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CHOI Victor R.

( singer, actor)

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Biography CHOI Victor R.
photo CHOI Victor R.
Victor Tsoi was born in Leningrad, June 21, 1962 in family physical education teacher Valentina Tsoi and engineer Robert Maksimovic Tsoi. Brothers and sisters from Victor was. Mother of Victor have heard repeatedly that the mixing of blood of different peoples are often born talented people. Initially, however, special talents Victor did not differ: growing and developing, like all children. In 1969, Victor went to school, where his mother worked. During the entire period of their training to the eighth grade, he was replaced with the mother of three school.

Victor was a Russian half: mother Valentina - Russian, a radical from Leningrad, her husband - a Korean, a native of Kazakhstan. That's what told me about his family friend Victor Andrei Panov: "I came here, and we had lunch. I really liked the kitchen of his father. There one day mom and dad the other day, preparing. And breakfast was left on the table. I always liked when the general is breakfast! Papa was preparing with some incomprehensible zamorochkami. Korea probably. Actually, his family, Tsoi - this is very cool! His family is still a mystery to me. Father in Russian rather not speak, but her mother's golden hair and is such a spit! So different people, it is not clear at all how they live together. Every Saturday and Sunday, the father was going with friends in the big room, the mother of them all wore. Luxurious-covered table, a sea of vodka, political conversations ... And Choi lived in the hallway, so they went through us and. Some men get together, all without women. Choi little laugh at his father, although he admitted that the first chords on the guitar, showed him the father ".

Max (Maxim Pashkov - leader of the group "House?" 6 ") also mentioned briefly about how she lived at the time of their family:" ... three rooms in the house with a spire at Victory Park. Vitka was continuous room - not very comfortable ".

In Victor from early childhood, had been willing to draw. It is well painted, sculpted. Therefore, parents of fourth grade (in 1974) defined it in art school. where he studied until 1977. Victor childhood was very impulsive, and even in the fourth grade teacher in the art studio once said that Victor is not inclined to the patient, painstaking work. If he wants - paints. and draws fine, but if you do not want to - not make.

He had read many good books, the parents instilled in her son a taste for reading. So say not only the parents of Victor. Andrei Panov, who knew Vitya from the time when he studied at the Art College. Serov, too, recalls: "... a man with a young age, reading ... Dostoevsky's all read the classics ... Victor read more classics, I can say ".

Victor studied at first easily, but for the 8 th class, probably, was not interesting - there were three. He one day went to art school, so the house from him, according to his parents, especially, and do not require good estimates of general subjects.

On his relationship with the school and of how he represented his future, Choi said that: "... I, in general, well studied somewhere in the class until the fifth, then he began to learn badly and finished with school work. I remember, I then become an artist, even went to art school, which, incidentally, soon abandoned. In terms of profit, it was a failed attempt, because nothing I was not taught, even spoiled in many ways. As for the painting, then still, if I have free time (which usually does not happen), I still try to take it up, at your pleasure "...

Parents Viti, of course, do not tell, the more so in an interview how many problems they delivered a son in his time. And after Victor went on a musical Olympus, to talk about his "artistry" was already uncomfortable. Especially after his death ... In fact, he was not, of course, an angel. Maxim Pashkov says: "... when the adults went to work, we are truant from school and left alone. We went for a beer, guitar rattled. joking

. His attitude to parenting while Choi also expressed quite openly in conversation with the correspondent of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya banner" in Kiev, where the group played at the Palais des Sports:

. - And your parents were strict, you are often punished, if so, what for?

. - Strict enough, yes
. But why punish, to be honest, I do not remember. What usually punish the children? For children's misdeeds.

- Well, as you have no claim to them, for example, that did not show, that is not taught?

- And I do not think that parents can learn something. The child - a man with his own fate, and I think we attach too much significance. so to speak, the formation of individual parents - the last phrase he utters with a sneer, still, - the parents can educate there that you like, but personality is formed by itself, under the influence of the environment. But some one and the same environment has both, on the other - otherwise ...

Parents, of course, think differently - they believed, apparently, that Victor will be able to instruct on the "true" in their understanding of the way. Nevertheless, they trusted him completely. Between them were present understanding, and this will agree, is not often. Family scenes in the family Tsoev not loved and lived peacefully. Mother tried to educate herself and Vitya initially shielded from the influences of. She loved to read him books from the series of great people ", would be interested in. Victor how formed by talented people, wanted to help his son open up and develop its ability. Tale about Pavlik Morozov Victor probably did not like, so the parents he treated well and not give them much reason to experience, albeit unhappily with their successes, too, is not delivered.

And yet, like whether his parents that their only son, devoted his life to the songs? In an interview with the Riga newspaper "Soviet Youth" in 1989, he briefly answered the question: "... Now they believe that I have been doing their business. Perhaps, they thought so is not always ".

The first guitar, which parents gave Vite, appeared in the 5 th or 6 th grade. Already in the 8 th, he organized his group in the school. Started trying to write something. Father Victor Robert Maksimovich recalled toi time: "I remember the ban in the bathroom, so we have not heard, and plays. He then voices "break", so he's ashamed. Even us. And my mother asked: "Why is my voice so high, like a girl?"

Of course, there were a guy and the so-called difficulties of adolescence. Who they are not used? Same Panov says: "There was such a good case. Parents went to the south, left Choi ninety rubles at the rate of three per day. And Choi was a dream, like all - twelve string guitar. He ran and immediately bought it. It cost 87 rubles. And the change, because the hungry, at Victory Park bought way belyash sixteen cents. And then, on an empty stomach they welled. He is a very long time then it is remembered. He said, lay green, one in the apartment, vomiting, died. Prior to the toilet could not reach. He lay there for several days. Since then, the way belyash not eat ".

After eight classes in 1977, Victor wanted to become an artist and enrolled in art school they. Serov - Serovku "as they called him - for decoration department. But there was much for him uninteresting - Newspaper fonts. size. He was bored to engage. The school, incidentally, he also just created a group. But the guys were squeezed: the second year of study Victor, like everyone who played in this ensemble, expelled "for failure". Victor's mother is confident that this was due to the persecution at that time rockers, because in this group were very capable young artists, and indeed for academic failure to exclude them could not. Participation in a rock band, making music, "corrupting" Soviet youth was then quite sufficient reason to expel anyone, even the most able student. In addition to rock the boys were "calling the form". It is now enrolled in classes with anything, but if this were very strictly (even in St. Petersburg). It tells who knew his Andrey Panov: "... they were all idle. Choi and others from "Serovki" kicked out for the very reason that they're going to have a pin, but "Serovka" has always been a hotbed of pacifism. Well, teachers and educators understand what it is - someone haircut, someone pin fastened. For that and kicked. And those songs are not sung.

"In the age-old and a favorite question of all journalists:" How did your passion for music? "- Choi answered generally thus:" Of course, with a guitar. I did not escape the common lot of boys my age, covered by a desire to acquire such a prestigious instrument in those years. I was fourteen years old, and I then worked in an art school, but gradually, strangely enough, a hopeless occupation of rock music has taken up. I threw my painting endeavors and began to write songs. He wanted to gather musicians and a group.

"Nevertheless, Victor learned to draw and understand art. "Which picture do you most like to draw?" - Asked his correspondent Leningrad self publishing music magazine "RIO" in the 88 th year. "Sometimes I draw a very realistic. I studied drawing, painting ten or eleven years old (meaning, apparently, while studying in Serovke, artistic and vocational period of the wood carver), and therefore can not draw. I know the anatomy of how light falls and things like that, sometimes I draw pictures of collective, as a thing, which has less to do with academic art, "- replied Choi. By the way, according to the memoirs of Andrei Panov, Victor even tried one time to become an artist: "He himself (Choi) was then eighteen. He has acted in a theater, the puppet department. He really liked this business. But it was not done and went to the cabinetmakers in PTU ".

