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GREEN Graham

( English writer)

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Biography GREEN Graham
photo GREEN Graham
GREEN Graham - (1904-1991), English writer, whose works in many detective story combined with religious overtones. Born Oct. 2, 1904 in Berkampstede (county of Hertfordshire). Studied at Berkampsted-school where his father was a director, then to Balliol College at Oxford University, also went to work for tobacco companies, hoping to help her get to China. Then briefly worked in the local weekly. At 21, found spiritual support, a Catholic, and in 1927 he married Vivien Deyrell-Browning. From 1926 to 1930 he served in the department of letters to the London 'Times'. Green farewell to journalism after the success of his first novel, The man inside (The Man Within, 1929).

In 1932 he published an action political thriller Express Istanbul (Stamboul Train). This and subsequent books with elements of detective fiction - assassin (A Gun for Sale, 1936), Trustee (The Confidential Agent, 1939), the Office of fear (Ministry of Fear, 1943) - he called the 'entertainment'. His novel is a battlefield (It's a Battlefield, 1934) and I created the United Kingdom (England Made Me, 1935, in Russian. translated 1986) reflect the socio-political ferment of the 1930's. Lollipop Brighton (Brighton Rock, 1938) - the first 'entertainment' novel, whose events are highlighted by religious issues.

At the end of the 1930 Green traveled to Liberia and Mexico. Deeply personal records of these visits were two books of travel writing journey without a map (Journey Without Maps, 1936) and Roads lawlessness (The Lawless Roads, 1939). The political persecution of the Catholic Church in Mexico inspired him to create the novel's power and glory (The Power and the Glory, 1940), whose hero, sinner, 'drinker padre', opposes the persecutors of the church. From 1941 to 1944 as a Green member of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was in West Africa, where the events would unfold the novel fact of the matter (The Heart of the Matter, 1948), which brought him international recognition. Events of the next important novel, Green, love story End of the Affair (The End of the Affair, 1951), taking place in London during the Germanic bombing during World War II. The later work of the Green distinguishes a sense of actuality, which he probably found working correspondent 'New Republic' in Indochina. A scene later novels Green - exotic country on the eve of international conflicts: in exposing, . receive their sight, the future of the novel The Quiet American (The Quiet American, . 1955) - South-East Asia before the U.S. invasion, in Our Man in Havana (Our Man in Havana, . 1958) - Cuba on the eve of the revolution; in Komedianta (Comedians, . 1966) - Haiti during the reign of Francois Duvalier,

In later work of Green's religion while there, but recedes into the background, and its authority is no longer unquestioned. For example, the ending of the novel at the cost of (A Burnt-out Case, 1961) makes it clear that Christianity can not help modern man. Among Green's other works - a play room for living (The Living Room, . 1953), . Toeplitz (The Potting Shed, . 1957) and complaisant lover (The Complaisant Lover, . 1959); storybooks Twenty-one story (Twenty-one Stories, . 1954), . Sense of reality (A Sense of Reality, . 1963) can and we stole your husband? (May We Borrow Your Husband?, . 1967), collections of essays Lost Childhood (The Lost Childhood, . 1951; subsequently expanded), . Selected Essays (Collected Essays, . 1969); novels trip with her aunt (Travels With My Aunt, . 1969, . rus,
. translated 1989), Honorary Consul (The Honorary Consul, 1973, rus. translated 1983), Human Factors (The Human Factor, 1978, rus. translated 1988), Monsignor Quixote (Monsignor Quixote, 1982, rus. translated 1989) and Tenth (The Tenth Man, 1985, rus. translated 1986); biography of Lord Rochester's Monkey (Lord Rochester's Monkey, 1974). In many of his works to make a movie, including painting the Third (The Third Man, 1950), sometimes he acted as a script. Greene died in Vevey (Switzerland), April 3, 1991.

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GREEN Graham

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    GREEN Graham, photo, biography
    GREEN Graham, photo, biography GREEN Graham  English writer, photo, biography
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