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Rostovtsev Pavel

( Biathletes)

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Biography Rostovtsev Pavel
photo Rostovtsev Pavel
Date of Birth: September 21, 1971
Place of Birth: r. Gus Khrustalny, Vladimir Region
. Place of residence: city of Krasnoyarsk

. Height / weight: 187 cm / 80 kg
. Education: Mechanical Engineer
. Marital status: Married, wife - Julia Dekanyuk, European champion in biathlon
. Education: Highland Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineer
. Serves: in missile troops, the major armed forces of Russia
. Hobbies: music, reading, cars
. In biathlon: since 1985
. Sports organization: RA
. Coaches: Shadrin AI, Ivanov Kn
Mark skis: Fischer
Model rifles: BI-7-4

Pavel Rostovtsev - the most famous of the existing biathletes of Russia.

Paul began to run long distances, and learned to shoot was at age 14 his father. For 17 years Rostovtsev moved in biathlon. His father was an athlete, a skier (he headed the Department of Physical Education Kovrov Institute of Technology) and the first coach of son. Alexander Rostovtsev found Paul and the first serious coach - Valery Stolnikova. To train with him, Rostovtsev, in 1995 he moved to Krasnoyarsk.

Since the beginning of the season 1995/1996, Rostovtsev - a member of the core of the national team. He was speaking at the World Cup in Slovakia, and then travels with the team at the World Cup in German Ruhpolding. However, in Germany, Paul never made: there he was taken by emergency such aces as Tarasov and Drachev. But before the Olympics in Nagano in March 1997 killed coach Stolnikov. And six months later is another tragedy - Paul's father dies. As Paul says, his father taught him the chief: "Miracles do not happen. We must work hard to achieve. Believe in yourself and wait in the wings. "From the crisis team leader brings a new coach - Konstantin Ivanov.

Since 2000, Paul - in the elite world biathlon. Star Rostovtsev rose when he won three silver medals at the world championships - in sprint, mass start and pasyute. A year later, Paul made even better. While the World Cup-2001 in Slovenia Pokljuka he had on his account only one victory in the World Cup, it did not prevent his triumph. In the sprint and pursuit race he won two gold medals. After the first big win of his career Rostovtsev no hurry to celebrate, and focused on the next race. "I was able to win two gold, because it did not allow the feelings of defeat me" - later said Paul.

. And in the Olympic season in Pokljuka Rostovtsev won the race by 20 kilometers, and as they say themselves biathlon, he "shot like a cowboy, but fled as his horse"
. In Oberhof Paul has beaten rivals in the sprint and pursuit and was leading until the last stages in the overall World Cup, although it conceded later Raphael Poiret.

. Rostovtsev said that the sport helped him to develop qualities that help him cope with the problems: "Life in Russia is not similar to the European
. To succeed, you need the ability to concentrate on the main and not be distracted ". If it were not for biathlon, the center of his life, says Paul, would become a family.

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  • Rostovtsev Pavel
  • Rostovtsev Pavel

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Rostovtsev PavelRostovtsev PavelRostovtsev PavelRostovtsev Pavel

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  • Natalia for Rostovtsev Pavel
  • For the success of Paul Alexandrovich watch long. His victory - our pride! "I respect his priorities in life. Unfortunately, very little information about it, though, maybe it's right! Please show up frequently in his new position. Sincerely, Natalya.
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    Rostovtsev Pavel, photo, biography
    Rostovtsev Pavel, photo, biography Rostovtsev Pavel  Biathletes, photo, biography
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