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Razumovsky Victor

( Actor, writer, director)

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Biography Razumovsky Victor
photo Razumovsky Victor
Born April 18, 1964
Actor, writer, director. In 1986. created the clown-mime-group "naphthalene", in 1997. - A team of "Brothers in Mind". In 1999. became the winner of the All-Russia competition of artists of the genre of satire and humor "Cup of humor". In 2001, printed a book of Victor Razumovsky "Zlobotomomiya". Performed in various comedy programs. Since 2002. Party television program Yevgeny Petrosyan "distorting mirror".
. - Victor, tell me that he feels an artist before going on stage, standing behind the scenes and because of the stage curtains to observe how gradually filled the auditorium?

. Victor Razumovskii:
. - Of course, before the concert with artists of different condition is - can a head ache, and the tone is not the
. But there is a simple way to mobilize themselves. Simply have to go faster. The stage and the audience are so that immediately there is the adrenaline and excitement. The audience also varies. And it must take into account. Of course, if we speak in DC "Metallurg", is one thing, the Kremlin Palace - is another. I speak from the perspective of a person standing on the stage. In DK Metalurg people will be closer - and in the literal and figurative sense. And in the action group, representing about a number of the 10 th is an artist and the eye can not see facial expressions and faces, only the voice and plastic are. And in general, with regard to the public - the good one that comes in the room with tickets. Because when a man bought a ticket, in my opinion, he has already set a priori at a concert at a certain artist.

. - Those spectators who came to the hall with tickets and those people who have "thrown off" and invited his favorite artists to the party as something different from each other?

. Victor Razumovskii:
. - Quite a different situation when it comes to work at private events, corporate parties
. People come there just to relax, eat and drink. They do not know what sort of artists will. Well, out humor - let's posmeshite. And, then, of course, a certain barrier to overcome. Especially not very comfortable to work when there are tables in the hall, because the whole banquet and club culture, we are, of course, still at a very early stage of development. And viewers can afford during a performance artist talk loudly, move around the room, distract the attention. While doing so, they not only interfere with the artist, but also those who sit beside him and listening. However, in serious institutions of this kind already have a certain culture - people postpone knives and forks, listen. General conversational genre - it is not so much for nightclubs, where most corporate events and are, there is music some kind of dance is better go. Read humorous pieces around a pole - it is, you know, strangely.

. - You do not have the feeling that some "slack" artists artificially create their works, so to speak "to take time" and not really give his talent to the public?

. Victor Razumovskii:
. - Often, colleagues, the speakers on the stage, go on over a sufficiently low-lying expectations of the public
. This condition, unfortunately, is typical not only for our comic shop. Now many people are doing art, pursuing some of his very pragmatic goal. For example, I want to buy a cottage. And for this I have to give so many concerts out so much to sing, so much something to read. And how do you respond to the public, many ceased to be so paramount is due to the very situation. He worked for his money was - and all. The singer sings a song, and it makes no difference that she had stolen the melody that it completely absurd words. How then I recently heard: "Your eyes more beautiful than anyone in the world, they wind takes me". How do you? So, people who carry out such a completely drum. Other Tasks. No matter what you eat, is now more important than how you sing that you wore. The main thing - that was the show, some
"chip" in your behavior.

- How can I change it?

Victor Razumovskii:
- Do not know. Now after all the stars are doing for a month and a half. And here you are, say, worked for ten years on stage, specially trained for a long time. It is now somehow not taken into account. And you say: "Look, I graduated from the Kiev Civil Engineering Institute and also performed successfully on stage as you. So was it worth to you to learn? "It is a shame ...

. - What are the motives of people leaving the stage?

. Victor Razumovskii:
. - Perhaps my opinion would be contrary to the generally accepted, but I am convinced that when you come out on stage, you're doing it primarily for themselves
. If someone says to me: "I go on stage to give joy to spectators, to a man otsmotrevshy concert, tomorrow morning he went to work in a good mood" - it's all lies. Because if a person who enters the scene, especially enjoys what he does, not passing, of course, while on the ego, his drive, energy must be transmitted and the audience, bringing them joy. And then, probably, yes, the next day people go to work in a good mood. More people ask me: what about you, artists, relax? You know, I often observe how people are pulled away at the office party. As if the last time in my life. This vytvoryayut! They say that artists - rowdy, sexually immoral and t. n. What is there! We are far from the other members of the corporate parties. And are we supposed to have once wanted to rest more calmly, with quiet music. We rapid enough pastime and at work.

- Victor, you are in the works of his student years. As you poured into the asset of his university?

Victor Razumovskii:
- One day before the New Year at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Polytechnic, where I studied, carried out parade of amateur. We have classmates and gathered his team, which was later called clown-mime-group "Naphthalene". This team then lived for a long time, changing its composition. In the "naphthalene" participated Polytechnic students, who acted as the mimic artists. Group acquired a great amateur record. From amateur student festivals, we jumped on the professional clown. In the 93-m clown-mime group "Naphthalene" became the winner of highly prestigious competition "One, two, three, four ...", held in Kazan. As part of "naphthalene" at that time were two: I have a very talented artist Dmitry Evstigneev. That's where we met and became friends with "Litsedeyami", "Mikos" and "Art-fire". Gradually, we became engaged in the stage professionally.