As Valentina says, his house for the exclusion of Serovki not abused too. Mother and Vite said: "Do not want to learn - no need to. Do what you know how ". Victor settled pressman at the factory and enrolled in night school. At the factory he had to make small parts of locks. Such drudgery, as you know, dull. Moreover, it was hard for Victor, accustomed to the aesthetic perception of the world. It is only in the Soviet cinema of the strong young man could receive such a pleasure to work. Vite then just turned 16 and he has not yet become a real adult: he wanted to read, draw, and of course play the guitar, but because of the work has been deprived of all this. Employment stamping press - no laughing matter. In addition to monotonicity, it is also a constant noise: the famous case - machine shop. This is not easy to get used ...

Then mother and decided - okay, if Victor will throw the plant and will only read, learn, engage in self-improvement. Then Valentina already realized that this decision has been its biggest success.

Later Valentina tells: "Once interviewed him -" Where was suddenly all this music? "-" Do you remember my mother - said - you took me from the factory. Then it all started. I'm very grateful for it ". He had never told me anything like I was touched, shocked by these words. You see, all assert that the work makes a man, but it turned out the opposite. Vitya "made" the freedom and the freedom to discover yourself ... Victor from childhood, one way or another, received aesthetic education, developed his taste. When he first came to Moscow, then immediately ran to the Tretyakov Gallery. And then, interest in art and he always painted (if time permitted). Much later - in the 88 th year at the last New York exhibition of contemporary artists from Leningrad 10 pictures painted by Victor Tsoi. Hence, his passion for painting Victor did not give up and carried literally in his life.

After Victor finished night school art SGPTU-61, specializing in wood-carver ". But because of poor performance has not even been issued a diploma, but only a certificate of graduation. Nevertheless, he was a talented carver, and distributed it at a good place (in the view of the mother of Victor), a restoration shop Ekaterinskogo Palace in Pushkin, where and by pull-it was hard to get. (However, Victor's wife, Marianne, do not think it's his place of "excellent".) Victor was difficult to drive so far out of town, and he soon abandoned restoration. For the first time Victor shown on TV just at this time - in the program "Monitor" as a gifted woodcarver. He was talented in this job.

Like many young people with the time, Victor started smoking - so it was the custom among his circle. Smoked while all the young people and smoking virtually everywhere, like many smokers now. Health warnings, nobody thinks. House of Victor, however, for it is not abused. Victor's father recalled: "The scandals in the family on this occasion it is when children start smoking early age of twelve, and doing it in secret from parents. Victor also lit up when he was old enough, right in the open, and we did not forbid him to do it ".

Have that Victor would come home drunk? It is known that many children, especially in youth, drawn to drinking. Even worse, if they come home in this form, and thereby show their contempt for parents. But, of course, is unpleasant to see. But Victor does not allow himself. Robert Maximovich said on this subject: "It was another busy, and wine, it's not interested. Of course, sometimes with friends, sit, drink. But the measure knew ".

When Victor was seriously engaged in playing the guitar? "

Since my childhood I was engaged in various art schools. In 18 years, I threw it all and began to play guitar and write songs "(interview in Alma-Ata, 1989). So it was about 1980. True, the stories of his friends, it happened a little earlier. Later, when Victor began to invite friends for occasional concerts at the apartments - House concert, "his mother asked him: 'Victor, what are you to them (in the House concert) you earn?" - "Well, fifteen rubles," - he replied.

Mother listened to his first record, and she thought: not bad, not worse, than other. But she, in her words, did not expect such a huge popularity, which came to Victor then. The father also was not immediately understand the lyrics son: "When he was just beginning, I do not take it seriously. Especially for me, an adult, his songs, of course, were not close. I think this is so boyish kind of ".

Despite the fact that Victor did not like to "turn one soul before the journalist's microphone, once he said that he understands his place in life:" ... I live for? "To do their work, so it was interesting to live. And how would like to see yourself? - I would not sully my good name, so that no one had any reason to me than any reproach. Everything else is not very important ". This interview took place shortly before his death ...


Michael Sadchikov, who knew Tsoi, an interview with Maxim Pashkov:

- Do you remember the first Vitina love?

- Do not remember. If not mistaken, it had happened in the summer, in stroyotryade, in "Serovke", and it was from him a strong sense of. In general, he became attached much, was not dispersed. Then he was sixteen.

- He's married young, and liked a few more ...

- Actually it was, in my opinion, is sufficient in terms of women suffer from complexes.

What is a suffer from complexes? Maybe it only seemed from the outside? Probably Victor behavior differs from that at the time "gender relations" among the young rockers. Anyway, the girls Victor began seriously to look after other children. Panov, recalls: "... no women, no complexes, we then ... women somehow were useless. Women are simply denied ... "(1978-1979 gg.). Therefore, when the eighth-Choi appeared, he just did not know what to do with it. He was just confused and perplexed. Panov answered his questions: "Can I do, maybe not, but the walk". Victor himself was then eighteen.

So, it seems, "eighth-" was written under the influence of an unknown girl, and the song itself was inspired by real events from the life of Victor.

Then came Marianna. They met March 5, 1982 at her friend - Sasha. Marianne recalls that on that day decided to go after much persuasion, the party of friends, which have long not seen. It was in general not even just a party, a birthday. The situation was such that it was awkward to refuse: Marianne and Sasha same birthday. He wanted to mention these two events together. Marianne also did not want that, because she had already been called the "respectable lady". She worked in the circus director shops staging of. In addition, it may in the near future awaited promotions. And anyway, it's all been boring. It seems she is out of this age. His birthday Marianne has tagged house. But this guy - Sasha - was very persistent and begged her for a long time. In short, she agreed, but warned Sasha: "I come to you, but do not have to tell everybody at the same time that this day is my birthday". In general, she gave him to understand that no unnecessary attention to itself, it does not want.

So, at the appointed time Marianne got a piece of paper with the address to a communal apartment in the center. There she met her old friends, long not seen. She was told that they would come more fish (Alexei Rybin) and Choi. Neither Alexis nor Victor earlier in the evening she did not know. However, it was then that fact quite worried. Soon appeared Choi, stuck out his chin and said: "My name is Victor". Then, of course, all drunk, started a mess, and Marianne is not really like. Victor did not like her, too, and she even took the lipstick and wrote almost in his face your phone. Since then, their friendship and began. Choi began to call Marianne home, and she also started to call him ...

Choi was still a "grown up child, brought up the life of the cupboard," as he later sang in the "Nuclear Free Zone", and wore pants, which is stitched to the then fashion itself (incidentally, a very professional). Marianne was older than him and already had in my life to a place and pay - for those times in their circle is even higher - one hundred and fifty rubles a month ...

How they spent their time? They are absolutely nowhere to go. Mother Marianne, with her charm and friendship with many musicians, could not understand what is still happening. She felt that she was completely independent daughter will soon be arranged in life, and there appears a strange, goofy, restless fellow, who also kept quiet.

Alone with Marianne Victor was not easy (how many of the youth do not face this problem!?). There Viti was continuous room: the parents through it constantly went about their business. In addition, with them then lived another aunt, which also contributed to isolation of two young people. Enjoy, they were nowhere, and they walked around the city.

On the day they walked great distances, because the weather is not always possible to even sit on the bench, and a tiny room of Mike (Mikhail Naumenko) was the only place where you can come and relax.

In October 1982, with the help of Vitino mother they had rented a room in a two-room apartment on Moscow Square. This was their first proper shelter, where they gathered their belongings, ran away from parental homes - had fled because they were anxious to live together. However, the owners have put their condition - to leave your home before the New Year. In mid-January, Victor and Marianne moved to another apartment on the avenue Blucher. Their wedding took place almost a year later, on Feb. 4, 1984.

At the end of December 1986 Choi first time I went to Moscow to film director with "Assa" Sergei Solovyov. Marianna, remembering the time, says he does not think that this film will mark the beginning of their gradual estrangement from each other ... Natasha Razlogov Victor met at the filming of this movie. Joanna Stingray, recalls: "He was very fond of Natasha, and for the three years that they spent together, they were inseparable. I think that most of his life Victor felt lonely, but with Natasha, he found himself ". He also once said to Joanna, that got everything you wanted in life, and that he was happy. "

By 1989, Victor was finally settled in Moscow with Natasha. At the same time, he always felt responsible for Marianne, their son, Sasha, to the well for Natasha and her baby. Rashid Nugmanov, director of the film "Eagle": "... after meeting with Natasha, he was very homely, his circle of friends limited considered human. Of course, everyone wants to have his corner. They were going to buy an apartment with Natasha. Here everything is clear - if in twenty years of disorder can be moved relatively smoothly, then in 1990 he was already twenty-eight, and I wanted to live like human beings ".

