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Abdulov Alexander

( Actor)

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Biography Abdulov Alexander
photo Abdulov Alexander
Alexander Gavrilovich Abdulov was born May 29, 1953 in Tobolsk in a theatrical family - his father was a theater director in Fergana.

. While the theatrical scene Abdulov first came out back in the age of five, to the acting career he wanted - in the school in sports, fond of music
. At the insistence of his father, he tried to do after school in the Theater School Shchepkin, but failed, so when he returned from Moscow, has successfully passed the examinations, the faculty of physical education of the local teacher's college.

. Nevertheless, the year Alexander Abdulov again went to Moscow and entered the GITIS, the course of IM Rajewski
. In the movie actor made his debut in 1974, still a student, he played a small role in the film paratrooper Kozlov Mikhail Ptashuk Pro Vitya, Masha and marines.

. In 1975, the game in the graduation performance Abdulova said chief director of the Moscow Theater of the Lenin Komsomol (Lenkom) Mark Zakharov and invited the young actor in the troupe
. Since then the name of Alexander Abdulov is inextricably linked with the theater Zakharova.

Among the most famous theatrical works Abdulova - role in the famous "lenkomovskom" play "Juno and Avos". For his role in the play "The Barbarian and a heretic, he was awarded the" Crystal Turandot "and the prize fund of Stanislavsky.

In the mid-70's development was a young actor and film career. However, wide fame came to Alexander Abdulovu only after the role of Bear in the TV movie "Ordinary Miracle" (1978), staged by Mark Zakharov play by the same name by Eugene Schwartz.

. The new success has become a melodrama by Paul Arsenova A. Volodin's play "not to part with his beloved" (1979), in which Abdulov played the main male role, Mitya, and the main female role performed his then-wife - Irina Alferova
. An exceptional gift allows Alexander Abdulovu with equal success to perform diverse roles, acting in films of various genres and from different directors.

. Among his most famous actors works - Nikita in "Carnival" Tatyana Lioznova, the murderer of Robert eccentric detective Alla Surikova "Cherchez la Femme", the lyrical hero Ivan from "Magicians"
. Artist wide range of creative, . Alexander Abdulov starred in comedies ( "The most charming and attractive", . "For the fine ladies", . "Formula of Love", . "Jokes"), . in dramas ( "Keep me, . my talisman "and" Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk "by Roman Balayan, . "Over the dark water Dmitry Meshieva), . in the criminal-adventure ( "The Secret of Madame Wong") and detective films ( "Ten Little Indians" by Stanislav Govorukhin), . in historical costume tapes ( "Midshipmen, . Forward! "Svetlana Druzhinina).,

. Of particular note are works by Alexander Abdulov in films by Mark Zakharov, which immediately caught the fancy of the spectator, and the pictures of Sergei Solovyov, a notable foreign films 80-90-ies.

. In 1991 he began co Abdulova with director Viktor Sergeyev, . and their first film, . picaresque detective "Genius", . was one of the most exciting paintings of those years and became one of the leaders of the local video rental movies; not gone unnoticed and criminal melodrama "Strange men Semenova Ekaterina", . where, together with Alexander Abdulov weighed Fisson Natalia and Andrei Sokolov,
. But another film Viktor Sergeyev "schizophrenia" for which Abdulov himself wrote the screenplay, and a consultant was Alexander Korzhakov, was released in 1997, become open, as was the case with "Genius" ...
. Alexander Abdulov was recognized as the most popular domestic actor among Russians in 2002.

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Abdulov Alexander, photo, biography
Abdulov Alexander, photo, biography Abdulov Alexander  Actor, photo, biography
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