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Smoliyaninov Arthur S.

( Actor)

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Biography Smoliyaninov Arthur S.
photo Smoliyaninov Arthur S.
Born on 27.10.1983, Mr. Moscow

. Winner of the prize for 'Best actor-boy' for his role in the film W. Priemyhova 'Who, if not we' at the VIII International Children Film Festival in Artek (1998)

. 'Each role - is a new level:'

. 'Y Arthur looks very bright, bright, colorful person
. But it has a youthful exuberance, energy, who has not played '.
Anna Melikyan, director.

Childhood and family

Arthur S. Smoliyaninov born October 27, 1983 in Moscow. Childhood and adolescence spent in Korolev, Moscow Region.

'Teenager was terrible. Because of the 'good discipline' changed eight schools. Several times they encountered the police. All the nasty things that we worked with the boys, do not wish someone deliberately hurt. My nature is such that I participated in all the outrages only because it was fun and interesting. "

Mama Maria - artist, drawing teacher. 'Yes, my mother - the heroine, I really love her and very grateful to her for all. It helped me understand what I want in life, and I'd never have interfered. On the contrary, she always supported me and supported. My mother and friends. Perhaps my mother - my best friend. If I have encountered problems in life, the first and only person to whom I told all - this mother. We have always found her way out. We have full mutual understanding with her mother, full of harmony. Of course, especially in adolescence, there were conflicts, but they were, rather, on an emotional level. I myself can not hurt, but when offended, then quickly moved away - for 10-20 minutes. I am not vindictive, but impulsive. "

. 'My father left us when I was still young, and his stepfather was not close spiritual communion, though he instilled in me a lot, and I think I still have a need for a father. "

. In Arthur, there are two younger brothers and sister
. 'I had never lived alone. I have always had the feeling that I was literally caked men. Before my 18 years, we lived in a one-room apartment at first vvosmerom, then six of. And now I have finally had got his own room, I sit in it alone, and I like it. That's my mother - a very sociable. I probably am in such a counterbalance to it. "

'I had a very complex. At each lesson, I tried to attract attention by any means. I was very self-centered. I had others to look only at me, talking only to me. I, as an artist, always wanted to be in the spotlight. And I so often at school talked about what I need to go in the cast, perhaps, it is also influenced by my choice. I was a difficult teenager, has been registered in the children's room police. Once it came to court. And if that summer I flew to the shooting to Priemyhovu, it would have been in jail. "

Meeting with Valery Priemyhovym

In the movie it opened Valery Priemykhov. The film "Who if not we 'was released in 1998, and when the shooting took place Arthur was fourteen. In school, where he studied came assistant director, many kids photographed, took data. Then followed an invitation to sample. First, second, third ... It is difficult to say what influenced the final choice of director. Perhaps tireless young actor. After all, literally all the boys after the third double of getting bored, excitement disappears, and Arthur sixteen times tirelessly gave the same. For Tolyasika role in the film Arthur was named 'Best Actor teenager' at the VIII International Children Film Festival in Artek (1998).

Meeting with Priemyhovym radically changed the lives of Arthur, has deployed it in the other side. This unique man very much gave the teenager. When Priemyhova died, Arthur lived through this very difficult. 'Who, if not we' was a trip to the profession - after this film good luck and success for a moment did not leave the young actor.

. Profession

. Once finished externally school at age 16 with the first call came in RATI (formerly GITIS) in the Drama department director of the faculty (workshop LE Heifits) and in 2004 completed his, . having behind nearly a dozen works in film and on television.,

. Immediately after the successful film debut in the film 'Who, if not we' Arthur played a very hard film 'Triumph' of this modern life in provincial Russia
. Alas, this reel of film is now gathering dust on a shelf:

But the nation-wide fame and crowds of fans Smol'yaninova brought the same episodes all the 'secret sign'. This series raises a pressing youth issues today, such as drug abuse, sectarianism, Nazism ... Not surprisingly, he became so popular in our country (and beyond).

Arthur said: "Each role - is a new level. I starred in the film and it made a step to a new level. When the film came out - I have the next stage and therefore see the shortcomings of their work. On the upper step is always better to see. Then again, shooting another job, and after it - a new internal jerk. And again, when the picture comes on screen, I have another. And so every time: I was higher than my next role: In spite of this, I doubt very much people. I'm always afraid that each picture may be the last. "

Not quite satisfied with his work in the TV series 'Law' as to be passed to a stage, Arthur actively and enthusiastically removed in the continuation of the series 'secret sign'. At the same time on the screens out movie 'Chic' director B. Hudoynazarova, where the actor played another one of their main roles - the young man Huck (in the credits listed under the name Arthur Povolotskii). The film had a very successful festival destiny.

. After shooting in the film 'Daddy' V. Mashkov (role - Lenchik) and 'Mars' AA Melikyan (role - Grisha) Smolyaninov falls on the sample film by Fyodor Bondarchuk '9 company', which was originally supposed to be on the role of the artist Mona Lisa
. But in the end very powerfully and vividly played Dire. That's what Arthur himself says about how this film influenced him: 'Towards the end of filming, when there were the most difficult scene, I really felt a change within themselves. Perhaps this was due to the fact that we filmed almost chronologically. That is, our heroes changed, and we changed with them. Something I reinterpreted for themselves. But my age and now this - change revaluations. Man finally formed as a person years to 25. And I feel like everything in me is changing at light speed. We have one installed in his life, tomorrow - the other ... A picture really influenced me heavily. Yes, earlier I was tougher. But was this environment, such conditions of existence. I had to pass through conflict, abuse, lack of understanding of others, through some pain. I constantly cast in different directions. Perhaps it is peculiar to each, just that someone is on the surface, someone inside: And another thing: the last time I was very fond of solitude '

. The film company '9 'with the new force drew the attention of fans and filmmakers to Artur Smolyaninov, truly played the role of Dire gave a powerful impetus for a new round of popularity of the actor.