As Marianna Tsoi assimilated caring for another woman? This, she tells herself: "The last period of life Victor was with another woman. Her name is Natasha. It lasted three years and was very seriously. About our divorce speech was not, because there was Sasha. We have already outgrown this marriage, divorce ... Victor had gone to her. At this point, we were completely free people ... We were both tired of understatement and lying. What happened, happened, and now share it - no need ".

Victor parted with his wife, but, fortunately, stayed with her in good relations. On my mother's stories of Victor - Valentina - Victor was going to formalize the divorce with her sister to marry Natalie, but Marianne was pulling with it, and so he did not have time to do anything ..

. Yuri Belishkin, from September 1988 became the first administrator and the director of Cinema, answered the question about what he knows about the personal life of Victor:

. - Well, with a personal life that he had happened? Without families, without an apartment - a young, handsome, popular ...

. - You know, the issues it grated
. I knew it and tried to prevent reporters, but on the creative meetings quietly put off in the direction of such notes, but if questions still achieve their goal, he walked away from this topic. I saw him only Natasha. Other - not in hotels or apartments at once not met. Son, he is very fond of remembering it all the time on tour to buy gifts. "...

My wife loves me, son loves women like. I'm all happy, "- once said Victor Tsoi, Maxim Pashkov year before his death.


. How has appeared in music such a thing as Viktor Tsoi? What role this played his friends? The leader of the first group ( "House?" 6 "), where he played Tsoi, Maxim Pashkov - Max speaks with Michael Sadchikova:

. - We are with Victor were familiar with the childhood years, with twelve
. Studied at art school at Griboyedov Canal - from the fourth to eighth grade. However, few pupils at the school became an artist, but almost everything seems in art. We went with Victor in one class, started making music together, though at first only I knew how to play guitar. The first two years of study we have almost no friends, and then formed their own group - then it all started. I actually learned to play guitar Vitya. Since the bass are only four strings, we thought that it would be easiest to Choi master. We bought for 40 rubles a commission store bass. I was already a pro - with seven years of playing, even some songs composed.

- With Victor you have friends?

- We lived with him, do not spill water. Either I have it, or I had. We spent the night, each other - were so passionate about music, interrupted only booze. We get stuck in heavy music. Composing it together under acoustic guitar, but he was too shy to sing. It could be a good bass player!

- How do you while celebrating Vitino birthday - on June 21?

- Stormy. Once completed holiday in mentovke. Too much port was. We have somewhere to go, and someone came into the bus to the waist naked. For this, and tied ...

Victor friends often spent time not so, as would his parents.

There were the adventures of Victor and dangerous or unpleasant. Maxim Pashkov in an interview with M. Sadchikova recalls:

- He is not really bad leg kept, he broke them, stumbled, he managed to enter into a puddle, which all passed over, fall on thin ice. Once we skedaddle from the police, he jumped into the underground passage at Nevsky from the top, broke a leg, but got to Victory Park. Then he walked with a cane - all entertained. Michael Sadchikov:

- Why did you skedaddle, in what way? - There was a Pig (leader of the group "Automatic Udowletworiteli") and another big company: someone with green lips, who with pins in his nose, ears ... For one thing for it then took away. So drunk, of course: when we walked along Nevsky sober?

. Has there with Victor and curious cases - funny how it seemed to friends? Maxim Pashkov recalls the fun times: It was just a classic case of when he managed to fall in the underground, going down the escalator, head down
. We joked, hurried to the bath, he was in a leather coat to the heels, ran ahead, I called to him, wanted to say something, make a joke, and suddenly: "A-ah ..." I saw a falling head. Coat was thrown open, corduroy pants cracked, spilled out the red shorts ... And I, instead of helping a friend, writhing with laughter to colic. He even took offense at me ... Much fun was! Despite the fact that the man he was grim, sometimes it attacked bouts of fun. We are always pinned: when he drank liquor, he suddenly became a crimson red ... With us always something happening. Our company was the subject of fury and ++T+, and the police.

... I remember the case: Vic hungry and chal is a pot of jam, and the bank was smashed, a huge chunk flew off and he swallowed Choi. Began coughing up blood, I was scared to death. But nothing, the weight cost ".

About that time Andrei Panov says about the same thing: "... They sang songs Maxim Tsoi in some things was arranger. About Maxim is better able to tell (cm. above). Choi was the bass player, did not write anything then, because Maxim treated him somewhat ironically, is not it ... When we stayed with him, two idler, I almost every day has to come to him in the morning. His favorite pastime was - to withdraw from the film (played with a tape recording of chords by ear). Or read. With ears all right, shoots as X-ray. Jennifer Rush took off, that's amazing! There marasmic chords, very difficult ... He sits with his guitar, and his feet are always above head. ... It so happened that we have become the main Tsoi idlers. I lived next door, at Victory Park. Where now his parents live. While Maxim (Pashkov) did not go to college, we met every day. Especially since I was home equipment. I then engaged the plates were always the money from this. Drinker was cheap. Vite parents always gave a ruble a day. First, we asked, when thrown off - who number, and then they stopped asking. "Let thy ruble!" - Say. Everyone knew that he Ruble. ... They came with me, so. Drank, walked, playing the fool ".

From the memoirs of Mikhail Naumenko: "Choi and Rybin came to us with his wife almost every second day, brought a heap of dry wine (mostly" Riesling "Dagestan spill to 1 USD. 70 kop.) Sang new songs, chatting, and sometimes stayed overnight "

. Was the optimistic mood of Choi and his friends? We looked at whether they, . as all the people (in accordance with the communist propaganda), . the future with hope, . seeing around "a steady increase in the welfare" of the Soviet people? Veli Do they talk about death? Responsible Maxim Pashkov: "In those days, . when we were still close, . This theme was the "youth version",
. A real fear of death, we did not yet exist, but this issue has always been close - close to the subject unnecessary, cast out of society. Frankly, we did not think that awaits us in adult life something good. Well, in his latest stage during the lifetime of creativity Vitya often "run up" on this topic. Only this fatality comprehend after his departure ".

Mikhail Naumenko: "I met with Viktor Tsoi in the 1981-m. Then we lived next door - at Victory Park, about four meters away from each other. Perhaps we were not friends - rather, friends. I think that his friends were not there - he always relied to some special fluid of Solitude.

Is it all was bleak in the life of Victor and his friends? After listening to such testimony, we can provide all of that time in the life Tsoi too dark colors. And at this time, incidentally, began his creative biography. The grim mood and the constant lack of understanding by the administration of the school, conflicts with her other troubles, of course, left their mark on his songs.

When Victor began writing songs himself? Andrei Panov says that it was no surprise when Choi began the composition. Victor read very much, excellent "shot" chords by listening to tape recordings, and sooner or later to himself start to write. But as the opinion Panova, Choi suffered "zakompleksovannostyu, he did not dare to show their friends the first experiments. It so happened that once, when the boys, friends, Victor, came home with Andrew and recorded their songs on his equipment, all present population Choe. They say that you should write poetry, compose music ... Drank, as usual, and began to bore. Oh, and Victor could not resist the onslaught and went into the corridor and something composed. Panov remembers that the words they were about any metal. Everyone looked - really good written. For the first time. And then Victor began composing consistently. One day like this came to Panov and showed a new song: "My friends always go to the march of life ...".

"I really liked his songs. Go. I was in my youth and stupidity considered himself a cool rock star and maestro. Naturally, he began to give him advice. Something recommended and corrects. Something of this he took. For example, in the "idler" the word "mother" - me. And there are many examples. I also introduced him - I think, at his request - with BG, which, in principle, and made him whole career "(Mikhail Naumenko).

