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Anastasia Dashko

( Participant 'House 2')

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Biography Anastasia Dashko
photo Anastasia Dashko
* Age: 24 years
* Where: r. Salekhard
. * Occupation: Secretary, Manager
. * Zodiac: Sagittarius
. * Height 170 cm, weight 54 kg
. In 1203 the show was the day came on October 22, 2004., Went 7 February 2008.

. Nastia Dashko came to the project when his gear just started to unwind - in the autumn of 2004 year
. Girl from the North is slowly but surely won the hearts of the children. Cheerful and spontaneous, quick-tempered and temper quickly subsides, sly and affectionate - Nastia was so emotional that many viewers could see it themselves.

During his stay in the draft Nastia falling in love with Roman Tretyakov and Stas Karimov. But beyond flirtation and jokes, jokes things have not gone into any fact in either case. And in April 2005, sultry Salekhard girl began to meet with Sam Seleznev - and since they were inseparable for several years now.

Nastya and Sam - one of the most direct steam teleproject. That they are several months living in peace and harmony, then suddenly start to sort things out and make trouble. Maybe blame hot Nastin temperament (all family showdown, beginning, as a rule, with its claims). Or - the stubborn refusal Semika finally make his lady proposal and formalize the general budget. Because of what only the couple had an argument: because of jealousy, . because of the legendary 'shelves' in the house, . because intemperance Nastya: The Truth, . if earlier Dashko was sure, . that Semik - the only and unique man of her dreams, . now it has become increasingly in doubt this and think, . whether they are really suited to each other? Sometimes it takes reflection again somewhere in the background, . and the guys live again - not tuzhat.,

. For all the time that Nastya and Sam meet, they have never received awards, so many thought that the 'Queen' House-2 'will be exactly Dashko
. In this contest Nastia fully revealed in the Role in which it previously had no legal representation: she had been a dancer, singer and model. And, despite the fact that Nastia won only third place in the contest, she proved to be surprisingly decent. Spectators and participants saw her as a person who has the makings of stage, and he can implement them, even for such short periods Competitive. Now Nastia not only sits at home and cook all sorts of goodies and give kids tips - it still goes on tour. There they, along with Sam singing the song 'Laws of Love'. And the first real prize, they still have: Sam was the winner 'Superman House-2'.

What is telling about himself Nastia early draft: He is fond of acting skills, vocal and choreography. Playing in KVN, loves to sing and be merry. He believes that is friendly, sociable and believes that good dancing. Won a beauty contest Salekhard. I'm sure that will bring flavor to the north is happening on Calvary. Once married, divorced. Felt that this man did not suit her.

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  • You're a fool
  • Anonymous for Anastasia Dashko
  • Yes she was a fool full NASTYA Dasha lesbian !
  • Alex for Anastasia Dashko
  • And I really like Anastasia. "Telesem" writes that she works in the Chelyabinsk region. I live in the Chelyabinsk region. We are pleased to have met her.
  • none for Anastasia Dashko
  • you super
  • Sergey for Anastasia Dashko
  • Sweet, beautiful and sexy. I would have kissed her and fuck.
  • Yaroslav for Anastasia Dashko
  • Beautiful and sweet girl. True sensitive hunchbacked and Sisi b from the floor to pick up
  • bitch for Anastasia Dashko
  • Pts me you do not like you well that you're left with of project! Olya Buzova SUPER >)))
  • Bitch for Anastasia Dashko
  • OLYA Buzov SUPER ))))))))))))))))))
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    Anastasia Dashko, photo, biography
    Anastasia Dashko, photo, biography Anastasia Dashko  Participant 'House 2', photo, biography
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