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Chester Alan Arthur

( American statesman, 21 th U.S. President)

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Biography Chester Alan Arthur
photo Chester Alan Arthur
Chester Alan Arthur - (1829-1886), American statesman, 21 th U.S. president, was born October 5, 1829 in Fairfield (pc. Vermont). He studied at Union College in Schenectady, moonlighting in school until graduation in 1848. He was admitted to the practice of law, in 1856 opened his own office in New York. Arthur maintained a firm belief Anti-Slavery. He has contributed to the organization of the Republican Party in the State of New York and by 1860 became the honorary position of 'chief apparatchik' with the Republican governor of. Since the beginning of the Civil War, this title was conditioned very real. Under the supervision of Arthur took measures to strengthen the military port of New York and later as chief quartermaster, he led the service of supply and service the large army of volunteers staff. Arthur resigned from his post and returned to the practice of law in 1863 after being elected governor of the state member of the Democratic Party. Knowledge and communication have helped him achieve a prominent position in the Republican Party organization. Loyalty to President Grant and active participation in the election campaign of Senator R. Konklinga were rewarded in 1871 appointment to the important post of head of the New York Customs. In 1876 at the Congress of the Republican Party led by Arthur supported Konklinga antireformist forces and handed over all of New York to vote R. Heisoo of Ohio in order to block Dzh.Bleynu path to the presidency. The following year, however, the investigation of the New York Customs and the differences between the presidential administration and Konklingom forced President Arthur Hays temporary release from his duties. The resignation became final after the Konkling was defeated in an attempt to block the nomination of a new candidate for president. Neither Konkling nor Arthur was seriously injured as a result of these tests. During the Republican national convention in 1880, their political machine has such a powerful pressure on the fraction of Blaine, . that made her not only prefer Dzh.Garfilda as a presidential candidate, . but also to nominate Arthur for vice-president,
. For a short period of tenure Arthur worked tirelessly against Konklinga and attempts to block the approval of the Senate Garfield made appointments to positions in the New York customs. July 2, 1881, Garfield was mortally wounded. Arthur became president on Sept. 19, 1881. The detriment of the interests of his party, he insisted on the prosecution of several prominent Republicans involved in receiving payments from the income of contractors TN. "Star Route 'Ministry of Posts. In 1882 Arthur vetoed the decision of Congress on appropriations for river and harbor needs, which could easily turn into a 'breech feeder', and also on the bill of 'exceptions' of Chinese, providing for restrictions on their entry into the U.S.. Both were overcome veto Congress. Even more confusion caused by the recent appointment of Arthur's supporters are able and energetic members of the implementation of the law 1883 of the Civil Service (Pendleton Act), . according to which the commission was established by the Civil Service,
. Differences between the President and Congress on the issue of 'the Chinese Exclusion' were not the only case of divergent views. Arthur signed a contract to build a canal in Nicaragua, but the Senate refused to ratify it, he embarked on a program of mutual reduction of tariffs with Mexico and Spain, but this initiative was not supported by the Senate. Congress ignored the recommendations of the commission created to revise the tariff and established in 1883, an exceptionally high rates of protectionist. Nevertheless, Arthur was slightly reduced backlog as a result of high tariffs funds by making payments on the national debt and a new program of construction of the Navy. Presidential veto prosecutions in the case of mail fraud and civil service reform is so embittered former supporters of Arthur, that he failed to win support of Republicans in 1884. Presidential candidate of the Republican Party was nominated Dzh.Bleyn, who was defeated by Cleveland, the first Democrat as president, elected after the Civil War. The last two years of Arthur's presidency were marred by severe kidney disease, from which he died in New York on November 18, 1886

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  • Chester Alan Arthur

Photos of Chester Alan Arthur
Chester Alan Arthur

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    Chester Alan Arthur, photo, biography
    Chester Alan Arthur, photo, biography Chester Alan Arthur  American statesman, 21 th U.S. President, photo, biography
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