Nina Baranovskaya, which dealt with the Lithuanian texts in a rock club (including songs and Choi), once again came to the studio for Tropillo. They girlfriend yet walked along the corridor, when Nina had heard the same thing later became famous: "There is still time, but no money". Literally from the first words she understood that he hears something unusual. Interest in the artist she has appeared before as Nina went into the studio. Because everything that we had heard before, except, perhaps, Boris Grebenshchikov, was, in her words, "terribly weak and helpless". In the studio, she saw two unfamiliar young men. One of them, weird exotic looks, and was presented to her as Viktor Tsoi.

After this incident, Nina and Victor met sometimes on business, but closely communicate they do not have. She is well remembered for Victor decade "Aquarium", which took place in a hostel Shipbuilding Institute. There, Nina first saw them together with Marianne. She was still very surprised: this big white woman (Marianne hair brightened) and black-haired slender Choi. By the time Nina had heard quite a lot of his songs.

But Panova opinion regarding the performance of tandem Choi - Pasha and their music: "Maxim Party with Victor was on the technical side is very strong. We now have none. Neither rock club, anywhere. Because the people involved in music, not that there - in rock played. Then Choi was just rehearsing with my VIA (Automatic Udowletworiteli ")". They even come with Tsoi and Maxim Pashkov recorded one album "Automatic Udowletworiteli" entitled "Fools and tours".

From an interview with Victor Tsoi newspaper "Young Leninist" (Volgograd, 1989): "And in general just any human being, there are people with whom he is interested to talk, but there - on the contrary". He seemed very clearly defined his attitude to people, including those pertaining to "management culture":

"There are people he trusts, and there are people whom I do not trust. There are people in whose sincerity is beyond any doubt, and there are people that I think are unfair. For example, someone who two or three years ago, cried as bad as it's disgusting, what a podonstvo and tacky, now crying, as they are wonderful, our rockers, what are they good fellows, and fighters for a just cause ... "

. Nina Baranovskaya talks about his relation to his comrades: "In the rock medium are all very fond of each other to wash the bones, so that's Tsoe I always liked the absence of unkindness towards their fellow human beings"

Once Moscow made many groups, they came out with Tsoi smoke, and she told him that the statement she did not like the Muscovites. Choi answered the Baranovskaya: "But as it is now our go! .." His own, from St. Petersburg, he had a special relationship. Sometimes, Choi something not like that performed by his fellow musicians, and this is no doubt, t. to. Victor had his own firm and often uncompromising views. For example, when Choi was working in the boiler room, he often showed his songs came there Pashkov Maxim (the one with which Victor played in the House? "6"), and Victor, who do little to like it, never spoke, so that hurt Maxima.

Once at the request of the reporter to describe their friends Choi replied: "I can not somehow" analyze "friends. They have the drawbacks and advantages. Your friends, they are not because they possess the set of all positive qualities, but for some other reasons ".

From an interview with the newspaper Choi Young Leninist "in spring 1989:" I do not want to take someone to judge. If the person does so, as I would have done, I still can not say that he is wrong, the traitor ... Everyone creates his biography ... ". In addition, communicating with friends Victor was tactful, for example, Kostya Kinchevym. Nina Baranowski struck, as they were both embarrassed when they sang each other songs - like before going to the great hall. This mutual envy them, and there was no trace.

The leader of the group "Alice" Constantine Kinchevym Choi met on the fourth rock klubovskom Festival in DC "Nevsky" (spring of 1986). Kinchev recalls: "At that time I had no ticket, and he offered to pass on his ticket. We wrote on it "for 2 persons" and were. I do not remember, who then played. After the concert I went to someone in the visitors, there drank, songs Popel ... In general, he treated me with great interest, well, and I, respectively, to him ".

Choi began to communicate frequently with Kinchevym, when it moved to Moscow. Constantine, recalls: "Choi in Moscow, he lived a very closed, and I felt that I was there for him as a breath of air was. When neither pozvenyu him, he at once - once! - And arrives. But we also talked Moscow: he will come, drink, and sing songs to each other. Well said, of course, as is.

What Tsoi united with friends? After he outwardly seemed very reserved man. Out in the remembrance of Yuri Kasparian: "At first we went to Vitka - two of the best man. Victor songs composed, we played. Probably, this is called "was closer to him the other". Although, if we talk about the composition of the last few years, ever since emerged as Igor, one can say that I was friends with Tsoi than Tikhomirov or George Gustav (George Guryanov), which came after me, but they also Vitka common language found. Tikhomirov - already later. Early age and the other was more difficult to converge. Music, of course, united. With regard to new information, we tried to update the old baggage all the time listening to something new. Together and individually. Terms of listening to music, we had approximately the same. At least, was naborchik, who knew everything and could discuss. And each had its own any bias, it is natural. But still were friends. Recently Choi liked to recall that all this rests only on friendship. That is, he tolerates us only because we - friends.

"I collect non-musicians. First of all - friends. And how could it be otherwise? Learn something you can play. Kasparian, for example, initially little skill, but now shoots with a guitar much more than me "- said in. Choi.

This way of organizing the group really was possible only in the Soviet Union. But, as we see it is, of course, its merits.

How Kasparian friends with Tsoi? They met through Maxim Pashkova. By Yuri Kasparian: "I had a friend Maxim. Actually, he now has. He began playing bass guitar. It turned out that he plays with Vitka and fish. I did not know their. I once asked him to take me with him to rehearsal. He said: Yes, of course, went. It was either in 81-m, or in 82-th year. I was nineteen. Here we are, and I began to play with them on the cello. And then on the guitar. I was young, wanted to please. He tried to fit. When I heard their songs, can not remember when it was, but even before he met me, they liked. Not so much, of course. But all that time I heard it was the best.

I did not then have absolutely no style. His head was a couple of some rock 'n' Roll moves well, and the concept - as it should be well. But his concept - nothing more. I learned to play himself, and then went to jazz school - thought that there will teach something. But nothing new there is not learned. While it may be, and learned. I do not remember ".

Boris Grebenshchikov met Tsoi somewhat earlier: "We met, as is known, in the train when traveling with some of my concert at Peterhof, where is now the University of Leningrad. Judging by the fact that I was riding alone, there was a solo concert. And they sat down beside me - Vic and fish, that is, Lesch Rybin. By the way, and the guitar was, and Vic sang a couple songs. And when you hear the right and the right song, there is always such a tremor of the discoverer who found a precious stone or there amphora God knows what the century - that I had then was the same. He sang two songs. One of them was no, but showed that the man knows how to deal with the song, and the second was "My friends are on the march of life". And it absolutely knocked me to the cutting. This was already a song, it was a real. When a young boy, his voice comes through so grand a thing - it's always a miracle. This happened to me very rarely, and these joyful moments in life I remember and appreciate. This defines our relationship. I loved him as the bearer of the spirit which spoke through him, and just as a person. And what was said of him, I was very expensive, because it was said of me, too. That is, he said that, maybe, I myself would like to say, but I have a voice there, and he was given, and the voice without limitation, the voice of the real. And this voice said to me all Vitka's human life ".

Alexander Titov, who worked with Grebenshchikov of the Aquarium, went to "Cinema" after his acquaintance with the house of BG Tsoi. He says: "... there is come and Vic. I was a novice in their company and still poorly understood as to who is doing what. True, many I knew since childhood - at one time we are together hippovali, we had such tusovka. And Vic I was completely unfamiliar ".

When Victor and Marianne lifted her, the second in a row, apartment on the avenue Blucher friends were coming to him more often. Boris Grebenshchikov went to see him on Friday evening, with two string bags of dry usually red wine. It began with a feast endless talking and singing songs to each other. Grebenshchikov invariably came with his wife Lyudmila and more with someone. Often came to him and Kurehin ( "Pop-Mechanics). Then begins only 83rd year, Choi was 20 years and changes in the lives of kids only expected, but were not at all sure that these changes ever to come ...

