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Pashinin Anatoly

( Actor)

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Biography Pashinin Anatoly
photo Pashinin Anatoly
Born 15.09.1978, Vladivostok


Anatoly was born in Vladivostok, and many seaside boys in childhood dream was to become a military sailor. In school, he was engaged in many sports - boxing, karate, and in 16 years even got a brown belt. Anatoly believes that because he could get the cool military, especially since the military was his father and elder brother, but fate decided otherwise:

. Select profession

. After school at sixteen Pashinin went immediately to the two faculties of the Institute: metallurgy and environmental protection and economic
. In the fifth year of study combined with work in the firm in the marketing department. All this was interesting, but: until a certain time.

Once Anatoly asked myself: 'You are about something in life you sorry? ". And I realized that yes, sorry. First, that did not come out on stage and starred in the movies. He was always a joker, joker, loved to deceive.

Determined to the end to remain true to themselves, Anatoly passed everything and went to Moscow to enroll in drama school, than just shocked parents. In Moscow, Anatoly joined the WTU im.Schepkina. At the first lesson of the famous acting teacher Rima Gavrilovna Solntseva asked why Pashinin again decided to become a student. And Anatoly honestly replied that he wanted fame.


The first major role was the role of Anatol boxer Pashka in the series Krasnopolye and Uskova 'Hicks'. Here is a handy and it sports skills acquired in childhood. Generally the word 'provincial' Anatoly against himself believes inoffensive, because in Moscow, this word means adventure. If a person lacks determination to come to Moscow at the other end of the country, the city where he had nothing, but in the soul only unbridled faith, it can be called a gamble.

. In the 'Instructors' Serov Eugenia actor went to the role of a negative hero Mini, but the final recognition actor on the street entrenched after the series Vadim Shmelev 'Ondine'
. Role simple humble guy Dima, besides love and dreamy, memorable, especially telezritelnitsam.

. For the series 'Ognebortsy' Isaac Friedberg Anatolia, like all the other actors, had to learn the basics of fire over from the professionals
. Communicate with these firefighters and talent of the director allowed a short time to remove a good series, collecting 'stars', among which was, and Anatoly Pashinin. While there he established himself did not believe.

Another breakthrough in professional activities can be considered memorable role in the Ukrainian film "Stolen Happiness'. The role of the brutal and passionate Mikhail, came bright and wonderful. There was also significant that the actor knows and speaks well in the Ukrainian language.

There was an actor and the role of the military - Lieutenant Doronin - in the series 'The storm gates', shot on the novel by A. Tamonikova. This is a film about the fate of our troops into a hot spot and is dedicated to exploit the 6 th Company in Chechnya.

We can say that already during his studies Anatoly Pashinin was in demand actor. He has charisma, dedication, professionalism. The main actor believes his lack of modesty, with a sweet smile: And to put a negative habit to boast. And this is not a bad habit for a good actor and man

. Filmography:

. 2001 Do not even think
. 2001 Operation of the doomed
. 2002 provincials - serial
. 2003 Ondine - series
. 2003 Instructor - series
. 2004 Ognebortsy - series
. 2005 Right to Love - Series
. 2005 Stolen Happiness - Series
. 2006 The storm doors - series
. 2006 Hostess of the Inn (House by the Sea) - TV series

Photos of Pashinin Anatoly
  • Pashinin Anatoly
  • Pashinin Anatoly
  • Pashinin Anatoly
  • Pashinin Anatoly
  • Pashinin Anatoly
  • Pashinin Anatoly

Photos of Pashinin Anatoly
Pashinin AnatolyPashinin AnatolyPashinin AnatolyPashinin Anatoly

