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Bonia Victoria

( TV presenter, a participant of the project 'House 2')

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Biography Bonia Victoria
photo Bonia Victoria
Real name: Victoria Bonia

Date of Birth: November 27, 1979

Place of birth: Russia, Mr.. Krasnokamensk, Chita region.

Height: 169 cm

Zodiac: Sagittarius

The show came on May 9, 2006., Left on April 12, 2007.

Victoria Bonia - a bright, sociable, beautiful, like Angelina Jolie. In Moscow, she arrived at age 16 and started working as a waitress, only enough money for a room in the garage. Sometimes it was very hard, not even enough money for food. But Victoria is very purposeful person and after a while cause it went smoothly. In 2002, Victoria first came to America. According to the most Boni: "I love America, I do not know why. Just me there comfortable and interesting.. Although everywhere comfortably. I lived in Los Angeles, where all is calm and measured. Lifestyle koordinalno differs from the urban. I studied, meditated, practiced sports. Everything was thrill. "Probably first appeared in the TV project, so beautiful, intelligent, sociable, charming girl. She became queen of this men's hearts.

The true relationship became a novel Boni Stepan Men'shchikova. 9 months of their relationship, without exaggeration, be called one of the most striking and interesting in the history of Dom-2. But in order that relations became really strong and reliable, one only passion was not enough. Between the boys began to accumulate contradictions, and Wick began increasingly to think of them from the steppe to the difference in status and education: Menshchikov did not disdain to be rude and use foul language, and 'the girl from high society' is confused. It has become increasingly say that she needs a stronger person. And Steve, in turn, was offended that the beloved woman he does not trust and listening to the gossip of envious that the old threw them / Holding. A couple of major fights, and the couple decided to leave the old house and start all over on the new and the new.

At one voting unforeseen happened - kicked Anton Potapovich. And after it left Victoria, although they are considered a fictitious pair. As explained herself Victoria 'When fired Potapovich, I realized that I could not longer be in the new house.

Beautifully come to the project, nice to live and no less beautiful to leave. Despite the fact that Victoria left teleproject House-2 April 12, 2007 interest in it is not quenched.

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Bonia VictoriaBonia VictoriaBonia VictoriaBonia Victoria

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  • Best
  • Leysan for Bonia Victoria
  • Wick is the most beautiful of all the celebrities that I know:) In addition she is very smart woman:) Also would like to be as strong as it is:)
  • veacik for Bonia Victoria
  • Beautiful girl! Name like as Moldovan.
  • Ruta for Bonia Victoria
  • Bonia you just molotchinka, whether it always is, love yourself and you all will always be the best!
  • 123 for Bonia Victoria
  • Manure from the "higher" society. Another B ... who admire the same as she.
  • ignacio vallejo for Bonia Victoria
  • Alguien estб usufructuando con tus fotos,enviando cartas de amor y buscando pareja en argentina ! ver esta situaciуn, porque me parece una traiciуn a los buenos sentimientos.. Si es posible contestar. gracias ! Ignacio de argentina.
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    Bonia Victoria, photo, biography
    Bonia Victoria, photo, biography Bonia Victoria  TV presenter, a participant of the project 'House 2', photo, biography
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