. When asked whether you want as an actor Oscar, Arthur replied: 'I'm not saying that' I do not need it, take it all '
. Of course, I need it, of course, I'm flattered, no doubt. But the process is more important to me, it is interesting to me. "

The popularity and fans

Here is what Arthur himself says about his attitude to popularity: "For me, no matter the status of 'star-not a star', the result is important for me to work ... The popularity of both comes and goes. Temporary thing, which you never want to be dependent. But the real fame, it comes after the death ... '

On the letters fans: 'When I get letters - is, of course, pleased. But sometimes write letters like this: For example: 'if you did not answer, then I'll hang myself'. I do not know how to treat this. I am afraid of such letters. I do not deserve it, and your life, dear fans, is not worth it. Looking for love near you, it is always there. Love number. But the attention is always a pleasure: '

On its complexes

'Before the Institute, I did not have any complexes, and I felt great. My life I liked. It was not a cloudless, especially for others, but I felt good. Then he began to appear complexes with a variety. The complex is small, such. With some of these complexes, I did not fight, they were themselves. For a long time I had a complex because of the fact that I, as I thought, do not like girls. Before the second year of the institute all my attempts to start a romantic relationship were unsuccessful. I'm talking about feelings, not about sex. And perhaps this is the strongest I complex, which gives to know about me yet. I just really want to be loved. And then I have many times so happened that I fell in love with man, revealed to him, gave his whole soul, and it is not something that threw me, but just did not come to this spiritual contact. "

. On their passions

. Music: 'I can listen to different music
. For me, music - the mood. What is the mood - such music. I play many instruments, although the notes do not know. So the music I'm diverse and impartial. "

Literature: 'With regard to literature, and in particular the classics, something very like Gogol, know much about him. With respect the Akunin, I believe that he wrote quality entertainment literature. With regard to 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho, I would say that this child allowance for elementary philosophy. It is accessible, understandable, but all too easy, I prefer the more sophisticated literature. "

Favorite directors: 'I have several. Scorsese. Tarkovsky, some paintings, not all of, say, 'Ivan's Childhood' and 'Rublev'. Certainly, I will forget someone. But, Ryazanov I love all comedies. "

The value of people: 'Tolerance. Humanity. When a person is able to understand and feel of any. I can not stand on the spirit of hypocrisy. The hypocrisy comes from inadequate balance themselves with the environment: I do not like single-valued estimates. I always try to analyze yourself. Man develops when analyzing themselves and their actions. I try to always look for the cause in itself. A good man - is not a profession. But polprofessii. And this is one of the conditions of existence of the artist, one of the components of success. It is a cruel profession. "

Idol: 'And to Vysotsky in our house always treated with great respect. I do not remember exactly, as it did my acquaintance with him, possibly in eight years, when I first picked up a guitar, and I have a collection of his songs. I started collecting cassettes of his recordings. Then came books. But remember well when I just burst. It was kind of the anniversary, and went cassette 'Strange races', where rock musicians singing Vysotsky. I'm afraid not like the way Garik Sukachev sang 'Kony choosy'. And I realized that I was now, urgently, even today, must do it differently. Song of the gap, leaving a death, a Sukacheva turned some chanson. But the 'lyrical' in the performance Chizha me, on the contrary, like. Even more than in the performance of the Vysotsky. And since they were two of my crown song, I carried them everywhere. I always felt a certain affinity with Vysotsky, some own involvement in it: to be honest, if tomorrow I find out that somewhere is casting for a film about Vysotsky, resorting to go there immediately. Because it's better than I, Vysotsky's songs do not sing anybody. "

About Me

'I love my job, my profession. Probably from sex do not get such a buzz, as the game. I love dialogue, I love to work with a partner: '

. Filmography:

. 1997 On a misty dawn of youth
. 1998 Who, if not we
. 2000 Triumph
. 2002 Privy mark - series
. Act 2002 - Series
. 2003 Schick
. 2003 Pope
. 2003 Privy sign 2: Return of the Boss - series
. 2003 detective without a license - series
. 2004 Mars
. 2005 9 rota
. 2005 Destructive Power-6 - series (Series "Cossack patrol")

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  • Smoliyaninov Arthur S.
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  • Smoliyaninov Arthur S.
  • Smoliyaninov Arthur S.
  • Smoliyaninov Arthur S.
  • Smoliyaninov Arthur S.
  • Smoliyaninov Arthur S.
  • Smoliyaninov Arthur S.

Photos of Smoliyaninov Arthur S.
Smoliyaninov Arthur S.Smoliyaninov Arthur S.Smoliyaninov Arthur S.Smoliyaninov Arthur S.

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Smoliyaninov Arthur S., photo, biography
Smoliyaninov Arthur S., photo, biography Smoliyaninov Arthur S.  Actor, photo, biography
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