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  • Alla for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Hello Anatoly! I Ukrainian artist. Big fan of your talent. I would have been a great pleasure to paint your portrait. You are quite imaginative and at the same time harmonious facial features, facial expressions and gestures, and close my position in life.
  • Olga for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Stunning actor - not just words - a real, sincere, open .... In childhood never falling in love with the actors on the screen, but now, at 25, just shocked (in a good way) from this actor. It is so natural on screen, feels that in life he was a wonderful person! Get plenty of bright and beautiful roles tallantlivomu Aktru!
  • Nastya for Pashinin Anatoly
  • I wonder why in the biography in Anatolia did not appear anywhere Zaporozhye:)
  • Olga Lem for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Anatoly I just conquered. I looked at him on the screen and admire. I like him to be, masculinity. And the love scenes! It is like the film "Stolen Happiness", but unfortunately I can not anywhere else to buy it.
  • Ludmila for Pashinin Anatoly
  • You fellow! The film "The storm the gates" look just 5 per month. Thank you.
  • Anna for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Anatoly very good actor, . My boyfriend is not like him as outwardly, . Yes and its also called Anatoly, . Only he was not much to be like Anatoly Pashinina, . in terms of character and all would have been perfect! п•я?пЎя? actor simply busichka, . be more such actors on our TV!,
  • Lakiti82 for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Hi Anatoly! Huge thank you for your role, . Movies, . watching them from a tebya.banalno sounds, . but like you To me you are as an actor, . and as a man vneshne.kak a man can not say, . I hope that what you are in my thoughts the way you and zhizni.udachi you all and love one and all zhizn.Lenochka,
  • Marina Karaganda for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Hello, . Anatoly! Accidentally sat down to a TV, . me impressed "Stolen Happiness". Michael initially did not like me - not the sort of appearance, . wind in the head., . but his way of life, . good nature, . speed, . sensitivity to people close to him, . courage soon literally changed my opinion about geroe.A actor! ... The more I did not know,
    . Surely there are! "The storm the gates" the second film, . I looked, . yes, . true: You could be a war! But even now, then I will not accidentally watch, . and direct action movies with your uchastiem.Ochen would like to chat with you. For example, 2-characters I have clearly formed an ideal muzhchiny.Zhelayu you luck, . Spring, . many adventures!,
  • Katerina for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Short and sweet: just adore!
  • indefinite for Pashinin Anatoly
  • yesterday looked "button" ... in love!
  • Cezar for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Huh! Why nowhere neotobrazheno data on your biography in the school years? Zaporozhye. SSH87. Our studies in physics and mathematics class. ... Or for you it is not important, Tolia? Your school friend, Sergei.
  • Nick for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Dear Anatoly, . with great acceptance and joy watching movies with your uchastiem.Vyrazhayu admiration of your natural game, . you really like living the life of his heroes, . is so easy you poluchaetsya.Zhelayu you more interesting roles and success in vsem.Spasibo for, . that his interesting works, . You encouraged us, . Crush. Be happy and loved.,
  • Vika for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Hello Anatoly You really like me, you are very я?п?п?п©пЎя?п?я?пҐя?п№ and prevlekatelny that just want to watch and look at you. Please, if you do not complicate OUNCIL me at least that what I will look forward to ............ Wick 20let Ukraine Izmail
  • 'Friend' childhood for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Tolia hello "friend", what do you say something that is your homeland Zaporozhye? you think you are forgotten? neugadal! you here will remember, "waiting". I guess why are you hiding your stay in Zaporozhye.
  • 'friend' childhood for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Tolia hello again. pomnish "friend" like you "name" in the classroom? PASHA. right? and in the yard for permanent residence? Chinese. as vidish your "friends" you will remember. remember everything: your nickname, your deeds, deeds ... etc.. so what are you my friend, well, "come here" talk, with recall school, student.
  • 'Friend' childhood for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Hello OG "FRIEND" what did you say something that lived in Zaporozhye? past may not like, or Th whom owed? familiar with the "friend" I guess for whatever reason you are unstated corollary of temporary residence. but in Zaporozhye you have not forgotten and never nezabudut, so Tolik without hesitation ..
  • Valya for Pashinin Anatoly
  • I admire your acting work, especially in the film "Stolen Happiness". Greetings from Vladivostok from the family of the military.
  • Sabinochka for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Hello, Anatoly! I saw you quite a long time, but recently became interested. I regret that I did it before (Your small role in the film I was struck by the Admiral, and cut on the spot! And now look at Brothers detective series, and again in rapture. Finally I found my favorite actor of Russia! Thank you!
