pop / rock, Club / Dance, Trip-Hop
. Similar in style performers: Anastasia, Count Basic, Fun Lovin `Criminals, Incognito, Maroon5, Stakka bo, Vitamin C.

. In the 90 years when it seemed that all the original art had died, and the music world indulged in rethinking heritage past thirty years, it became clear that funk funk strife
. Dzhamirokvai (Jamiroquai) made with funk quite an interesting operation: did this rhythm synonymous with good taste. Incidentally entering into use one more trendy pop genre: now is not much pop artists, the repertoire which are not at least one song with a funky rhythm in the disco-arrangement. In short, the uniqueness of their sound, Dzhamirokvai (Jamiroquai) proved to be one of the few truly popular phenomenon known has not been achieved due to compromise on taste

. Strictly, . despite, . that Dzhamirokvai (Jamiroquai) - full band with a decent set of musicians, . it is usually quite rightly associate with one man: Jason, . or Jay Kay, . ardent admirer of Stevie Wonder, . singer, . author of more than half of all tracks, . group name, . its logo (the characteristic chelovekobyka, . shown in all the plates Dzhamirokvai), . colorful personality, . certainly not devoid of talented and internal paradoxes,
. Chief among them - love to Kay's large and fast cars, what comes to a logical contradiction with the very radical views of the singer on the nature and civilization. After the first EP Dzhamirokvai (Jamiroquai) "Emergency On Planet Earth", published in 1993, was named the manifesto advocates for the environment.

However, the singer finds no paradox here: in response he usually tells the story of how he had interviewed the magazine "Big Issue", sold by homeless. In accordance with the interests of their target audience, the magazine is an interview with the editorial summed up the conclusion that, say, Jay Kay should not love anybody, because he lives in a mansion with eleven bedrooms and drives a Ferrari. "I wonder - is perplexed singer - that they want me to live in a garbage can?" I have lived there once. They did not say anything about my garden, in which there is not an ounce of pesticides on the roads around my house, which I keep clean for their money. I'm not saying that we should return to the life of monkeys - so why are they easily achieved my car? "

I must say that Jay Kay a bit disingenuous in his loss: his fate is in the homeless should initiate a purely jealousy and irritation. Born in Manchester, Jason Kay was born Dec. 30, 1969 in single-parent family: his mother, Karen Kay, was a jazz singer and host of his own TV show, his father he had never seen. Already as a student in school, he learned that he had a twin brother who died at the age of six months. This brother later became his sort of mystical satellite of: Jay Kay has repeatedly said that he lives the life of two persons. About his mother, he speaks rather skeptical: it would not allow him anything, not even bought the plates, so that his first decent tape recorder he bought only in conscious age. Jay poorly studied, and in fifteen years away from school and from home. He slept on the streets, hunted pickpocketing and periodically arranged in the strangest of. In 1989, he has adapted to live in an abandoned taxi fleets, which had no electricity, and the gaping hole in the roof. In one of the fights had occurred there in his face fired a jet of poison gas, and then stabbed. Fighting tied; Jay Kay was charged with robbery, which, according to him, did not commit. The accusation nevertheless was removed, and the young man, he thought it good to return home.

At home, he began to compose music and has plans to establish a group that plays the song "like Stevie Wonder". He assembled musicians in the group the following musicians: guitarist Rob Harris, keyboardist Matt Johnson, drummer and drummer Derrick McKenzie Sola Akingbola. Five of them identified themselves as Dzhamirokvai (Jamiroquai) - a strange word coined Jay, reaching him from the expression "jamming" and the name of the Iroquois Indian tribe ( "the iroquois"), whose history is very enthusiastic about it. The symbol of the group became a horned buffalo. Later joined by three backing singers: Valerie Etienne, Hazel Fernandez and Lorraine McIntosh. Unit was not yet received my title mixture of Hip-Hoper bit of funk, soul and jazz harmonies, motives - what later became known as the combination of "acid jazz". Actually, their first single, "When You're Gonna Learn", was released on the label "Asid Jazz", given its name to the genre. However, after the success of the company "Sony" immediately offered Dzhamirokvai (Jamiroquai) contract for eight plates.

Dzhamirokvay was known before: a time he worked in the style of hip-hop, and even recorded in 1986, one single at the company Streetsounds.

