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Rozhkov Svetlana

( Honored Artist of Russia.)

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Biography Rozhkov Svetlana
photo Rozhkov Svetlana
Winner of the All-Union Competition entertainers. Participant television: "full house, full house," "House of mirrors", "Smehopanorama", "Joke-anecdote," "A joke for joke," "Baba forward". Svetlana Rozhkova lives and works in Moscow.

In one thousand nine hundred and sixty - any year, in the hospital, Mr.. Mozhaisk, . 5 am, . Feb. 16 there was a joyful child's cry, . spread the word about the birth of the individual female, . which subsequently, . Parents: Mother - Elena Rozhkov, . father - Anatoly Rozhkov named, . affectionate name Svetlana,
. Child gain weight quickly and in due time the mother and child were discharged from hospital. Stepfather mother's grandfather Theodore, drunk drunk with joy, famously drove up to the entrance of the hospital in a sleigh pulled by myrrh gray mare. Had a long road to the village of Gubin, that at 18 km from Mozhaisk. Mother with baby got a fresh straw, and soon, putting the child beside him, dozing peacefully. Father Fyodor, sitting in the driver's seat all the way, yelling lyrics. After N-ing the amount of time, the sled enter strawberry Compound. From the hut ran grandmother Juliana, and a minute later, in the night, heard her yell: "Where is my granddaughter, Herod!". In sledge Besides from straw and the mother, there was no one. The baby was gone! The women chattered in two throat. A grandfather Fyodor instantly sobered up and evaluating the situation, the generals' deep voice barked: "Shut up, chickens, wee lost on the way! Instantly bring right now! Unfolded sleigh and drove toward Mozhaysk. Grandfather was right. At 2km from the village of Gubin, high snow, lay a colorful envelope in which peacefully snuffle baby. Thus began the life of pop artist Svetlana Rozhkova.
It took 4 years and the family Rozhkovs changed the place of residence. Decisive role in the relocation of the family played a father - Anatoly Ivanovich. Born in the Stavropol region, he, . as a true patriot and a man of great edge holding, . All these years spent "in ambush", . that is, in a communal apartment of his mother - Anna Ivanovna in the city of Kislovodsk and still has his, . 4 years later "Belle Helene" gave up and moved with her daughter to her husband forever.,

. Svetlana Rozhkova:
. - "In Kislovodsk I spent my childhood and youth in this city I live in the maturity
. Many times I was away from it for good, and each time returned. This city I know by heart and I love immensely. In her maiden name, my mother wanted to have a lot of children, but I was so active that it is a desire to have left immediately after, as I grew out of diapers. "

The school learned of the Light well, but had a very bad behavior on. Sport, choreography, stamps and animals, hiking, books and Timurovskaya raids, charges of scrap metal, Komsomol assignments and finally passion for theater.

. Svetlana Rozhkova:
. One evening, after rehearsal, I was returning home with the director of theatrical studio
. Chattered about this and that, and suddenly she asked:

. - Light, but why do you want to become an actress?
. I was joking:
. - Valentina Ivanovna, I have one life, and if I become an actress I can live many lives.
. She abruptly stopped and gasped, her eyes widened
. I quietly asked:
- What's with you, Valentina!
- And then she uttered the phrase, after which I was numb and my eyes fell out of orbit:
- Light, you repeated the words of Sarah Bernhardt!

In 17 years I have determined. My parents dreamed of my university students in Mr.. Leningrad, but I secretly demolished the documents in a theatrical college, of course, failed, but the experience gained, returned to Kislovodsk and went to work in the Philharmonic - the leading concert. Six months later I was sent to the Leningrad creative studio pop art at Lenkontserte. Leningrad, my second love! 2 years I was a part of its. My first teachers: I.R. Shtokbandt, A.S. Shvedersky, O.I. Al'shits opened for me the whole world, under the title - the conversational stage.

Svetlana Rozhkova:
- After Leningrad, my artistic destiny, I brought it to Tuva, g. Kyzyl. This is a difficult period in my life: the formation, formation, serious disagreements with the deputy. Minister of Culture of T. V. Oskal-ool, endless tours of the republic and the country with VIA "Ayan". But I was almost 20 years, I was full of strength and optimism, and therefore able to overcome everything.

. The tour is a kaleidoscope of a city, the hotel "service", "joy catering, concerts and of course funny things."

. Svetlana Rozhkova:
. - Because Tuva borders Mongolia, our team has often played the frontier
. And one of takihkontsertov. I worked my room and I was approached by the commander of outposts, with a request to fulfill anything else, because the soldiers away from home, very pleasant to look at the young Russian girl. I was confused, the repertoire I have nothing else existed, and the political officer came to my rescue. He said: - It does not matter! Here's charter on guard duty, go on stage and read it! Now imagine now. On a distant outpost, facing the microphone in the Mongolian dress, the girl of European appearance and did not understand, reads: - The company commander is obliged to check the distribution of personnel of the guard, according to the report card posts ... And I must say, the success was stunning. Soldiers so I applaud that the reading of the statute had to be repeated for an encore! ".

. Different relationships evolved in a big touring team.

. Svetlana Rozhkova:
. - I remember the 3-month tour of Siberia, 8 pop bands and musicians are a special caste of people, and if someone disliked, all rights there, zaklyuyut, taut, would get
. Not liked by the soul singer VIA "Marie". And "green" concert in g. Yoshkar-Ola. Homeland singer. She's on stage singing lyrical songs in a long, ankle national dress. Meanwhile, guitarist and saxophone player from another team, in an office under the stage manipulated by syringe, inject water into the cracks between the boards of the stage, exactly under the singer's legs. The singer sang a long time so the water got a lot. And the final chord, the applause, she proudly sails from the microphone - in the hall of Homeric laughter. At the spot where he had just sculpted a singer - a huge puddle! "

1-st All-Union competition for the speech of pop genres in g.Gorkom.

Svetlana Rozhkova:
- For the first time in history there is no age limit for participants. Of the artists in this competition does not come just pathologically lazy and mentally ill - 158 members! Were competing in 3 categories: 1.Monologi, 2.Sketchi, scenes, 3.Muzykalnye numbers. Could participate in all 3 categories at the same time, we have an artist S. Piloyanom for ourselves 1 st and 2 nd. Title winners were in the 2 nd category. It was a sensation! For the first time in history 2 nd Prize received from the interior of the artists! Prepare us for this victory and shared it with us on the right a great director E. V. Butenko. With this wizard, then, I made a lot of rooms and two solo programs. That director taught me to be an actress. After the competition I had a choice or Kislovodsk Moscow, the capital of frightened me its uncertainty, and I returned home to the Philharmonic on the CMS. "Philharmonic Hall is a state within a state. Life flows here on its own specific laws, and most important argument - the success of the viewer, the most important criterion for success - the room occupancy. Artists do not make friends, compete with each other, the best - have a tour.

Svetlana Rozhkova:
I do not know what awaits me around the bend, but thank God, I am lucky to have good people. It produces new numbers, I hope that they will bring to my audience - the joy! "

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Rozhkov Svetlana, photo, biography
Rozhkov Svetlana, photo, biography Rozhkov Svetlana  Honored Artist of Russia., photo, biography
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