Getting Titov Tsoi coincided with the wedding of Victor and Marianne, who was in the beginning of February 84 th. Alexander Titov recalled that when he met a group of records Tsoi, they liked, and then they began to talk with Viktor more. By this time, appeared intent of the new album. After becoming acquainted with Viktor Titov began to write "Master of Kamchatka" Alexander gradually completed in parallel with the "Aquarium" "The Day of Silver". Boris Grebenshchikov also took part in the recording Tsoevskogo album and in some things played on "Kassiotone" - rather primitive by present concepts of electronic keyboard instruments. They recorded the album in one breath. Titov even sit sometimes for the drums and played them in one song. Permanent drummer they had at that time had not yet. Worked mainly Yuri Kasparian himself Choi. Later on drums played with a little Seva Gakkel. But basically the whole album recorded three.

His apartment was not at Tsoi. According to the stories of Yuri Belishkina, director of "Cinema", met Victor only in the 88 th year, but who knew him, "Victor at that time was just a place to live in Leningrad, and he lived with Gustav, with friends ... Property issue was not resolved in his life ".

Tell his friends Victor can be infinitely. There were a lot of his. Actually it was the main victory in the life of Choi. He himself did not separate friends from the music. On his attitude towards them Tsoi said himself in an interview. The question - Is there evidence that the group leader Choi and cementing the beginning? - He replied: "We are all friends, far more time together outside of work (as I do not like this word -" work "). That is, in some ways, more amused than doing business. We're just all friends, and it turned out - Choi smiles - that we have and play ".

Joanna Stingray: "For many, Victor was a star, a favorite artist, but for me it was the closest friend. I met him in 1984. He was then a shy, withdrawn, and spoke slowly in a low voice. There was something in it I immediately liked. Perhaps, then, that unlike many others he did not try to immediately make friends with me just because I - American. At first we were friends, and only over time he became one of my most trusted friends. I remember in 1985 I told him that sooner or later he must come to visit me in Los Angeles, and we're going to Disneyland, and then to the ocean shore. But he told me that I did not "cut in" and that I was very naive. Then Victor earned a living by working as a stoker, a party went up in the morning to catch the Metro, money for a taxi he had no. But then came publicity, it began to show on television and in newspapers began to write about an outstanding rock singer Victor Tsoe "

. When a group of "Cinema" has become popular throughout the country, and Choi became a real rock star, it changed his relationship with friends? Sometimes, with the advent of the glory of man dissociate himself from his former friends and it did not go to gunshot
. From the story SE. Belishkina can see that Viktor Tsoi in this regard was not such a man. Choi lived in a two-bedroom apartment on the street Gur'yanova Budapest in Leningrad. Parents Gur'yanova were in the country, and the entire company gathered together. What surprised Belishkina at this meeting? Table on which were cigarettes and tea. Everything was very modest. They sat in silence, smoking, something played on guitars, so it continued for several hours, and for all time, each said no more than thirty words. Telephone rang continually, but none of the guests are not invited. Gustav suddenly got up and went to the station - he had in Moscow. No noisy rock parties, no noisy feast Belishkin not see ...


Is there any connection between a person's personality and his hobbies? Of course, there. Personality is manifested not only in work but also to a large extent in hobbies. Main hobby Tsoi were songs. Surprisingly hard-working musician and the pop idol of a whole generation of Michael Jackson once said that man is only happy and satisfied with his work, when it coincides with his enthusiasm. That is, work with equal enthusiasm, t. e. is primary passion. But very often apart from the main passions of a few more, so to speak, accompanying. Then it shows the richness of human nature. Incidentally, the unusual personality Choi demonstrated by the following.

"He did everything very easily, if it for some reason was taken. When getting a driver's license, but it is, I believe, the fall of 89-th, I was sitting third in the car, where Victor and instructor committed "the first separate raids". So, he sat down and went. I do not believe he did it the first time, but he was. I understand now say that he was such a clear, clever - it is difficult, but it was. Similarly, the English learned - from scratch, literally for half a year. And when we were in Denmark and in Copenhagen, he gave a radio interview in English. Famously he did it turned out, "- remembers the band's manager" Kino "Yuri Belishkin. And how to describe the personality of Victor Tsoi? On many features of his character we know from the stories of his and his wife and friends ... Those times when Choi was just beginning to play, remembers his friends - Maxim Pashkov, Andrei Panov, and other.

Maxim: "... man he was sombre. ... This was always. Of course, the whole people love to change it. ... By nature he neprobivnoy, pathologically shy ".

Andrew: "Choi has always been very sandwiched. Kompleksanuty, even so I say ".

Mikhail Naumenko: "... he always relied to some special fluid of Solitude." Yuri Belishkin: "... he was such. Young, but so serious ".

Alexander Titov: "Vic has always amazed me. He was a man totally understated, not knowing how to submit yourself, even shy in the company. I still have the feeling that I do not know about it and half. There are people - when you start to know them closer, and something in them to reveal itself, then you see that in general they have not understood. Communicating with Vic, I consistently found in the mystery of his nature. He was a very strong person, very focused. Could spend hours playing guitar and singing a song and tighter - to explore it for themselves. But what has never been in Tsoe - so it poses. It was heroism, but heroism is absolutely natural, organic. It was also natural, as his every movement. By the way, why was not the case that someone came up to Vitka after the concert and said: "Choi, you have a show today was lousy".

"Choi evokes sympathy as the people who knew him not, and who knew Vitya only songs, but not in the face. His behavior, image, communication, somehow, in a good sense of distance. On the one hand, he was a mysterious, but at the same time and the ordinary, such as all "- Yuri Belishkin.

All he did was absolutely natural. Under a character he was dressing - only in black. In the suits, even the black, however, did not go. The costume is bought, but never once put on. All black - bags, jackets, shirts, shoes, boots. This is usually bought abroad. He was not a slave of things, but the clothing was a slave in black.

We Rashid Nugmanova has an opinion: "Often they say about Victor - Single. Of course, you can speak in any but the particular case of Victor, he never liked to be alone. Not that he was afraid of something, simply could not have one and all. Someone always has to be with him. I have not once noticed. Choi did not like to live in hotels. When he arrived at the location of the same "Needles," I said to him: "Here's your hotel room. He always will be for you. Please, if you will need to be alone, be alone ... "Choi has never they did not use. He always lived with us. And when they talk about Victor, that he is uncommunicative and rude, alienates people - it is not. Simply, especially in recent times, he spoke with very few, but with friends was a wonderful, open person ". Agree, this opinion does not meet the definition of Maxim Pashkova - "grim". Himself Victor spoke of himself: ".. I'm not as vicious as it may seem".

Remembers Nina Baranovskaya: "... when I started working in a rock club, we certainly have more to talk. I dealt with the Lithuanian texts, and I had to read them as soon as they were created. And then with Tsoi was probably the easiest, because it is not that just all agree, but he did not have such a revolutionary fervor, like Borzykin, when all costs have the text zalitovat, get, get up on the ears. Choi for this not making any effort ever, not to persuade, not persuaded, not begging. Probably, so everything goes by itself. And not because the text had been less revolutionary than Borzykin. For example, something with which he spoke at the festival in DC "Nevsky" of social significance, which then everybody liked to say, was no less ".

Rashid Nugmanov: "Simply, he was the embodiment of Romanticism, he lived there, he was in his blood".

Alexander Titov: "I do not know a single person that treated Choi with disdain or lack of understanding. Even if they did not understand shit and carrying nonsense, anyway it was a confidential communication. He was respected. For me it was the last hero, as he himself described as ".

With whom will never get on Victor, so it is with the boss. Communication with the leading comrades he did not work in any way. One such case Anatol Sokolkov. When Choi has not received certificates of completion of courses for firemen (several times was not in class because of the tour), they Sokolkova decided to go to the boss.

Anatoly Sokolkov: "He was such a feature - it could not communicate with any authorities. The independence of nature or something else ... But it is acted on the nerves all the commanders. Well, it says "yes", "no" - but normally, there was no arrogant gestures. The man just sat and talked, but immediately encountered opposition - those people who have a lot of formalism in the head. If I were in that situation just went to one to our boss - was a good aunt - then everything would be fine. But we went with Vic, it is an effect on their nerves, and they just flatly refused ".

