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Sean Paul

( Reggae, Dancehall)

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Biography Sean Paul
photo Sean Paul
'Everyone who loves reggae, raise your arms' - shouting Sean Paul, and ten thousand hand shoots up, to the starry sky, Montego Bay (Montego Bay). 'You're aware of what can our music:'

. Round the world (almost forgot about us) as an ambassador raggamaffina (raggamuffin), taking the top lines of the charts of the United States, Italy and the Netherlands, becoming the biggest selling artist of Slovenia (?!), Sean Paul Henriques returned home

It took so much time with the moment when Sean played in Boise (Idaho) as part of the tour Jay-Z Rock the Mic, and he was already in full working on the main musical event of Jamaica - Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest. The fee for speech at this festival does not even pay for transportation costs (Sean team of 30 people, . including eight dancers, . four musicians and two fireworks), . What can we say about, . how he lost, . leaving the tour Jay-Z, two days before the end,
. Well, sort and not in the cabbage thing - Sean is sure he has something to say to fellow.

'This is absurd, - says Jeremy Harding, Sean worked as the manager the past seven years. - This year, we were unable to sell all tickets to Sumfest '.

However, Jeremy is not very sad, because all the other performances of his ward tickets to fly to cheer. 30-year-old actor has consistently present at MTV, BET, on the air of urban and popular radio stations. He has sold more than two million titles in the U.S., . plus half a million sales in the rest of the world - these results have not yet sought any musician dancehall `a (Shaggy with his Hotshot does not count, . because the ownership of this creation to dancehall can be argued),

Even Sean managed to be lighted on all major television shows of the country - from Saturday Night Live to Live With Regis and Kelly. He also was nominated for an unimaginable number of awards previously awarded to any reggae musician. And all these achievements - through the power of just one album, recorded, information and went on sale in record time.

The audience, who came to Sumfest, welcomed Sean volleys of aerosols, brightness and power of which is the envy fireworks artist. The four musicians of his group without tension is diluted with bits of dancehall jazz and rock riffs, the dancers - professional sexy and attractive, and Sean turned himself into a ball of emotion, from an overabundance of which he rushes to the scene. More recently he felt at ease only in the studio, but not on the stage. But not too lazy heart of oak and worked on are: a week he watched tapes of his speeches and aggressively studied move (spasiboShaggy, let a colleague in their rehearsal base in Kingston). Changes - by sheer force of will - simply stunning.

His spare time, Sean Paul spends on joint projects, and with a very well-known personalities: Fifty kopecks, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, and other names familiar to you

. The success of the album Dutty Rocks - is, . he was focused on the market underground dancehall `a - let independent reggae label VP Records to enter into multi-million dollar alliance with Atlantic Records, . which, . Approval from the Atlantic president Craig Kallmana, . become a new cradle of dancehall `a,
. 'Musical community yearned for new talent and new sounds, - says Kallman. - Fifty kopecks and Sean Paul was a major accomplishment this year. They represent the insatiable appetite of streets in relation to all new, real and urgent '.

These same streets and came to Sumfest. It starts with 'Like Glue', and Shaun is drawn to the audience. Recently, quite a famous young dancer, choreographer John HYIP's publicly expressed his accusations against Shawn is that he used in the video for 'Like Glue' its brand chips - not the most flattering words for the actor. 'You see me? I am so dancing in the video, because I was also born on this bumbaclaat Jamaica - says Sean, and his platinum pendant with the initials SP sparkles in the light of searchlights. - I know my culture! " The crowd roared approval.

The last thing in the evening - rock version of 'Get Busy'. Do not have time to Sean to leave the scene as police Montego charges against him in the profanation and violation of the basic legal code of the city, The Town and Community Act. The fact that the word 'bumbaclaat' refers to the obscenities and the very soft sounds like a translation of 'erasure for asshole', the use of this expression is equal to Jamaica to physical abuse and punished accordingly. And while Sean was not the only one of the speakers at Sumfest, who used foul language in his speeches, it was his telling the police decided to punish. Sean had two weeks again zadinamit speech in the tour and fly to Jamaica in order to appear in court and pay a fine of 40 Barik (oops, not too expensive to get!). But now it can be rightly called the most expensive shit Jamaica.