Their debut single,''Too Young To Die'', issued by the firm Sony Records, almost immediately entered the British Top 10 and the first album was headed by the national hit parade (his edition of the autumn of 1996 has passed for 2 million). Seven per cent of their income Dzhamirokvay donates to the fund''Greenpeace''and generally shows every interest in protecting the environment, for which he regularly makes fun of him over the music press of England.

The first two recordings of the band - already mentioned "Emergency On Planet Earth" and "The Return Of The Space Cowboy", which appeared in 1995 - were successful only in England. But in America were almost unknown. Only in 1996 after recording "Travelling Without Moving", video for the song which, "Virtual Insanity", has taken in the rotation MTV, Jamiroquai, and became popular across the Atlantic. The success cemented the song for the movie "Year-Zilla" - "Deeper Underground".

The third disc "Travelling without moving" (1997) was a mixture of soul, funk, reggae and disco. The single "Cosmic girl" with her was? 6 in the UK and? 7 in the U.S., and for the track "Virtual insanity" group received several Grammy Awards. A fourth album, distinguished by experiments with hip-hop, was the famous track "Canned heat", which has become? 1 in the U.S. and Japan, "4 in the UK and? 10 in Canada. Another song from the same album "Deeper underground" was used in the horror film "Godzilla". The album itself was? 1 in the charts of the five countries and another 18 countries entered the TOP10! It was a phenomenal success!

. By this time Dzhamirokvai (Jamiroquai) is not associated with acid-jazz: the beginning of a dance in their music won improvisation, . but say, . it, . this music, . become more primitive, . not: just the sophistication of its left rear, . becoming not so obvious,
. The fore disco component Jay Kay's talent: his love of Stevie Wonder, Kool And The Gang, Village People and Gloria Gaynor found, finally, an adequate expression. In 1997 the group recorded a duet with disco diva Diana Ross, and in 1999 saw the release the album "Synkronized" - a real encyclopedia disco rhythms, coupled with the characteristic of contemporary club music timbres. In the process of recording "Synkronized" the band have tired of touring Stewart Zehnder - angry JK peresvel entire disc again to from the "renegade" no trace.

They just made it up in the summer of 2001, when the group had already recorded his new album "A Funk Odyssey" - a record that finally pays tribute to the style that made Dzhamirokvai (Jamiroquai) popular. By 2000, the ninth year the group sold 16 mln.ekzemplyarov their album.

"A Funk Odyssey" - a thing very lively: lively - in general, the first quality that distinguishes the music Dzhamirokvai (Jamiroquai). However, there is still lively and supported by all of the foreground rhythm, thus the rhythm, under which created such a good mood. From the previous release of "The Odyssey" differs little more rigid and not as serene mood. It contains two grand things: "Corner Of The Earth" with harmony and rhythm of bossa nova, which he himself Jay Kay thinks the best of all the works he has ever songs, and grim "Twenty Zero One" with the radical hip-Khoperskii bit.

The usual result of growing up intelligent man who, moreover, led not regulated life. On the other hand, here is the composition of almost celestial serenity - such as the soul ballad "Black Crow" in the spirit of the 70's that Jay Kay performs with ecstatic gospel singer. However, the mood of the disk is still clearly visible - to take the energetic track "Main Vein".

In general, the plate is marked by all typically associated with Dzhamirokvai (Jamiroquai) features - impeccable taste, hearing and excellent technique and assertive-buoyant mood. Which, so long remained in unchanged, already called the outlook. Optimistic outlook, which many under force - for example, make a fairly brainless entertainment genre of art

. Discography group Dzhamirokvai:

. 1993 - Emergency on planet Earth
. 1995 - Return of the space cowboy
. 1997 - Travelling without moving
. 1999 - Synkronized
. 2000 - Platinum Collection Greatest Hits
. 2001 - A funk odyssey
. Butterfly
. Late Night Tales
. Live in Verona
. Space Cowboy
. The Best of

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  • Lena for Jamiroquai
  • Surprisingly graceful, intelligent-looking young man, music stirs the blood and soul, I love and listen to him for many years! Dream to go to his concert in St. Petersburg June 15, 2006!
  • superkatyuha for Jamiroquai
  • I listen every day, and his voice are so beautiful and unusual, that he will never get bored! THIS IS THE BEST ARTIST IN THE WORLD, I adored him! I even on comp on the Desktop HIS PICTURES! SUPER!
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    Jamiroquai, photo, biography
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