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Anofriev Oleg A.

( Actor, poet, composer)

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Biography Anofriev Oleg A.
photo Anofriev Oleg A.
Oleg A. - Muscovite - was born in 1930 in Gelendzhik during trips parents. Father - Anofriev AS, MD. Mother - Anofrieva MG, housewife. Wife - Natalia Otlivschikova G. (1932 g.rozhd.). Daughter - Mary Solodenina (1959 g.rozhd.). Granddaughters: Natalia (17 years), Anastasia (12 years).

Actor's profession OA Anofriev received in the School of the Moscow Art Theater. Creative life began actor Central Children's Theater (1954-1960 yy). Then - two years at the Theater im.Mayakovskogo and ten years at the Theater im.Mossoveta (1962-1972 g.).

The first major theatrical debut Oleg Anofrieva - the role of Basil Terkina in the eponymous ballet theater im.Mossoveta. The success of the play in the country and abroad, largely depended on convincing the game hero. One of the Sofia newspaper expressed the general view of the actor: "Vasily Terkin and Oleg Anofriev merged into this wonderful young man in uniform. In the performance Anofrieva not only revive poetry Tvardovsky, but become prominent features of the human hidden charm. You - the people, you - the boundless Russian soul in you hold the loftiest of his impulses. You are crystal clear, as a Russian song, elusive and unique as the sounds revitalized in your hands Harmony. Terkin became a national hero in Bulgaria, and the city Oleg Anofrievu Russa conferred an honorary citizen.

The first work in film - the film "The Secret of Beauty" (1954). Total OA Anofriev played in the movie more than 40 roles, . including in the film "Mountains of the name" (1955), . "Good luck" (1956), . "Artist of the Kohanovki" (1957), . "Straight Story", . "Happy History" (1958), . "Scarlet Sails" (1960), . "For a showcase of the store", . "Girl with a Guitar" (1961), . "Colleagues" (1962), . Tale of Lost Time "(1963), . "Checked - min no" (1964), . "Friends and years" (1965), . as well as in the pictures: "The Northern option", . "The sun again sun, . "Ordinary Arctic", . "First Flight", . "The Cat in the bag", . After a blue moon ", . "There on unknown tracks", . "Man from the Boulevard des Capucines", . "The Criminal Quartet, . Secunda in deed ", . "Turn", . "Exile 0011", . "Incognito from St. Petersburg", . "Fight in the snowstorm and other,

Typically, a stage or sung hero Anofrieva - simple, ordinary guy, he was always "our" familiar, somewhere had seen, perhaps, living among us. Oleg A. calls it: "My wise man of Gotham". However, "simpleton" Anofrieva not so simple. It is natural and typical, it is the people, and therefore always a sympathetic audience.

In addition to theater and cinema Oleg A. working hard on stage, television and radio. Repeatedly engaged in "blue flames", the popular children's programs. At the present time is the transfer of "Home Library" on the ORT channel.

Creativity Oleg Anofrieva multifaceted. He is constantly inspired and writes music, poems, songs, parodies and epigrams. Sings almost all his films and performances, he sings songs, often for several characters. Classic, a kind of national epic has voiced his cartoon "The Bremen Town Musicians". He wrote dozens of songs, . songs and melodies, . including the films: "In the mountains and down dale", . Northern option ", . "Good sit", . "Stunt", . "The Cat in the bag", . "How Ivan the Fool for happiness walked", . as well as plays and musical tale: ( "Shadow", . "Senor Juan", . "31 June", . "12 Night", . "Being in love", . Adventure Toto ", . "Magic Apple", . "The Bremen Town Musicians"),
. Currently preparing for the exit music disc songs, . on women of Russia "Flowers of Russia", . CD-epic "Danube Ivanovich matchmaker Vladimir the Red Sun", . collection of songs about Moscow, . and a new version of the musical fairy tale "The Bremen Town Musicians",

Oleg A. working on a book of memories about the actors with whom he worked in film and met in his life, he works with now.

He is fond of football and horseback riding. Prefers the literature on the history of Russia. He loves animals, especially beloved dog "Raji".

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Photos of Anofriev Oleg A.
Anofriev Oleg A.Anofriev Oleg A.Anofriev Oleg A.

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Anofriev Oleg A., photo, biography
Anofriev Oleg A., photo, biography Anofriev Oleg A.  Actor, poet, composer, photo, biography
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