  • Yulek !!!!!!! for Pashinin Anatoly
  • * * Toll п?пЄя€п°я?я?п? smrtrela I confess not all of your films * *: * * Series smrtrela: * stolen * happiness at the moment look * brothers * detyktivy honest: like it! YES, . Be a little bolder with girls with Katya (Darya Moroz), . little about yourself, how you call ponel Julia, . I live in a remote village deaf! willing to bet that there never slyshalpro this! yet! honestly do not hope that otvetishb; you have many tokih noivnyh! Well it's time to call it!,
  • Anastasia for Pashinin Anatoly
  • You're just super!
  • Natalia for Pashinin Anatoly
  • and I was hooked the role of Alexander Daronina in the Lightning Gate. I cried at this movie, and this phenomenon I have in life is not often. I remember the second time series shown during the Olympics. And we setrenkoy stayed with girlfriends in another city ... stlko memories flooded ... Right now that's accidentally got on TV in "Brothers of detectives and fumbled in Inet proguglit pictures. я?пЎпІ can draw you a portrait. baluyus I have this in the evenings after work. success, Anatoly. Thank you for your talent!
  • Vyacheslav for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Anatoly Pashinin I really liked your role Mikhail, a film on your part is very beautiful you have very good role I have all your movies look and
  • Elina for Pashinin Anatoly
  • hi) in love with you my sister
  • Yuliya.17 years for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Hello, Anatoly! With great pleasure to watch movies with your participation. Especially I like the film "The storm Gate, . I review it again and honestly snova.Priznayus, . you tell me very much like you! "And even more to say I love you, . TAYNO.nichego can not help himself because HEARTS IN CELLS is forbidden! I have a question: Are you married??,
  • Tatiana-Vladivostok for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Anatoly, you are simply clever - talented actor, very natural and charming man! Good luck and good new roles!
  • Marina for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Anatoly, you are my favorite actor. You are very talented. My most favorite movies with your participation: "The storm the gates", "Admiral".. Although all the movies with your participation, which I watched made me a very good impression. I hope that in life you're just a wonderful person, as in the movie. Stay themselves
  • Evgenia for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Hello, Anatoly! Very much want to thank you for those films that you decorate your participation. Special thanks for the film "The storm the gates! My father also fought in Chechnya, but unfortunately, died. It was glad to see the film rights persistent, brave, courageous, just and good, the same as was my father! "I wish all the best in life!
  • Anna for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Hello, . Anatoly! I singer, . soloist Dnepropetrovsk House of Organ and Chamber Music, . has a beautiful operatic voice warm tembra.Dlya I would sing with happiness behind the scenes movie with your participation in the name of co-creation, . without pretensions charmed poklonnitsy.Anna.9.03.2009g,
  • Anonymous for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Marina for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Hi Anatoly! I'm proud of you, not only as a man, an actor, but as a countryman. Your role will always be home! Good luck and many thanks, that continues to please its participation in the movies!
  • Nana for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Olga for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Anatoly, I have on your roles and acting crazy! The first time I saw the "provincial", I hurt your appearance (you are very, very nice) and a game at all so natural. sometimes even impossible to hold back my tears! I watch some movies with your participation solely for vashogo vzgyada from the TV screen! Somewhere far away, deep down you are the hero of my novel!
  • Irina for Pashinin Anatoly
  • "Be surprised in Pts?" - As I want to hear those words from you.
  • Tatyana for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Hello Anatoly, I want to tell you that you have made true test choices about their profession. It would be very unfortunate if it had not heard such a wonderful actor. Good luck with professional work, more good roles, and present a reliable friend close. Ostovaytes itself.
  • Slavik for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Hello Anatoly I'm your fan I am of the Stavropol Krai town georgievs I really like your movies with your participation is very good movie stolen я?п°я?я?я?п? and storm the gates just class
  • Alma for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Anatoly, recently viewed a second time a film with your participation "The storm the gates" and could not tear myself away from the TV screen, is so exciting plot and interesting cast tandem. But I especially liked your game, it was so sincere and it seemed to me that you and the life of such. I am very pleased. that there are such talented actors. I wish you the execution of your goals, good luck to you sopustvovala, optimism for life. Wishing success Alma.
  • Ivanna for Pashinin Anatoly
  • Handsome!
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