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Georgy Dronov: 'Even if only four Mondays'
Sasha love with all of the series 'Sasha + Masha' did not know that the person is fully detached from civilization. However, Georgy Dronov, former actor Maly Theater, and now a key player in the independent theater project seeks to expand the boundaries of his creativity. Several antrepriznyh performances, directorial venture. More information about this and many other Yegor told us at the meeting.

Yegor, now in its third year, will soon be as finished filming 'Sasha + Masha', and all questions at you and sypyatsya sypyatsya. How do you feel about that?

George DronovS one hand, very pleased that for several years, it still continues to provide some interest, give some newsmaker. On the other hand, that for example, recently talked with a journalist, it shocked me to my question, after three years as the project went, there was a huge number of publications, she said: 'Helen - your wife? ". And then utters a phrase that shattered me: 'I just do not read'. Well, just ridiculous! In fact, during this time the same questions, very rarely happens that come up with something new. It's nice that all this still enjoys an undoubted success, it is of some interest, but very tiring already. There is a saying 'good spoon for dinner' ... perfectly conveys the situation.

You have such a tight schedule - I have barely caught. How do you treat such of his employment? Do not get bored?

I'm still a workaholic, but as in the theater, a circus and a ballet dancers have a rule: 'the audience should not see the gravity and fatigue'. Sometimes of course it is difficult, but certainly, it's all brings me enormous pleasure. And then any schedule is always possible to coordinate, we are not in the theater Carabas Barabas, we are not puppets: if suddenly somewhere, something, there is always a way out.

We have a long time ago on movie screens have not seen. It means something? Go back going?

First, there is no proposal of some of these serious. Full meter does not offer, but in general this year should go at once at least two of. This series 'Mad', we already shot, I even finished the voice acting is his character. NTV filmed 16-detective serial, four series of four series of each. They got me the role of operational staff, the investigator. I've been waiting, frankly, this work, I wonder how the viewer will perceive me, and I accept it at all. This is just a kind of 'crusade' for breaking stereotypes. Also, I now withdraw from the Ginzburg, there's a small role, but he makes a very interesting, I think, the saga of the relationship. Working title: 'I love you'. Romance, for me there, too, bit part. Interestingly, I'm there I play the married couple, the actress, who played before my boss. So I think this year after all the audience will see me.

. How about some dramatic roles? Still pulling or 'comic' situation you are quite satisfied?

. Georgy Dronov recently very eager to do so, expect a very serious dramatic work
. Despite the fact that all my past work mostly comedy, even in connection with theatrical productions. Recently released performance of 'Santa Claus - a scoundrel', and soon will be another play, which I do not dwell. New work - this is a very big event for me, it will be a milestone. Though he will be with the share of comedy, but it will be very seriously. I still keep a secret, so no hoodoo. It is necessary that an artist could not afford the range of choices, because the diploma I have written, 'Distinguishing actor', but it is not only comic characters, but tragic. While the tragedies do not offer. Waiting. To the eye is not zamylivalsya and fatigue was not. I can not say about myself that I only comedian. In my luggage quite a lot of performances (although most of them have not played), where I and the tragic parts, and farces, and even a slight touch of Myshkin.

You have repeatedly mentioned their desire to play Hamlet. How many watched performances? Got a favorite?

Yes, quite a lot. My desire to play Hamlet - it is rather a kind of metaphor, a symbol. For me, such as Hamlet - is one of the peaks of the dramatic men's roles. Definitely, and about any age period in Shakespeare, we say: first Romeo. Yes, I have quite a lot and watched movies and theatrical productions. And Hamlet, who diagnosed Raikin, a film with Mel Gibson. Enumerate be a very long. In this play may not be an actor who would play 'from before', and all would say 'yes, Hamlet can only be'. Each actor brings something different, I just find it consonant notes, the problems that concern Hamlet - I think I understand them. I could play in their own way, and it may be, would not be the best Hamlet, but there is always the inner need to touch this way. In addition to all this is just fantastic literature, drama.

And how spend leisure time? Or have forgotten what it is?

Oh no ... I think I'm quite a modest person. Recently, the entire leisure time I spend at home with his wife. If there is any possibility of large enough period of time and resources permit, the pleasure we're going somewhere at sea, so you can relax and disconnect. In general I really love to meet with friends, love feasts, like home gatherings, when all together are going to the kitchen. The more opportunities to spend time with loved ones is not so much. And well, then, is work. And in general, my free time - it's my job. This leisure and entertainment, and the pain and problem.

