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Rudova Natalia

( Actress)

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Natalia Rudova: 'Intuition, I developed' from and to '
The eternal struggle blondes and brunettes, rich and poor, people in Moscow and suburbanites - these topics will never become exhausted, at least in serials. New episodes of 'First Channel' production film company 'Amedia' 'Tatiana's Day' just covers all three topics. Strangely enough, but the role of a rich Muscovite, blonde Tatiana Barinova - went to the charming actress Natalie Rudova, which at one time also had to conquer the capital.

. You and Barinov, Barinov and you - as a complementary image of his heroine is? Add anything else own features?

. Natalia RudovaDa, but it is expressed in detail: facial expressions, my expression
. That is, if the text is a comic moment, but it seems to me that something was lacking, I often insert some own expression.

Your heroine consider negative. You support an audience, or maybe trying somehow to shield and protect the contrary Barinova?

I believe that she was unhappy. I am not advocating it, but somewhere trying to justify. When everyone is watching TV series at first, they only see the girl, who has a lot of money. But if we dig deeper, you will notice that the girl grew up without a mother, father, there was virtually no home - he was always engaged in work - the girl was left to its own. So what do you want from it? She nobody ever explains nothing, it has never been close friends, she has never had a mother, which could share their experiences of first love, their problems. She kept it all to myself. And then she and friendship, and love - she is lost, does not know what to choose. Mosque from the love of friendship, and vice versa. She is like a blind kitten. So I just feel sorry for her.

And what do you say about Sergei Nikiforov? He, in your opinion, positive or a hero is not without sin?

No. How can he be sinless, if he likes a girl, and at the same time accepts the invitation of another. Even the fact that the other one, it seeks by crook, does not justify it - he's still agrees and goes to meet her. And after he pays for this. I think that is just and he provokes.

Did not you play another Tatyana?

The role of Tatiana Razbezhkina interesting, but I prefer the role of Tatiana Barinova. It is different, and it is very good. She and loving, and loyal friend, and good, and not very. It is absolutely different, and therefore it is interesting to watch.

. Age-old struggle between the two psycho 'blonde' and 'brunette' do not feel in the series such a subtext?

. Natalia RudovaV my life what I just did not! Red-haired brunette, was even red, one time I had an absolute creative head: I was maroon, bright crimson, with yellow locks
. So I was looking for myself. At a certain age, I wanted to be a redhead, I felt rusty, and then it changed to 'a brunette', and now I have come all the way to 'the blonde'.

. I know that you were born in Asia, distant and solar ...

. I was born in Uzbekistan, because my mom, being pregnant, went to visit grandma
. I was born there, and as soon as, so to speak, vacation is over, my mother and I went back to Kazakhstan, where I lived until twelve years near the sea.

. Are there in your some oriental features character?

. I love spicy and very fond of Uzbek bread
. And in general believe that the Uzbek bread - is the most delicious bread in the world.

When the actress decided to become, remember?

In the seventh grade. While I am up to this all the time staged some concerts, presentation. I am a creative person, went to the theater circle. Although ... I have a lot Occupation: dancing, cross stitch, even on the machine embroidering. In Ivan's Theater School, I just came in and immediately received.

You have often talked about his heightened intuition, and believe in fate?

In the future ... I know that there is a fate which destined to, but the man has the ability to adjust it myself a little. But my intuition is developed simply 'from before'. This I can say with full confidence to prove to the many examples that I had in my life. For example, for the first time he saw a man, I can say, get me with something or not. I just feel very good people.

Can you name a business?

Natalia RudovaNet. I cook well, but I do not like to do. If I'm home all day, which happens very rarely, I have to prepare. I'd rather dye something zabyu nail for now, honestly

. The theater has already tried to work with?

. In the theater there, but would love to try.

. And from the literature that prefer, or free time on weight in gold?

. I read in recent fiction, looking forward to the latest book about the 'Harry Potter'
. All the books about it and reread many times, that's all the waiting and waiting, and when will the last book. Of the classics, my favorite book is, undoubtedly, 'Master and Margarita'. From modern Sergei Lukyanenko, again fantastic. I read all the 'Watch', a book I liked. In addition, he has many other works have. I'm crazy about 'Perfume' Suskind, Paulo Coelho read. So, as you can see, I still carries only fiction.

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Rudova Natalia, photo, biography
Rudova Natalia, photo, biography Rudova Natalia  Actress, photo, biography
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