Choi also not terribly pleased that when he "climbed into the soul," bored with empty issues, imposing his friendly relations - as well a rising star! Choi did not like the interview. He acted on the nerves of the difference between what he told a journalist, and that later was published in the newspaper. Victor did not like the interview yet because of the natural closure. His conversations with the audience after the performances were a record for its brevity. When asked about anything from the history of, . was still possible to get a plausible answer, . but if someone wanted to fish out something about himself Victor, . for example, about the personal life, . is often the question remained unanswered or the answer was a, . that no longer wanted to ask,
. Once he was asked that in the surrounding reality he does not like. "All" - replied curtly Choi.

Choi told he could not refuse, but talked with him an hour, he suddenly discovered in his notebook or tape recorder, monosyllabic answers, followed by clearly concealed reluctance to open up in the interview. Sometimes Victor could say openly: "This is the press does not apply". He noted with interest listened to issues, but answer them he did not like.

"Victor tried to read all the letters, they are very much meant for him, he realized that he had the special mission in life" - says Joanna Stingray. Indeed, in recent years, Choi received a lot of letters, he read them all, never throw away, but never answered.

Viktor Tsoi nursed songs "in itself". This says a lot of people who knew him. Father Victor, for example, even thinks that this makes it special to forget about everything, when in his mind a new burst of song, which caused a fatal car accident. This makes it special to go in himself, moments of creativity and Yuri Belishkin notes:

"Rehearsed" movie people "very little. I am afraid at first that surprised. I have never seen Victor for writing songs. Know how others: drumming his fingers, something defiantly whispers, frantically grab a piece of paper. He also worked, rested, watched Vidic (he was very much looking, positive attitude toward Schwarzenegger, but Stallone did not like), and many songs written. When, where, how? All happened within. Hence, perhaps, and a desire to be alone. Or friends. I grabbed him by the word "spiritual people". Those that get, stifle questions, talk. His figures such great torment ... "

Alexander Titov: "Vic was a unique person, because in communion with him will never slip the thoughts that suddenly appeared in his songs. In all communication was much easier at the level of everyday life. It's always very interesting and mysterious character. I think some people have a strong security mechanism, and they constantly monitor the release of creative. In any case, actually about creativity, we never talked. I think that I understood and accepted his. Vitka was undoubtedly a gift. I think that Vic was creatively more honest than Borka (Grebenshchikov). The one at the expense of his erudition often veil the message that he has in the song. He did a very talented, very finely. But Vic will be more straightforward. And those simple words acted even more. Therefore Vitka we never had a conversation about the interpretations of songs, I understood him unconditionally. He worked on each song, just plunging into it entirely. Losing millions of times. Most finished the some harmonic case. A text always has been already established to the time when we began work on the song "

. Autumn 1982 Choi works in gardening Trust woodcarver, . He also enjoys carving netske (traditional form of Japanese art - small figurines made of bone or other material) and makes them so masterfully, . if he studied this art for many years at Eastern masters,
. Cut figures he generously give away came to them from my sister back home to friends.

Victor is strongly attracted Eastern cultures - Chinese and Japanese. Boris Grebenshchikov recalls: "Probably, . people, . Vitka who do not know, . difficult to, . the boy, . at that time he studied at the Vocational School for woodcarver, . is called "uneducated", . was a quite tolerable level, familiar with ancient Chinese culture,
. Could safely throw names, talk about the samurai code. In general, what we said, we know ".

Victor and was interested in "life by" Bruce Lee.

Konstantin Kinchev: "He wanted to be like Bruce Lee - the idol of his". Artyom Troitsky: "Once we Tsoi talked about literary and other idols, and I mentioned my favorite Don Quixote".

"No, it's not my character - said Choi - he is not concentrated, he is weak".

His character - Bruce Lee, the great master of kung-fu, who got up in a row with the legends of world cinema. Bruce Lee was involved in the naive militants, but the magic of his presence on the force did not yield the wonderful effects of Orson Welles and Marlon Brando.

BG. speaks about his passion for this: "... all this epic with Bruce Lee started much later, when he and Mariana had lived in Blucher. Yes, I think it was the birthday of Mary, and we Lyudkov came to him on Blucher. Perhaps it was the first time, when we came home to Vitka. And somehow we were lucky that day, that was enough money to buy a bag of red wine. I've never drank so much red wine, as then. I dry wines in general do not like, but it was cheap, and money for the port there was no. And when I saw Vitka on the cabinet icon Bruce Lee, I was delighted, since there is something to talk about, it is already known element ".

... Victor sat down and, without stopping, to review all movies with Bruce Lee, which only at the time found themselves in the house. A Sign of the Dragon "- the main Brusovsky film - watched at least once every fifteen". On the wall hung Viktor nunchuck. BG for the nunchuck once grabbed, rejoiced favorite weapon, and Victor has shown that he or she makes. It turned out he is cool. Whether affected eastern blood, or something else, but this made a brilliant impression - almost Bruce Lee! BG. then thought: "... if I were, say, a robber, then met a man on the street, I would have thought - to pester him or not - so it was impressive". Thus, under Bruce Lee and nunchuck, and they all drank.

It is possible that interest Tsoi to Bruce Lee, as the acknowledged master of martial arts, manifested also because he himself, he did not like fighting and skirmishes - as he could avoid. From an interview with Maxim Pashkova:

- Victor, physically strong, tall, able to defend themselves?

- He avoided this. At his feet more than expected. Feel like something to write, but he tineydzherstve not give the impression of Superman. Once, I remember, some type of fish (Alexei Rybin - the first musician of the group "Kino") nunchuck head struck, so Vitka as the wind blew. I drove the same offender brick. When passions subsided, the disappearance of Vic's all cheered: "A Choi, somewhere?" Nope! " Searched. Then I thought of calling: he was at home.

What else were at Tsoi addiction, but inspired by the art and the East? Andrei Panov says: "We Tsoi, incidentally, had a good tendency to parody. It is not bad parody of Soviet performers - gestures, mannerisms ... He especially loved Boyarsky. And Bruce Lee, but it is only then. And with Boyarski was very noticeable. He went to the theater, he knew his entire repertoire, all of his songs. He was passionate about his hairdo, his black bonlon, his style. Choi said: "This is my color, it's my style". And indeed, he knew and performed repertoire Boyarsky very bad. However, such a person easy to sing anything, so nothing surprising ". Choi respected the Rozenbaum. There was no special love for "DDT" and Shevchuk, but nevertheless he said that the group is interesting, and it will tell more about myself. So it happened. Very good to Makarevich and Butusova. About Vyacheslav Butusova Choi once said that the man who wrote "I want to be with you", is already one of this song deserves respect. In conversation, if he liked something, his emotions and admiration always tried to restrain.

For example, never said: "I love this music, this musician". He said simply: "The Normal Force. Normal song and all ...

And in general, what kind of music he loved listening to Victor, and what were his musical preferences?

When Victor first started to play the guitar, he was fond of heavy rock. Maxim Pashkov recalls: "When we learned to play a little bit, we have a fetish of the first" Black Sabath ". Well, we started to play such a terrible tyazhelyatinu - three!

"... The most interesting work of independent recording companies. To us it comes mostly music "for sale", music for dancing. The ears become accustomed to the standards. And the independent firms face a limited-edition plate groups are not guided by the standard. We are closer ", - said Victor in 1984 (an interview with" Polytechnic "from Leningrad).

Three of his favorite foreign team at the time - "Cocteau Tvinz", "Kyue", "Yu-Tu". He also listened with interest Duran Duran. However, in the 88 th year in a conversation with a correspondent of the music magazine "RIO", answering the question: "Which of western music are you listening to now?" - Choi made it clear that his tastes have changed over the years: "Extremely entertaining music. Previously, until recently, listening to independent groups. They are all very dark, boring, such. The plates they came out very small circulation. But, as practice showed, the independence of the group is not always a consequence of its good quality. I do not know, actually I do not see anything particularly interesting in Western music. Not one interesting new group can not name ".

Rashid Nugmanov: "... in recent years has opened a new side of his nature, his blood. He accepted, and felt the eastern culture. Although, of course, he had read very much and loved Japanese poetry. But one thing - poetry, and quite another - a real life. We have never had any conversations that we need that in a particular way of life - the western or eastern. But I felt like it was attracting East. Actually, America has its way and not charmed. But Japan, he was attracted by the terrible force ".