- Victor, what do you think generally about the theatrical art?

Victor Razumovskii:
- The theater in Russia is often stalled on the ground and kneads the same play over the centuries. Art created in order to move forward. I always play only what he wrote. So, how can I judge? I am more entertainer.

- In your practice, cases of mishaps during speeches?

Victor Razumovskii:
- Course. Somewhere in the early 90's, just after the New Year, we played a festive children's party at our Palace of Sports. Tree was at 9 o'clock in the morning besides January 1. Who will lead your child in a day and at such a time? So they brought the boys from the orphanage. The kiddies have filled all the space near the stage. Performance began. According to the scenario we Snegurochku stole Barmalei. And runs Barmalei and says: "I am angry and fearful Barmalei, I do not like bad children!". I leaned over to children with wide-open mouth: "Ah-ah-ah!". Then one little boy of six or seven are not confused and at a time when in front of him was angry Barmalei, cleared the flap into the mouth of our actor. Actor can not say anything, because he had a mouth full of confetti. I had to laugh at kids fingers get confetti out of his mouth and continue matinee. And when the pirates across the room dragging a bag stolen Snow White, wicked cool kids beat our actress feet. We finish this matinee and more children are not contacted.

. - How did you become involved in television projects?

. Victor Razumovskii:
. - After a 99-m, we were the winners of "Cup of humor" in Moscow (it was at this competition and we called the theater of paradoxical humor), we noticed Yevgeny Petrosyan and invited me to his
. By the way, "Brothers in Mind" won in three nominations:. Admittedly, it was flattering, besides, we were really good. The jury simply did not let us participate in a greater number of nominations, as others could have been left holding the bag. So collective "Brothers in Mind" began working with Yevgeny Petrosyan "distorting mirror". They gathered a strong team. I have great respect for the acting skills of all those people who now work in a "distorting mirror". We must pay tribute to the great directing talent Eugene Vaganovicha. Previously, when I was not familiar with Petrossian, not much can be understood in the profession. In fact, it has a lot to learn. He is a master-class: knows everything from the stage clothes, finishing with a TV installation and placement of material in the ether. Besides, he is very tactful and sociable person. In the team of "trick mirrors", probably largely thanks to Yevgeny Petrosyan (it was he who assembled a team) friendly atmosphere. Before shooting the next transfer Eugene Vaganovich settles all over the table and started brainstorming. Artists routinely give each other jokes, helping Materials. It's great! We are truly a gang (in a good sense of the word) that I very much appreciate.

. - How is the selection of rooms for the shooting of "distorting mirror"?

. Victor Razumovskii:
. - For those artists who are totally pop, and there is no need to select: if they brought in number, he surely will be
. We, I mean "Brothers in Mind", unformatted. That is why Evgeny Petrosyan us carefully worked. Sometimes, he tells us plainly: "lads, let's spare the audience! At dorabotochku material."

. - How much time is removed a program and how does it happen?

. Victor Razumovskii:
. - All popular entertainers strenuous tour schedule
. In Moscow, they did not come for months. Every two months, "distorting mirror" is going to just ten days. For eight days, all posed and rehearsed. This period is difficult, as is preparing several programs. Then in the last two days - shooting. During these two days filming accumulated many hours of video. This is enough for three programs.

- Victor, women humorists less professional than men?

Victor Razumovskii:
- Why? Just very few of them. Exit onto the stage and seem ridiculous, unattractive, non-sexual - is the heroism of the women. Not every venture at this. I would put the monuments in life such women. We are friends with Elena Sparrow from the time when she, along with Yuri Galtsev played in the theater "Buff". Lena was a theater actress, has parodistkoy. She is a wonderfully obtained. She prodigy. As women clown, they and the world, then you can count on the fingers. I have a girlfriend Anya Orlova - a wonderful actress, known for all her "Litsedeyam". Women - comedienne - hard life. But the ladies there are other areas where they are in excellent implement.

- When you start to write, sit down at your computer or take pen and paper?

Victor Razumovskii:
- Only a pen and paper. And on stage I go out only with samopisnymi texts. So many people do. After all, that you all got on stage, you have to prepare myself props. It is clear that the suit should be sewing, shoes order and so on. The texts of different. They should be written in your hand, your handwriting.

- Victor, you can call yourself a serious man?

Victor Razumovskii:
- I have a serious?.. Not know. From time to time there are depressed. This is a serious and frivolous, with a side view. In any case, humor helps me to be optimistic. And I try to save their childhood, and that all the advise.

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Razumovsky Victor, photo, biography
Razumovsky Victor, photo, biography Razumovsky Victor  Actor, writer, director, photo, biography
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