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Mashkova Maria

( Actress)

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Biography Mashkova Maria
photo Mashkova Maria
Born in 1985, Novosibirsk


Masha Mashkova born in a family of actors. Her mother, Elena Shevchenko, known for films 'Katka and Shiz', 'Orphan of Kazan'. Father - Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Mashkov - a popular actor and director ( "Russian revolt ',' American daughter ',' oligarch ',' Papa 'and others).

Masha's parents divorced when she was not yet four years. The girl remained with her mother, relationship with his father never interrupted. She said: 'I have a very good relationship with mom and dad. I love them both, but imagine what it was when they were together, it was a bomb, just. Even thought: there are families where the father, mother, children, and it is so boring. And it was boring to children. Where they hang out? I, for instance, I can say: 'Mom, I went to my father'. Conversely. Me and Igor, his mother's husband, love, and Grandma and Grandpa - it's just the sacred. I was lucky with relatives, I love them all, and it helps a lot to live '.

From childhood dreams of becoming an actress Masha. She is constantly involved amateur, played Snegurochek, Cinderellas. In the eleven years she made her debut on the silver screen, playing the role of harmful girls in the film 'Little Princess'. A year later, she again co-starred in the film - in the movie 'Mama Do not Cry'. It should be noted that in this film she starred with her mother, Elena Shevchenko, who has a daughter at the casting.

In sixteen years she has played on the stage of. Vl. Mayakovsky in the play 'The Master Builder' by Henrik Ibsen. Maria Mashkova shares his impressions of his first appearance on the stage: 'It was in a kind of stupor, there was no fear of anything, honestly. Understood only that I had the momentum in my life, that's all. I thought: that's come out, potusuyus on stage, and that there will be, as I did not care. The only thing feared - what will they say then: 'My daughter sucked Mashkova. Poor Vladimir L. '.

Theater School

After school, Mary came: in the Plekhanov Academy of Economics Faculty. Why such an unexpected choice? While Masha and did not know how to answer this question. Rather, the role played here that around all arrived at the economics departments. That's it for the company with a girlfriend chose this profession. The choice of adopted daughter and Vladimir Mashkov.

But Maria soon changed her mind and entered the Shchukin Theater School name, which was a surprise for parents. Maria was adopted at the rate of Vladimir Petrovich Poglazova. By the time she managed to withdraw more in the series 'Next 2', where she played the daughter Kirsanov.

New work in film

One of the teachers was Mary Alexander Nazarov, who invited the talented girl in the TV series 'Talisman of Love'. Masha went to one of the most difficult roles - villains Steshov Kovrigina that continually intrigues leading character, and in general all the inhabitants of the house Uvarov. The combination of natural talent and interesting prescribed roles allowed the young actress does not get lost in the series, despite the fact that her character is not important.

. About his work Mary says: 'I am quite skeptical, if not negative, applies to all serials
. But I think that, first, - this is not a bad series, and secondly, the project assembled a very good team. Plus - a wonderful director Alexander Nazarov, without which there would have been such an atmosphere '. This actress notes that her heroine, she does not like, but that made it even more interesting was to play.

In 2005, the channel STS finished filming the series 'The Legend of Koschee' - a modern tale about a young Baba-Yaga and the young Koshchei Immortal, about their love. Maria played the role of Baba-Yaga. In the same year she appeared before the audience in the role of comic singer of the group 'Little Things' Olesya in the comedy "Mama Do not Cry-2'.

One of the most sensational prime fall 2005 TV series 'Not Born Beautiful'. In this series Mashkova plays the role of Mary Tropinkinoy - one of the organizers of the secret society 'Female Council'. 'I like my heroine - recognized the actress - she is a real. Like all women, discussing other people's secrets, other people's underwear. But while it is sincere, kind and funny. I've always been interested in playing comic roles'.

Currently, Mary continues to study in Schukinskaya School. At one time she played there mostly lyrical heroines - Margarita in The Master and Margarita ', Ranevskaya in' Cherry Orchard '. But from the third year she tries to get away from this stereotype. So in the play 'Love' actress in her own words she performed the role of 'ugly unsatisfied teacher'.

. Filmography:

. 1997 A Little Princess
. 1997 Mama Do not Cry
. 1999 Women's hurt is not recommended
. 2002 Next 2 - TV series
. 2005 Legend of Kaschee - TV series
. 2005 Pope
. 2005 Talisman of Love - Series
. 2005 Mama Do not Cry-2
. 2005 not born beautiful - series

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Photos of Mashkova Maria
Mashkova MariaMashkova MariaMashkova MariaMashkova Maria

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Mashkova Maria, photo, biography
Mashkova Maria, photo, biography Mashkova Maria  Actress, photo, biography
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