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Kurt Olga

( Singer)

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1. In what city were you born?
- It's a long story:) when my mom was pregnant, she and her father traveled a lot. And now, returning to Moscow, she began to fight, and she gave birth to me in Tver. Can you imagine people going home, and suddenly realizes that he urgently time to give birth. :) There is a conversation:
- "So what do we have a window?".
- Some lights ... City.
- "What town?".
- Tver. Fit?
- Yes, well ...

Generally, it is persistent family tradition, born in the most unexpected places. :)

2. How often do you come to your hometown?
- Unfortunately, I there never was ... :)

3. Who would you like to become a child?
- I do not know why, but I dreamed of becoming a scientist.

4. Getting started in your creative activity?
- In the sixteen years old with a microphone and mixing console. :) And I had a synthesizer - Yamaha PSR, which "could" arrange everything myself, that I wanted to play. When you have such a wonderful machine, not to engage in creative work - it is simply impossible. Then it began to get acquainted with computer music, and so on.

5. When you have free time, love to invite guests to my friends?
- Yes ... :) Especially the neighbors. I have a stunning neighbors (in the literal sense), such doubt everyone wants, but there is only me. :) Usually the neighbors is a symbol of something that is not very pleasant. Usually Neighbors "yelling" as loud music include ... And I have here on the contrary, a neighbor known computer musician Lazyfish. It is a night concerts of all other taught long before I moved close.:)

6. What are your hobbies?
- Invent and clothing, even doing paintings ... I was on education, graphic artist, but now "writing" rarely, once it has departed in the direction of. Painting requires contemplation, detachment from the world, and with pop music that state does not stick. Pity ... True, sometimes at me "rolls", I take a pencil, pen, and rapidly for several minutes doing figure. Usually I draw people I like. :)

7. You love to play computer games?
- Used to play when I was little ... I most liked the quests. There were some great games "Broken Sword", "Nevervhudo". :) Right now doing the game up to date with superbly sound, graphics, but such interest as before, I personally do not call ... I think that the earlier people (programmer, artists) per capita invested, and now and would like, just to earn money ...

8. You are a sports person? You manage a healthy lifestyle?
- Yes п¦п¦п¦п¦п¦п¦п¦п¦, ha-ha-ha .... I regularly visit fitness club, along with his producer, what? ... I will not say ... I do not want to advertise, they gave us discounts not done: ((We are sailing, running and even boxing are engaged ... :) Is a life and death ... You know, the Japanese have the custom to beat a rubber doll head? :) In general, we promote a healthy lifestyle CELLAR hands:)

9. Chores have to deal with?
- Sometimes (cooking, cleaning, etc.), but generally comes to me a maid, I am very fond of her pokomandovat. :)

10. What do you think about the war in Iraq?
- Everyone should Starata live happily and live happily as not to disturb others.

11. What is your dream in life?
- To the world has been all over the world, that everyone was happy that no one nobody and nobody bothered anybody did not bother ... :)

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Kurt Olga, photo, biography
Kurt Olga, photo, biography Kurt Olga  Singer, photo, biography
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