Yuri Belishkin recalls that Victor was especially fond of eastern cuisine. In Moscow they went to a Chinese restaurant, not far from Leningrad Station, were in the same restaurants in Alma-Ata, in Sochi. Tsoi there even chopsticks picked up and used them skillfully, although not used to it pretty hard. Thrust to the East had all felt. He was already thinking about possible projects with Japan, China, Korea.

In America, according to Joanna Stingray, Choi also liked. Yes, between these countries are many differences: Japan - not America, where ancient national culture, and very original, which was developed many centuries, almost in isolation from the rest of the world. But there was something common to these countries - high life. There, people lived freely and rich (not all, of course).

How Tsoi attitude toward money and wealth, when he began to earn a lot? Konstantin Kinchev argues that in recent times his money very interested ...

Yuri Belishkin remembers that deceive Victor, hold it on the "chaff", it was very difficult. He knew how much it costs him a concert and did not go to commercial concessions. At the same time and not try TTTT-- easy money. Always interested in: whether the room is full? If found out that tickets are not important and half the room is vacant, rented to concerts. If the "Cinema" offers ten concerts Belishkin and Victor agreed to only five, if requested four - gave two. Choi flatly refused prefabricated concerts, even when offered the same money for a couple of songs. Let there be less, but for recitals. Many of them suggested: let's say, three shows a day, can the sound recording, so all the work ...

Director "Film," later recalled: "Under the new year, he suddenly we all brought gifts. I gave the wallet. In Tagil, when I mention that my birthday, he immediately pulled out from somewhere English cologne ".

Choi, in his words, knew how to count money, but the hog never been: in the restaurant could pay for all. Different charitable funds from the escrow account Tsoi did not trust not because he was greedy, but because he was an intelligent man. Knew he was around these funds are feeding the masses of people, does not need charity, but needed money to orphanages, for example, still does not reach. It is better to buy a TV and most attributed to his children, he believed

. In an interview with Young Leninist "(Volgograd) in 1989, Choi, answering questions of the correspondent, spoke about his attitude to material goods.

. - Can the material side of life rock musician to influence his creative credo?