Sean can hardly be called a typical representative of music, which is so strongly dependent on the respect of the streets. Because of its non-gettovskogo origin from time to time slip sarcastic presentation of Sean as a person, by hook or by crook who were striving to earn the position of competing representatives scenes dancehall `a Kingston. Often journalists remember 'privileged past' Sean: water polo career, work in a bank, a long-standing dream of a career in hotel management. And for some reason there are few who remembers that his father was in prison for smuggling marijuana, and 'Police Skit' from the album Dutty Rock is based on real events. On the other hand - all these passions, fanned there the media, perhaps even in favor of Shawn, but not as a public relations campaign, and as a reminder: while living in Kingston, you must fight for their self-respect.

'Even when I was in school, I had to deal with a similar attitude to his. Like, this is a guy from Uptown, it will be able to share with us the money - recalls Sean today. - A money-then I had no time - her father was. So I know what it means to fight. They had even sometimes fight with some sticks - so I stuffed my enemies mouth. Although it was stupid '.

When Shawn discovered girls and music, children's squabble ended. Since the VP and Atlantic were united in promoting his work, Sean has to win the esteem of a totally different level. 'We are terribly lucky that we have Sean - the right actor at the right time, when you can break the stereotypes associated with reggae - management believes label. - The fact that others saw the negative - good-looking light-skinned kid from Uptown - it seems to us plus'.

To date, among the admirers of creativity Sean sufficiently well-known people. Snoop consistently uses his sets in 'Gimme the Light', alluding to the fact that he still would not mind a good blow, his fascination with Jamaican vocal stylistics heard in The Chronic. Of course not, he became the first rapper, turned to dancehall, before him have done DJ Kool Herc, Boogie Down Productions, Fugees, but thanks to Snoop `y dancehall` and influence began to penetrate into other musical directions so powerfully. Really, . 2003 can be called a breakthrough year dancehall `a: The Diplomats use magnifiers Sanchez, . Ja Rule includes samples Sizzla, . Super Cat and Jadakiss are combined in the album Neptunes, . Riddim Diwali Steve 'Lenky' Marsden `a lit hits Sean, . Wayne Wonder `a and Lumidee,

. Despite the joy of, . that his music is becoming more known and popular, . Sean upsetting lack of respect for the music of Jamaica: "In one show I heard, . as a kind of 'gifted' commentator called Diwali Riddim Puerto Rican bit,
. I was just in a rage. It's absolutely Jamaican thing. Timbaland, The Neptunes, R. Kelly - they are all part of the dancehall `a. We know them, they say they also want to promote this music, but when it comes down to it, somehow forget about it. From the side it looks like they decided to usurp the style and make money on this, not paying tribute to Jamaica '.

No one will dispute the fact that reggae musicians are doing covers of American hits: Elephant Man, Sanchez and Wayne Wonder presented their interpretation of the song of R. Kelly. But 'thanks' Kelly - he took off his big budget video in the Arabian desert - was a very unpleasant moment in relations between the musicians of the two states, revealing more and financial aspects.

Manager Sean indignant: 'None of the interview Kelly did not say that he really loves and respects the dancehall. This, for some reason, in general, none of them spoke. However, for our musicians this music - the bread, and they absolutely do not want to become the next dancehall hip-hop. Like many who grew up in Jamaica, we love and appreciate the p `n` b and rap musicians'. 'But how do we make a mistake, believing that they love and respect to our music' - sadly sums up Harding.

Meanwhile, Sean managed to maintain good relations with those American artists who use his music. Moreover, he intends to conduct a kind of campaign against illiteracy with the audience: "People need to understand how strong is the influence of dancehall and reggae music on them. And some argue that it all - work, Kelly and others like him. We love your music. But you have no rights to use our own, not to mention the fact that this dancehall. This is - our culture! We would be difficult to develop it in the absence of normal labels - we need to survive, so the fight '.

In the heart of Rockefeller Center (Manhattan) - a huge courtyard with a fountain and a statue of Prometheus. According to the myth, Prometheus brought fire to people, who, as written on this sculpture of Paul Manshipa - 'proved mortal power of death'. Soon there will another cultural event of the revolutionary scale: Sean Paul will be the first artist representing dancehall on the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA). Behind the fountain - MTV-ishnaya carousel grotesque caricatures of the stars (Ozzy Osbourne, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliot, Boy George, Merelim Manson). If this were a painting, it would be called 'Pop-mill. Be careful what you wish for '.

