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Maklakov Alexey

( Actor)

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Biography Maklakov Alexey
photo Maklakov Alexey
Born in 1962


Alex Maklakov was born and raised in Novosibirsk. There he graduated from the Novosibirsk State Theater School. For some time he worked on the radio 'Uniton', played in the Novosibirsk Theater 'Red Torch'.

In 1996, Maklakov was admitted to the troupe Theater Vl. Mayakovsky. At the stage of this theater were played roles in productions of: 'Synthesizer Love''(Mervyn), . 'Admission is free man' (Brown), . 'Fruits of Enlightenment' (Dr.), . 'Children Vanyushina' (Krasavin), . 'Plague on both your houses! " (Signor Capulet), . 'As you are fond of' (Le Beau), etc.,

. All these years in film Alexey Maklakov not filmed, so except for avid theatergoers, he was almost completely unknown:

. Driver-magician Simon

. For the first time in cinema Alexey Maklakov appeared in 2001
. But that cameo role in the film 'Hey, kid! " Hardly anyone in the audience to remember. But director Timur Bekmambetov already drew attention to the talented actor, and began to shoot when the 'Night Watch', then again remembered him.

Bekmambetov proposed Alexei Maklakov role of the driver Maga Seeds. Actor confesses: 'When I looked at the script, then, frankly, did not even know how to begin to read'. In this situation Maklakov helped his friend, fellow 'Radio Uniton' Boris Komarov, who, after reading the script, advised him to accept the role.

Maklakov very well blended into the image of his proposed. Producer series Vyacheslav Murugov points a game as an actor: ': indeed a very precise hit, a very talented performance of this image. I even say more, one thing - to write, and another - to breathe life into this image. This is a very expensive '.

The film brought Alexei Maklakov great popularity. Especially the viewers remembered the famous scene where Hazard under Semyon commits famous somersault. Maklakov remembers how the shooting occurred: ': this evening I was hungry and bought a pizza. When I arrived at the subway station 'Red Gate', . where we were filming, . A fine rain, . and then I saw the cockpit of our car, . which stood on a centrifuge: And before that I was approached by the best, . I believe, . stuntman in Russia - Dima Vorobiev - who asked: 'Lesch, . you eat today? " - 'Yes, . that's just bought a pizza '-' Can, . not you? ",
. I do not understand. I ate this pizza, washed down with tea. When we got here just in this cabin, we rotated 360 degrees. It was 8 doubles, that is, the whole pizza, ate me, unfortunately, was inside the cabin, etc.. And then, when I was on the voice acting, I saw how you see this frame, is mounted in the material. To our cabin was pririsoval body. Takeoff, flight: And, frankly, I'm even jealous of this hero, whom I played, that really can be so cool to drive. And I think that they have voiced a few frames in this picture. Because he was, what if another consequence of the fact that I have experienced associated with pizza. That's why I love him. The flight was successful '.

Ensign Shmatko

By the time the 'Night Watch' Alex Maklakov already begun to appear in a new project - the series 'Soldiers'. The creators of the series set ourselves the task in a comedic way to tell about the modern army. However they skillfully avoided the deviations in the direction of outright satire. Humor on the show really good. That is why the 'Soldiers' are equally fond of the most diverse segments of the population, and, importantly, were enthusiastically adopted and by its own members.

Alex Maklakov played 'soldier' is perhaps the most colorful role - Ensign Shmatko.

It is worth noting that Maklakov in the army served only 6 months, and it is unlikely that you could call this service. Here's what he says himself: 'I served long, but fun. They took me into the army from the Novosibirsk Theater Institute. As soon as I got to the part, organized a circle of amateur. Our soldiers, gunners respect me, even the "grandfathers" friends with me ... '

Given all this, one can only wonder how the actor managed to so subtly feel their hero. It is not just played a lieutenant, and created a truly extraordinary truthful image. This Shmatko can not be described unambiguously positive hero. There are mixed with an excess of both positive and negative qualities. But the most crucial moments of good in him always prevails.

Perhaps it made the character Alexis Maklakova popular favorite. Within six months the whole country is laughing over cunning, economic and so charming ensign Shmatko. Even children have to send him a letter to the address: 'Moscow, Ensign Shmatko'. A man was stopped on the streets to remember Army. I Maklakova even appeared guard, and he became the first in the history of 'Ensign' with a personal bodyguard.

For the first 'soldier' followed by 'Soldiers-2', 'Soldiers-3', etc.. There were changes in the heroes of the series, and only ensign Shmatko always remained unchanged. True, at one time he visited, and a lieutenant, but even in that position, he remained an ensign. In the spirit.


2001 Hi, baby!
2002 Night Watch
2003 Soldiers - series
2004 Soldiers -2 - TV series
2005 Soldiers -3 - series
2005 Soldiers -4 - TV series
2006 Day Watch
2006 Soldiers -5 - series

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Photos of Maklakov Alexey
Maklakov AlexeyMaklakov Alexey

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  • Interestingly, a filmography of KUDO thrown "Two of fate?".
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  • This morning I got into the hands of the album E-moe.I all day listening and slushayu.I can not stop! All! I vlyubilaaaaaaaas * sob * Alex - the best!
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  • You are a great actor. Shoot more. His appearance on the screen you bring me joy.
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  • Alex, we know that you have a child on the soccer field was the nickname of "Levon Ishtoyan." But why? You really fun to play football?
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    Maklakov Alexey, photo, biography
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