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Galina Tyunina

( Honored Artist of Russia)

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Biography Galina Tyunina
photo Galina Tyunina
Born October 13, 1967 in the Primorsky Territory in the village of Bolshoi Kamen. At school age, played in the drama school in the suburban town of Troitsk. In 1986 she graduated from the Saratov Theater School (VA course. Ermakova), then two and a half years working in the Saratov Drama Theater im.Karla Marx led AI. Dzekunov.
In 1988, Galina Tyunina enrolled in an acting group director faculty GITIS (RATA) in the class of Peter Naumovich Fomenko. At the end of training (1993) Galina Tyunina joined the troupe 'Workshop of Peter Fomenko', . created based on student course, . degree whose performances ( 'Vladimir III degree', . 'Twelfth Night', . "Wolves and Sheep ', . 'Adventure' and others) have had great success.,
. Galina Tyunina on television debut in 1990 in the television drama of Peter Fomenko 'The Undertaker' for a fragment of the 'Belkin' Pushkin.
. The first feature film in the biography of the actress became a film by Alexei Uchitel 'Giselle's Mania "(1996), . where the actress is very clearly played great Russian ballerina Olga Spesivtseva, . attracted the attention of both visitors, . and critics, . and was awarded for this role, several awards,
In 2000, Galina Tyunina again co-starred with Alexei Uchitel, playing the role of the wife of Ivan Bunin, a film nominee 'Oscar' and holder of numerous Russian and foreign awards - 'His Wife's Diary'. Work actresses in this film was awarded with the prize and brought fame to Galina Tyunina.
. Also, the audience was marked role in the film 'Night Watch' (2004), which had a great audience success.
. In 2004, Galina Tyunina participated in articulating a documentary film by Andrei Osipov 'Legends of the Silver Age' marked by more than 20 prestigious kinonagrad in different countries of the brightest figures of Russian poetry of the early twentieth century
In the theater ( 'Workshop of Peter Fomenko'), becoming one of the leading actresses, Galina Tyunina worked with such directors as Peter Fomenko, Sergei Zhenovach, Ivan Popovski, Eugene Kamenkovich and participated in many productions. The actress has been involved in the performances: "Wolves and Sheep '(1992)," Tanya-Tanya "(1996),' Month in the Country '(1996),' Chichikov. Dead Souls, Volume Two '(1998),' Barbarians' (1999). And he continues to play in today's performances of the repertoire, such as: 'Family Happiness' (2000),' War and Peace. The beginning of the novel '(2001),' Poisoned Tunic '(2002),' Three Sisters' (2004) and other. Theater work Galina Tyunina received numerous prestigious awards, including the State Prize of Russia. The actress has toured extensively throughout Russia and abroad.
. In 2005, Galina Tyunina took part in the creation of auditions for the play by Marina Tsvetaeva, 'Phoenix' in the formulation Eugenia Kamenkovicha on the radio 'Culture'.

. Awards for roles in movies:
. For his role in the film 'Giselle's Mania "(1996) - Russia's film-award for best actress, an Academy Award Russia young filmmakers' Green Apple-97' in the category 'Best Actress'; Award for Best Actress at the Film Festival New Cinema Russia "in Ekaterinburg; Film Critics Award for best actor's film debut; Award best actress movie 'person-96 years'.,
. For his role in the film 'His Wife's Diary "(2000) - Award for Best Actress at the Film Festival in Gatchina, 2001.

. Awards for roles in the theater:
. For his role in the play "Tanya-Tanya" (1996) - Award the best young actress Theater Festival 'Contact-96' in Poland;
. For his role in the play 'Month in the Country' (1997) - nominated for 'idol' in the category 'future idol';
. For his role in the play 'Barbara' (1999) - nominated for 'Seagull-2000'
. For the role in the play 'War and Peace
. The beginning of the novel '(2001) - National Theatrical Award "Golden Mask" in the category' Drama: Best Actress', 2002. State Prize of Russia, 2001.
. Award of Oleg Tabakov "For the acquisition of skills', 2001;
. For acting ensemble in the play 'Three Sisters' (2004) - Winner of the Theater Award' Seagull 'in the category "Synchronized swimming', 2004.;
. Winner Prize
. K. S. Stanislavsky, 2004 (for the creation of roles in productions of recent years).

. Prize of the newspaper 'Komsomolskaya Pravda' best actress in 1995 and 1996;
. Winner of the youth incentive grant awards 'Triumph', 2000.

. Credo: We must preserve the ability to communicate with those who you roads
. And in the profession, and in life.

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Galina TyuninaGalina TyuninaGalina Tyunina

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    Galina Tyunina, photo, biography
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