For Sean is the main thing is not how high he can fly, but how not to be abraded into powder millstones Showbiz. Suddenly it dawns: 'I do not want the industry began to produce my dolls'. On his tour manager retorts: 'But there is a doll Snoop'. 'Yes, probably, that's cool - responding Sean. - But all this reminds voodoo rites'.

Cooperation offers literally fall on Sean from all sides: Usher calls in a joint project, Missy and Justin had hoped to see him at his party. However, Sean knows how to politely and harmless to evade it not interesting to share: "I just live my normal, normal life. From time to time there is someone who is really to me does not and can not have any relationship, and tries to climb into my life. But there is nothing we can not unite, that's funny '.

To its credit, Sean is worth noting that he is not on their fans and do not like orgies in the dressing room. After the speech, he politely bowed each of the girls, waiting for him behind the scenes, meeting with his girlfriend, Jody. She - quite a popular TV presenter, but also finds time to accompany Sean on tour. Together they go to Radio City Music Hall, where Sean will appear as a nominee in two categories: Best Dance Video and Best New Artist.

Video that Sean will present at the ceremony, filmed for the song 'Gimme the Light' directed by Little X (he's shooting 'Hot in Herre' Nelly, has worked with many stars of MTV). Clip quickly took a leading place in the rotation of the channel, despite a very tight budget. Accustomed to dealing with a half-million estimates, X decided to make this video for Sean solely on the goodwill - talking in my heart Trinidadian roots. 'Yes, this clip would have to do in hundreds of thousands of dollars. But I have a great team, so we were able to do the minimum - says X. - When work permanently in the hip-hop business, quickly tired of the recurring themes and the. Reggae is still quite fiery music and dance, besides it is a positive experience for me '.

X considers this work something of a mission entrusted to him over: 'Many of us - representatives of the first generation Caribbean youth, who knew what to do for your country. So for us, 'Gimme the Light' means much more than just video '.

At the ceremony there was a very unpleasant incident. Beyonce was supposed to represent the joint work with Sean - 'Baby Boy'. About a week before the event Shona people tried to contact her to appoint a rehearsal, but to no avail. When he got through to Sean Knowles, she began to move out, explaining that 'politics' (either a label, whether his fancy man). Sean tried to convince her that the ceremony - an excellent opportunity for the promotion of their songs. 'Unfortunately, we can not carry' Baby Boy'', - Sean very well remember her answer. Imagine his surprise when Beyonce began her presentation with just this thing, with Sean's voice sounded. But records. Struck not only Sean, many of those sitting in the room turned to him with bewilderment in his eyes. 'Holy smoke, Beyonce - perfect lady. She is very talented. They say she knows how to create a public. I absolutely agree it all, but, culturally speaking, I was very distasteful to her, this act '.

Kallman of Atlantic Harding said that such was the will of Jay-Z: no one was going to perform on stage with Knowles. But Sean is adamant: 'I'm not going to compete with this, of course, a great rapper. But we sang a song together. Many people liked her very much. It's great. Well, why would it not perform? "

When a few years ago, Jigga interested in Sean, few could imagine what heights could reach this guy. 'What would they expect from me, I probably made a lot more - he is assured. - Beyonce is now happy - just two of its songs is played incessantly on the radio. But Dzhiggu, apparently, is not quite satisfied '.

Sean did not get no reward - Fifty kopecks was the best new artist, Justin Timberlake got Best Dance Video. Nevertheless, he was pleased: 'I am not at all disappointed. I really liked the ceremony, the very fact of my presence at such an event. Before me there was not a single representative of dancehall '.

Now Sean wrote a new album: 'I will try to prove with this album that we can little more than to write music that good shaking booty. I will prove that we are not monkeys who had just got out of the palm. We called Third World, but what we do not live on one planet? '

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  • Dear, Sean! I adore you, for your muzyku.Potomu that you sing, not for deneg.Esli I can not hear your voice, I umirayu.No, remove those silly glasses they hide your beautiful eyes, which I want to watch forever.
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