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Londarenko Alexander

( Artist. Duet 'Tete-a-tete'.)

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Biography Londarenko Alexander
photo Londarenko Alexander
Humorous duet "Tete-a-Tete"
. Natalia Emelyanova and Alexander Londarenko!
. -And just try and keep the room a half hour with neither of their big names, not hiding behind the director's plan and the name of the theater! "An actor on stage - a goal - I do not remember who said, but - for sure!
. Alexander Londarenko worked in the Novosibirsk Theater of Miniatures from the date of its founding until the last day
. The theater was founded in 1977 based on the first pop release of the Novosibirsk Theater School Honored Artist of Russia Valeriy Kharitonov (master of the course). And beginning in. Kharitonov once in the theater, People's Artist of the USSR Arkady Isakovich Raikin still in DK.im. "1-Year Plan".
Thanks Love Borisovna Borisova. When there is a need to leave the theater of miniatures (and who does not know, . that the creative team of like-minded group in a few minutes turns into a snake-coil), . She said: why do you do someone else? Use a pair, . as Mironov and Minaker! And she and rehearsed with Natalia and Alexander until their departure for Moscow.,
. In Moscow, the duo "Tete-a-Tete" came at the invitation of the director Vladimir Ivanovich Tochilina, but to work with artists simply did not have time, he died 3 days before their arrival
. There were a VTMEI by the People's Artist of USSR Maslova, launched the program "Who are we?" Where are we? " - Director Edward Butenko, and "Live and be happy" - director Igor Rukh. Premiere of "Live and be happy" was held in 1991. in the Central House of Arts, and in 2004. - Ibid - creative evening (under the auspices and with the help of L. Frantsuzova).
Edward Butenko and Igor Rukh - Moscow producer duo "Tete-a-Tete". Incidentally, both - Tochilinskie students.
Leonid French and his wife Natalia - patrons and mentors duo. Despite the mature age Natalia Emelyanova and Alexander Londarenko relate to all his teachers like children, as befits an artist.
. The duo has supported and supports creative relationships with many writers, satirist and comic artists of the genre.
. Arkady Chait (outside his memory) was once presented to them several miniatures, and Michael Zhvanetskiy in 1980
. presented their work personally Valery Kharitonov. In Moscow, the artists met with MV Mironova, build creative plans, alas - again not managed. Here's a story, such teachers and mentors and, therefore, Natalia and Alexander Emelyanov Londarenko try to "keep the brand", to work on the same professional level.
. Family humorous duet "Tete-a-tete" with the success of national teams participating in the concerts, . which performs some numbers, . removed in the popular comedy programs, . in his own concert program Natalia Emelyanova and Alexander Londarenko perform works of the best writers, humorists, . but not in chtetskoy, . in the manner of game, . with the use of costumes and props, . designed music and sound effects! And yet they are the incomparable humor "Father Frost and Snow Maiden" on New Year elkah country and certainly the leading first-class variety entertainment, . be it a wedding or a festive party.,

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    Londarenko Alexander, photo, biography
    Londarenko Alexander, photo, biography Londarenko Alexander  Artist. Duet 'Tete-a-tete'., photo, biography
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