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Daria Werbowy

( Canadian model)

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Biography Daria Werbowy
photo Daria Werbowy
- Today you are the most demanded in the world model, you are considered the standard of beauty. As you yourself think about this?

- Beauty is in each. This is not just appearance, it's energy, charm, tenderness, ability to be different. As for me, I'm just happy that I possess these qualities. Maybe I'm just very lucky.

- What do you think of your sparkle?

- My business card - I think of the eyes. Eyes play an important role in communicating with people. In the human eye you can see, it is sad, angry or happy. You can see his soul. I believe that the art of seduction possess all the women on the nature. And the more a mystery to you, the more you lure. I think, in my opinion there is something mysterious. But this is not the coldness, on the contrary. I am a sober look at things happening in this industry. And the ephemeral nature of my beauty and fame give me a sense of superiority and allow to treat myself with humor.

- Do you know a failure?

- Very good. I won the competition model and signed a contract with the agency and was ready for his first season on Sept. 17, 2001. But Fashion Week in New York coincided with the events of September 11. From New York I moved to Paris, then in Milan. I have unsuccessfully participated in the one or the other casting a few months, and it was hard. All around saying that I should become a model, but all my efforts were in vain. In 2002 I returned to Canada. Failure forced me to critically evaluate all the vicissitudes of fashion business. The exterior model is evaluated very strictly, and without a sober view of things here will not last long. In January 2003, something happened in me: I became stronger, gained confidence. I realized that I need to continue their education, but money for school, I was not, and I decided to turn again to the agency IMG, which once marked me as a promising model. She called them, told the situation, I replied: Well, well, let's try. So I returned to New York. And three days later, has already participated in the collection of Marc Jacobs show, and another week later worked for superfotografa Stephen Meyzelya for Prada. It was then for me it all started. I know that this will not last forever, so I appreciate every moment.

- What distinguishes the models start from the top model?

- I think the style. I can say that I have my own style. This is the foundation of my artistic image, which itself speaks for itself. I love the combination of stylishness and comfort. I love the cosmopolitan style. I love playing with fashion, clothes, and this also adds to my way of appeal. Once I wanted to take acting lessons, but parents had no money. Although the acting profession still does not leave me alone. Maybe I'll do it seriously, but it does take a lot of work. Fortunately, now I make myself, I spend money not only for myself, but I can make gifts to parents and try to choose things not just expensive, but the original.

- Who inspired you with confidence?

- Photographers. For example, working with Steven Meyzelem - is like walking into a model school. He brings to experiment with the face, eyes, lips. You become confident and know how to use every part of his body. Helmut Newton was a great challenge for me. Known for his method of provocations. I remember myself clad in a robe-eating lawn grass. It is also Mario Testino, Mario Sorreta David Sims. They made me be what the world sees me now.

- What is the lesson for you is the rest?

- I love Seiling. When I was a little girl, my whole family involved Sailing on Lake Ontario. I also like snowboarding, basketball, but I always return to Sailing. Until last year, I even taught Seiling for difficult children, for two months. For me it was a great pleasure: I thought I taught them to take on freedom. Also, I love to travel, perhaps, that it is from birth: Ukraine, Poland, Canada, and now - the whole world. Well, fishing, especially with the Pope, - write about it all the magazines of the world. Although, frankly, already three years is not picked up a fishing rod.

- How would you feel going to the podium?

- Crazy Drive. While for me it is the most amazing feeling in life.

height - 1,80

volumes - 86-61-88

shoe size - 39

eye color - gray-blue

hair color - light brown, long

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Daria Werbowy

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Daria Werbowy, photo, biography
Daria Werbowy, photo, biography Daria Werbowy  Canadian model, photo, biography
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