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Sopelnik Arthur

( Actor)

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Biography Sopelnik Arthur
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Arthur Sopelnik: 'Doing what we all acting colleges'
When I was given the assignment to do an interview with the cadet Trofimov, who is also an actor Arthur Sopelnik, I immediately began to question others, in order to find out what they thought of him. So many enthusiastic cries did not sound even address Dima Bilan. I was surprised: the guy just fifteen, and worships his half of the female population of our boundless country. I began to wonder what actually Sopelnik Arthur himself, the young idol of youth, could tell the world.

. Recently you all in 'Kadetstvo', but what about other projects? Proposals have?

. Arthur SopelnikPredlozheniya, of course, there is, but I decided to throw all their forces to 'Kadetstvo'
. This is a very strong draft, very good, very interesting, and I think that should be spread oneself first in it, but do not dissipate at all rubbish. Give me the spread oneself in one picture at full steam, so that the audience liked. There are, however, interesting proposals, from which a pity to refuse. This is all for my mom, we had long discussed that 'Kadetstvo' will be the first place, and the remaining proposals are of secondary importance.

. You once said that was not always happy with his game, why?

. It always happens, because I, for example, can not look at myself in the frame, it seems to me that I'm not so funny voice
. Mimicry some very strange. In general, a lot of weaknesses, although many say that everything is even good.

. What is the most memorable incident during the filming been?

. From Aristarchus Venecia we have just recently this happened! We promised to talk about this case all.

. It's about dymovuhu something? Aristarchus told.

. More time and nothing so special to tell, because it is the only case so well I remember
. I wanted him to tell, but I'm already ahead.

You narrate his version, suddenly that is interesting pops up.

My version of what happened .... We are removing the scene where I have to burn dymovuhu, then extinguish it and to hold a mask that Aristarchus was able to check its validity. Starts shooting, naturally paper flares stronger and stronger. They say: 'We remove now the close-up'. The chamber has already been transferred, but I did because of the smoke can not see and just have repeat 'faster, close up, close-up'. The flames flared up, respectively, more. 'Well, - they say - Rack'. I'm starting to put out. The first time I blow, not quenched, the second - not quenched, and the third ... just, already know that the fire went from hand to hand, I begin to shake his hand, like a sick man, yelling at the same time. And at some point is already beginning to burn his hand so that I automatically payload it, while I have it is to drift back. And this same nonsense, which dymovuha, she flies, and I do not know how it happen, but it is glued to the wall, continuing to burn, which is remarkable. Everyone stood for a long time laughed and then realized that it is not even funny and started to extinguish. That such was the case. I do not know, maybe it sounds not very much, it had to be seen.

Arthur SopelnikMozhno well provide. Tell me how you took the newcomer to you Artem Terekhov?

Artem itself is a very open, so it is easily joined the team. Immediately, the first day he arrived, all made friends, took him shopping, and just the city showed (shooting taking place in Tver).

. How do you yourself work in a team of different ages? Fifteen and twenty-four - rather big difference after all.

. Wonderful job
. All fellows, all very, very much, in a friendly matter of course. All have great respect. Thanks director. And in general thanks to all the people who made us such a solid team.

Thou, in my opinion, the only one who has experience in the theater. Do not you feel a certain superiority over the other?

No, because even if we take, for example, Aristarchus Venecia, Sasha Golovin, they have previously been used to work in film. Someone began to develop his acting work in the theater, someone in the movie, but in the end we are all approached the same way, came together. And I think there is no difference between us. Sometimes, of course, that someone knows me better than some moments. And I am sure that in such situations, it will necessarily help. I Aristarchus helped, too, Sasha, Boris. When I have something he could not do it tells me. I am very grateful for this. Yes I do try to help. Something I get, and I try to somehow suggest, to send.

I understand, the work in the theater is temporarily abandoned, are not you sorry?

It has long been abandoned, since 'Kadetstvo' launched. To some extent I regret, to some - no. Mainly because I am sorry that I lost good friends there, but I do not regret, because I found a wonderful job, which I am interested in. I hope it will last a long time.

What are your plans now for the future?

Doing what we all acting colleges. As for future career ... first will do, weaning, and then I will develop further. Because the most important - is to learn.

Arthur SopelnikU you have an idol among the actors? The man, whose playing you admire, and who would like?

Yevgeny Mironov. I really liked how he played in the film 'Escape'. It is a pity, but with him personally, I do not know, but very much like to work with him. Although I do very many would like to play.

I Trofimova have any features that are not you?

I do not know, I do not know. I'm trying hard to bring the hero to himself, and not vice versa. So I can not say exactly. Here we have to sit and think, look for some pluses and minuses to understand it.

. Female fans you rife, answer this tricky question: Could you meet with the fan? And how do treat them?

. All this of course is good - the glory, honor
. But bigotry - it is bad! When your mom call and say: 'Hey, you, a goat, tell his son that he had included the phone' - unpleasant. Yes, it was and is. Even here recently my friends got beat. The girl, my friend, and just a good friend, we communicate with her ever since, as I just came to school. And we always went together: she, a guy and I. This company now. Well, some girls, the fans, beat her. They obviously do list and methodically beat my friends. Basically, of course, girls.

The main question you have, of course, did not answer, but I understand that there is. Tell me, how are things in your personal life?

In private life? Not.

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  • Alexandra for Sopelnik Arthur
  • Do you have a girlfriend?
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  • artur a ti takoi i ostalsya kak 5 let nazad.mi bili vmeste v lagere "iskra" v poselke iuzhnaya ozereika v Novorossiiske, 89647846292
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  • Arthur, you're the best, I admire you !
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  • You know no matter what you zanemaeshsya, what cha hair color, how do you rise, and most importantly the place you zanemaesh in life etogo cheloveka.Day п¦п¦п¦я+п¦п+п¦п¦п+ chance, get in touch with them for:)
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    Sopelnik Arthur, photo, biography
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