. - It depends on the person
. There are people who need t

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  • He was a genius, a god of his case is no longer
  • gud for CHOI Victor R.
  • Vic is always in my thoughts, in my heart, in my memory. he is my GOD !
  • daron for CHOI Victor R.
  • Victor dude, that would not have ever. CHOI - ALIVE !
  • Xstraz for CHOI Victor R.
  • Life is not podvlasna under the authority of the human, we will not forget you Victor Tsoi
  • nymph for CHOI Victor R.
  • I still don `t know about ische Vietora Tsoi you, but my guy is that it means Founded - people stoyuschy and emo - =---
  • RockGirl for CHOI Victor R.
  • You assholes drinking Choi nothing to do with him with a car that you did, he died under Yurmoloy in a car crash!
  • Alinka for CHOI Victor R.
  • They leave no Dopiewo verse, . when in their honor orchestra plays indian-actors, . musicians and poets, healers who are tired of our gardens dush.v their song birds was finishing, . in the fields for them flowers wreaths sovyut.oni go the distance, . but never die, . in songs and poetry in their lives,
    . memory V.TSOYA-I.TALKOV -
  • Straider for CHOI Victor R.
  • Tsoi is alive and will live in our hearts!
  • GOOFY for CHOI Victor R.
  • Anarchist for CHOI Victor R.
  • Victor Tsoi is not dead he just went out to smoke
  • Skatlandis for CHOI Victor R.
  • Horishie people do not last long, they need there in heaven. Pity. We will remember you and your work Victor. Forever!
  • Demonit for CHOI Victor R.
  • He was killed by Rigoy.Pogib, as the last geroy.I accident occurred with avtobusom.Komu interesting to read the book "Viktor Tsoi Music waves, the music of wind." Or an electronic version of any website.
  • Roma for CHOI Victor R.
  • Emo - stud, they told me TT-informal! CHOI - ETERNAL !
  • HATKER 91 for CHOI Victor R.
  • People ... remember his last song ?..." take care of yourself Be careful ", . so that's all the explanation, . HE GETS felt his death, . After all, men of genius slightly ajar 6 th sense .... But he left part of themselves in this world, . not everyone is given, . Viktor Tsoi you to remain in the hearts nasheh,
  • Svetochek for CHOI Victor R.
  • Strangely, today, on 16.07.2008 I had a Victor Tsoi. It is strange and surprising. I saw him very handsome and smiling, though, and stood in a small cell near a narrow road. I begged him not to die, but he smiled in response and soothed me, and said that he had died. Very strange. I am fond of Music Cinema in 1988, later, too little, but for many years did not think about Tsoe. Amazing))) Probably, it well there, because he smiled and was very beautiful. Svetlana.39let.Moskva.
  • Sanya for CHOI Victor R.
  • Victor Tsoi is alive forever ! I trudge away, I listen every day! If he were alive, I would not prosral not one of his concerts!
  • boria for CHOI Victor R.
  • Thank Zhenek. When he died I was 19. A Sach, when I hu ... in, listening to his songs out loud and becomes normal. More than he did one can not do.
  • Elvira for CHOI Victor R.
  • Until the last breath I will remember him, to love and listen to songs
  • '' 'RedBull''' for CHOI Victor R.
  • Haroshy singer ... I told INTO ya like than what it =)))
  • YANA for CHOI Victor R.
  • Of course I respect in some degree to public opinion, but it infuriates me to the fact that many who tried to insert their remarks, generally inveterate bull wrote that even with errors. Shame! Viktor Tsoi undoubtedly the best!
  • Black for CHOI Victor R.
  • Emo shit kozly.Tot who hates them they must maintain pressure as tarakanov.Tsoy is a force and a legend of Russian rock!
  • Diversantka for CHOI Victor R.
  • Lyublyuyuyuyuyuyuyu ....
  • Maxim for CHOI Victor R.
  • At mp-3 came out 27 songs of movies that found in the attic under Jurmala. Recording Strood survived, we need restoration of sound, the voice is bad, can find a sponsor for the restoration of the last 27 songs, they are very good.
  • Masha for CHOI Victor R.
  • Very good man
  • GERbI4 for CHOI Victor R.
  • Choi is not up! All realized!
  • for for CHOI Victor R.
  • CHOI greatest man
  • D @ LI for CHOI Victor R.
  • Lonely and sad for CHOI Victor R.
  • The Earth has nothing to do Well, . if you listen to you Play subtle soul of fire and earth without you - not all land was covered with fog and trite romance no - Down Their hearts nurtured deceit You're a living live on the grave of your tears have dried and turned into coals of red roses But, . still, . everybody knows, . With such, . as you, . not die ...,
  • Anonymous for CHOI Victor R.
  • And then emo to Choi. I'm not emo, but why emo and Choi?
  • Fan for CHOI Victor R.
  • Choi's alive! And he will always be with you in our hearts forever!
  • Gosh Dolphins for CHOI Victor R.
  • Tracks better than you no written or napishet.MY love you. Stavropol
  • Choi alive !!!!!!! for CHOI Victor R.
  • CHOI IS NOT DEAD JUST A went out to smoke !
  • firefly for CHOI Victor R.
  • Choi alive, and will be there !
  • Glory for CHOI Victor R.
  • My love for Choi forever
  • :) for CHOI Victor R.
  • CHOI guy! EMO Scary!
  • Popov Konstantin for CHOI Victor R.
  • Viktor Tsoi - the man whom we have lacked in our time! If there were an opportunity to resurrect it, I would have done everything for this. Because people like it very little! Let's not forget about it ... and then Viktor Tsoi will live forever ... in our hearts!
  • Olesya for CHOI Victor R.
  • He did not want pity, it's not a pleasant feeling! He has such a fate ... Victor Tsoi many remember and listen, and he continues to live in our hearts. And this is the most important thing!
  • Anonymous for CHOI Victor R.
  • My sun Look at me!
  • Aidar KZ for CHOI Victor R.
  • Viktor Tsoi Star on behalf of the sun, which will burn until it will be remembered. Tsoi is alive in his songs and in our hearts!
  • RADMIR for CHOI Victor R.
  • Alena for CHOI Victor R.
  • Great singer! Very sorry that he is not ...
  • Jeanne for CHOI Victor R.
  • Choi forever in our hearts! =)
  • ROMAN for CHOI Victor R.
  • Pity
  • Bogdan for CHOI Victor R.
  • Vashy songs I ocherovuvayut
  • nik for CHOI Victor R.
  • CHOI force, though, power, PERIOD.
  • Tolia for CHOI Victor R.
  • who do not like that fag full Choi
  • Marmoset for CHOI Victor R.
  • My son is a junior, he liked Victor, but he feels bad to find like-minded in its class, Choi is one of the best !
  • debil for CHOI Victor R.
  • eighth- for CHOI Victor R.
  • +++++++
  • eighth- for CHOI Victor R.
  • No songs Viti can not live. I just do not understand, and EME here with you?
  • Anonymous for CHOI Victor R.
  • Choi nazavzhdy
  • Anonymous for CHOI Victor R.
  • yes it is a terribly great man! he lived, is alive and will live! emo is +--+ fagot! and Choi best! He STAR ON BEHALF OF THE SUN !
  • Sergey for CHOI Victor R.
  • He was a good singer. Idol of millions.
  • Choi alive for CHOI Victor R.
  • Anarchist for CHOI Victor R.
  • Choi best that was and is he is alive in our hearts
  • Anonymous for CHOI Victor R.
  • I love Choi !
  • tim for CHOI Victor R.
  • I'd pile life gave him
  • Star for CHOI Victor R.
  • Author TT goner! Colorblind fucking! In the sixth photo below (take it from left to right) NOT CHOI ! Why is this laid out the photo ????? And Choi forever !
  • Criminals for CHOI Victor R.
  • Choi golden man
  • Alexander for CHOI Victor R.
  • Pomnim.Lyubim.Skorbim.Spi quietly last hero of the Soviet era.
  • Fomich Brest for CHOI Victor R.
  • Choi ... an angel in human form, soshol on the ground, looked at that in terms of being done, and at UNT .... the guys in my truth sorry Tsoi, I grieve with you in the place ...
  • Kosss for CHOI Victor R.
  • We lost a great man, this tragedy is not one person, but just pokoleniyayu.
  • kosss for CHOI Victor R.
  • CHOI-lived and will live in our hearts who remember and listen to his music, which posveschal us.
  • Fan for CHOI Victor R.
  • Viktor Tsoi - the hero, who was destined to die young, he will forever remain in our hearts ...
  • Anonymous for CHOI Victor R.
  • Rachik for CHOI Victor R.
  • And I cry as much hochetsa ! !
  • Artem for CHOI Victor R.
  • Yeltsin was afraid of him and, therefore, ordered that Choi knocked Icarus (after all, why two months later, the driver "Ikarus" killed?)
  • Igor for CHOI Victor R.
  • Tsoi is alive and for me and for him there is no group -T than CINEMA.
  • Botkiller for CHOI Victor R.
  • EMO goats! A Choi ... Already have nothing to say all is said in his songs, he is the best!
  • Dmitry for CHOI Victor R.
  • Tsoi is alive and that says it all
  • Ilya for CHOI Victor R.
  • Viktor Tsoi - Last Hero ...!
  • Camille Tahirovich for CHOI Victor R.
  • We remember, we mourn. You are alive in their songs, and our souls, Victor.
  • Elissar for CHOI Victor R.
  • Victor Tsoi, HOW MUCH POWER IN THIS BEHALF, WE HAVE ALL THE WALLS IN THE CITY HOUSES Having filled "CHOI ALIVE", "CHOI U.S.", "CHOI IN OUR HEARTS, EVEN FRAGMENT songs were composed by. Several of these inscriptions I have written to. WE GUYS VERY OFTEN IN yard of our house sing his songs at us for this EVEN BABKA not scold because that THEY KNOW WHAT IT WAS IN talented SINGER. (ETERNAL MEMORY VIKTOR Choi)
  • 111 for CHOI Victor R.
  • This is not a photo Tsoi
  • Mishutka for CHOI Victor R.
  • I simply adore and LOVE
  • Mishutka for CHOI Victor R.
  • I simply lyublyu.on died that would be reborn
  • Mishutka for CHOI Victor R.
  • Victor loved and respected nostoyaschie melomany.A who do not understand that goof and I feel sorry for him !
  • TsOYka KINOshnitsa for CHOI Victor R.
  • Well, unless he is not Sugar! I simply respect and love! True music lovers will understand me and who do not understand, that Loch and NGOs sorry for me !
  • TsOYka KINOshnitsa for CHOI Victor R.
  • he is lutchy ! I just love it!
  • TsOYka KINOshnitsa for CHOI Victor R.
  • OH ?-?L? SINGER AND PERSON! Who do not understand that ?! I am sorry for him for lack BRAIN!
  • ELENA for CHOI Victor R.
  • WE ARE BORN IN ONE SOVIET VREMYA.POSESCHALI with girlfriend ITS Kochegarka, . TRUTH UNFORTUNATELY NOT VERY CHASTO.HOROSHY He was a man, . SIMPLE, . MRC was very easy OBSCHATSYA.K UNFORTUNATELY IS ALWAYS GOOD LYUDI.CHELOVEK are killed with much heart he will always be our idol.,
  • FRED for CHOI Victor R.
  • CHOI RULEzzzzzzzz handsome all the songs from the soul T- him eternal memory ! It is a pity that he was no longer with us: (Victor Tsoi WE REMEMBER YOU BELIEVE IN YOU AND LOVE YOU WITH U.S. FOREVER ! simply no words to express my admiration to him kindly peasant CHOI! TYUMN With YOU ALWAYS,
  • ales for CHOI Victor R.
  • CHOI alive in our hearts .....
  • Dmitry for CHOI Victor R.
  • Choi always lives vnashih hearts, and through his songs we remove communicate.
  • Demon for CHOI Victor R.
  • Demon for CHOI Victor R.
  • Choi alive in our hearts, and through his songs, we communicate with him.
  • Poklonnitsa_Nyuta for CHOI Victor R.
  • Victor, I know that you are with us vsegda.Ya love you and I will always love you and your pesni.Vse is all there meet ..... wait. Nebesnoe.Spi kingdom you quietly ...
  • Anonymous for CHOI Victor R.
  • hip-hop channel
  • Vitara for CHOI Victor R.
  • CHOI alive, how many of those who "returned" to the next world, but we are here only for us to continue his work - who can?? shine even brighter ...
  • Nadia W? Lviv for CHOI Victor R.
  • B? Cha, dumb lyric? In opisati jak nevistacha you? ... Brother? INRA, LL+ for n? CH?, Words, +TT, jak? vchat zhiti jak? give Gisenyi. W? slozami in sight? pain in, the heart? - I love ... Remembers ...
  • Rita for CHOI Victor R.
  • God takes away his best ... They say that life on Earth is only a preparation for real life there .. so here Vityenka enough to know and understand in their short life and he was ready for the life, . why God took him .. we do not ostaetsya, . how to remember him and listen to his immortal song, . only they help us to constantly feel his presence .. I am every day from morning to evening listening to his songs, . And it seems as if I Victor understands me, . seems more akin to the soul I do not .. he's around, . I know .. next to, . who loves him, . remember, . appreciates and respects ... yes, . to some extent he is God .. because a normal person is not given such a gift to write such music and such words .. it could only he, . he has no equal and never will ... I don `t know how I used to live without, . without music, . each of which looks like a hint of my inner state and his words, . which so clearly reflect my outlook ... I love Victor Tsoi! EVERYTHING WE THERE ONCE AND I WILL VERY hope to meet him there ...,
  • Natalie for CHOI Victor R.
  • Guys! Let's merged! We obedenyaet one star, Star Called the Sun!
  • Anonymous for CHOI Victor R.
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