Antreprizny theater in recent years more and more like actors than repertory, you too would prefer it?

Georgy Dronov think that probably everyone has pluses and minuses. But I think that ... I am now a homebody by nature, and if one could combine modern entreprise with the academic theater, as an opportunity to tour and live the same full fast life, it would be ideal. But, let all remain as they are, there is a good classical academic theaters where there are classical performances, there antrepriznye projects that are designed for slightly different. For myself, I take it as a Private Company bourgeois theater, he is more active, closer to the people. This is not an elitist art, there is a certain bracket, when they talk about theater for the people, above which do not need to rise, but below it makes no sense to fall. If entreprise suddenly bring 'day is not Sunday' on it is unlikely that anyone will. From non-repertory usually expect the scandal and some outrageous. Thank God, we are beginning to share entreprise that, when it began, and that now she look like is. The independent theater project for my first antrepriznoe agency that allows travel on long tours with different performances. That is to organize thematic shows, and there is deception, the audience believes in what he sees. First, it is an honest and pragmatic attitude to the theater. The proprietor, who invests his money would not be a director, in which he was not sure, will not cause the artist and actors who trust not cause. He is the producer here. It is not profitable. Here in this lively antrepriznogo project. But entreprise is not his home. So I left the Maly Theater and, frankly, though I understand that this is some izzhivshaya have a convention, they say that the actor is a 'man of peace'. But the feeling of some of its place there, their usual 'home', as they say, the scene. On the other hand, I have enough already, this is the 'home' zamylilas, and now we often play at different venues ... I will not say that this is easy, but a habit. It's like a fellow who comes every evening to predators, he is constantly training. And then if you make a big break, it is very difficult to. It is better to gradually overcome himself, his fear every time in small portions, than to accumulate it, and then fight the real terror.

. In an independent theater project begins to take shape his own troupe, has its own audience, do not you think that your device entreprise becoming more and more like a repertory theater?

. In principle, I can say that NTP has a group
. We may not all intersect in some performances, I mean in general the whole team, but the company is. Not enough of one thing: specifically its premises. And everything else is. And if it begins, as previously mentioned, with the 'theater of monkeys', that is, the audience bought tickets, but despite what the person involved, and they were not important to the content. Now the important content. This is the same audience that goes to theaters. But we see that he was ready, he expects serious and non-repertory productions, because through entreprise, I think the general public, which earlier did not go to the theater or went just for fun, start to bring up.

. You have just been and directing work
. You filmed a few episodes sitcom 'Happy Together'. Tell us about that experience.

George DronovSkazhu you honestly that for me it was a very serious revelation. I made this proposal the series producer 'Sasha + Masha', he immediately invited me to try his hand at directing. In order not to have illusions direction sitcom decisively different from directing a full-length movies. First, we are dealing with a secondary product, we adapt an existing series. And secondly, despite the presence of cameras is more than the drama, the audience. Here I was a little easier, it took me quite a bit of time to learn the skills sitcom producer, had to plug in the camera and remember, as we have directed the 'Sasha + Masha', besides, I have a director's education. There were ten test series, and after they started the second block. But I have on my shooting schedule and shows absolutely not, that is, I took off in February, only one series, maybe two series in March, May I begin rehearsal here this 'secret' show, and I certainly will not scatter. Moreover, I already have to restrict yourself in any antrepriznyh performances, for them, maybe even be a second part. Not all, but will. Because we need to save time when the 24 hours begins to miss. Even not so, 24 hours a day, when not enough is already ridiculous, simply no longer enough days of elementary. It's like 'Well, at least 4 more on Monday. "

Surely only a lack of time prevents you from working on this path?

Directing ... know, this is a completely different responsibility, a very different interests and very different joy, strangely. As an actor, I am glad I played when I as a director, the joy is in how the actors heard me correctly, they played like they did. It is interesting to see their work from the outside, but the emotional stress is very strong. When we have finalized, I just told the wife that I can not. And we went to rest. I realized that direction - is primarily a vocation, a completely different consciousness should be arranged, where you pay up all. One has to see what is not. I've come to such a direction is not touched, I still scratch did not do anything, the next step. If it is connected with a serious movie, I would learn. And the theater ... Well, now it will be staged, which will form part of me as a director.

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Dronov George, photo, biography
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