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KAMENSKY Anastasia

( Singer (duet with Potapov))

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Biography KAMENSKY Anastasia
photo KAMENSKY Anastasia
Real name: Anastasiya Kamensky.
Date of birth: 04. 05. 87.
Place of Birth: r. Kiev, the first hospital.
. Education: I finish getting a degree in economics WIUU.
. Marital status: single.
. Options: 56 kg, height 175cm, shoes 39, 97/65/97.
. Favorite food: vegetable soup.
. Favorite movie: 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'.
. In his childhood dream: to become an astronaut.
. Memories of study: very small, but pleasant.

. Born May 4, 1987 in Kiev
. 5 years went to study in France, but
was there not long and soon returned to his homeland. Studied at the Cave gymnasium with a gradient of English. 7 years spent in Italy.

In 15 years, she graduated from music school. 8 years professionally involved in dance - ballet.
After high school, entered the Ukrainian-American Institute of Humanities (USA in Ukraine), where instruction is in English.

In 2004 took part in the festival 'The Black Sea Games'. And in 2005 went to London for the award UBN Awards, as the 'discovery of the year'.

Then Nastia Kamenskih to a new level of his artistic career. And in so doing, it helps Ukrainian Center for Producing Music-Motors, headed by Ruslan Minzhinskim.

The first clip was filmed for the song 'What's the difference', in which Nastya showed promising acting skills.

After the clip was followed by a joint datum Potapov for the song 'Without Love', which became a hit in the bright Ukrainian show-business. I started concerts, tours, photography, studio:
And thanks to the scandalous video for the song 'Do not steam', which Nastya also performed with Potapov, began to truly 'stars' life'. This all began to talk. Nastya invited to numerous television surveys, interviews, radio, cover.
Just Nastia Kamenskih actively involved in the filming of all clips actors Empire label, part of which, in addition to itself comprises a group XS, group Queen $, Potap, UGO, and New'Z'cool.

With regard to personal interests Kamenskih, she loves to travel, loves the oriental cuisine and expensive restaurants. Loves money, expensive cars and, first of all what it is doing.

Photos of KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • KAMENSKY Anastasia

Photos of KAMENSKY Anastasia
KAMENSKY AnastasiaKAMENSKY AnastasiaKAMENSKY AnastasiaKAMENSKY Anastasia

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  • Boehm for KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • you are super. I love you!
  • web for KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • I advise you to visit the community of fans Potap and Nastya Kamenskikh empire.ukrlife.info
  • shamsy for KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • Nastya Kamenskih very chic zhenschina ! In fact nature has generously bestowed upon ...... and appearance and voice, but looks still more :-)
  • Julia for KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • Nastya, I think you're a little worried! VFeodosii I was with you at the concert and you do not show ourselves in a good position! That's what I'm thinking about YOU and exit VARIETY, YOU dull singer.
  • Olka for KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • Nastya! Do not listen to envious ! U ALL YOU WILL SUCCEED ! LIVE EMOTIONS, love life !
  • Kohl for KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • ! I would? vi? BAS !
  • Zhenya for KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • Jura for KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • IIoTaII - XYiJIo
  • Vadim for KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • Potap raHDOH
  • Gray for KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • nastyuha you are super, I adore you
  • Oksana for KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • My name is Oksana, I'm from the Perm region (s.Yukseevo-nomadic) Hi, Nastia, you are just super, you have a great voice! Keep it up! Good luck to you all!
  • MARINA for KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • Krystyna for KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • Nastusha ty samaja lutshaja, ty maja samaja ljubimaja pevica I LOVE YOU
  • Ileana for KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • Nastya, from thee very chic hair and voice !
  • Anonymous for KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • nasttya for KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • Nastya TI SUPER! п?п·п?п·п?пїп?п?п п?
  • bearing for KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • ty super yaobozhayu your songs OLKAprava not listen to envious
  • Saveliev for KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • Nastya - it vosche super heifer. Wherever it without Potap listen? At the dick to her vosche need? Freaky Schmal shorter than this, not Nastia. It is a pity that I'll never be with her mark. Where is it and where I am. This idea does not fit in the head.
  • Sergey for KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • INE did not listen to anyone who is not afraid. but itself
  • maukka for KAMENSKY Anastasia
  • Very hot. I love you
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    KAMENSKY Anastasia, photo, biography
    KAMENSKY Anastasia, photo, biography KAMENSKY Anastasia  Singer (duet with Potapov), photo, biography
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