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Joseph Ilya

( Actor)

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Ilya Joseph: 'I disliked brothers Chadov'
Spectators 'First Channel' froze in anticipation of the premiere of the next offspring film company 'AMEDIA' - the series 'Tatiana's Day', where, everywhere you look, there are more and more new faces. One of these 'persons' and became the hero of our interview, Ilya Joseph, a young actor, with confidence climb up the ladder of career ladder. 'My name is Ilya. I am twenty years old '- he reported, I cheerfully at the meeting.

. That's it in the series will be published 'Tatiana's Day', where you play not the last role?

. The project, adapted to Russia's public, "Tatyana's Day ', which in the Latin American analogue called' War of the Roses' I was invited to sample a good director, I liked the scene that we shot
. In the story I must fall in love with a girl. In this role was invited a lot of actresses, the choice was very unexpected, I was not against it, but ... absolutely no idea how we will build it lyubovnuyuIlya Joseph's line.

My character is Misha (for some reason he decided to do her hair like Jim Carrey) all the time sitting at home behind a computer. In principle, I do not know why his house to do this wild stow, although I understand that on the screen, everything should be brighter, more accentuated, more beautiful than in life.

. Is the only thing that confuses you in your role?

. No, he just sits at home with your computer and, in general, anything else is no longer engaged
. The funny thing is that I, unlike Misha, what the computer is of purely theoretical. Of course, I know how to turn it on ... I even remember some button 'Start' to begin work. And. At the end of my knowledge. Misha's in it all perfectly understands. On set, it was sometimes very funny, when I had to sit with a straight face in front of a computer and a realistic push for some buttons, for me it was quite difficult. But I like my character, it is rather interesting.

. Tell me some special case on the set

. There was one day - I have on the shooting plan stood a few isolated scenes, respectively, had to learn quite a lot of text
. Last night the thought that now sleep, and then get up and all have learned. As you know, I did not wake up. Specifically woke up, but at nine the next morning, when it had to go. In that way out there tried to read, eventually taught on the spot. And that's because I've learned it all in front of the stage, it looked much better, more natural. He was a good day in terms of acting and experience. And so ... problem is mainly in the retelling of the text, especially not razverneshsya.

Qilya Iosifovakova intrigue "Tatyana's Day '? What twisted plot?

Hmm ... is still a mystery to me, because (whisper) the entire script, I did not read. Not so much free time, so only read their remarks.

Let's go another way. What happens to your hero? How to develop your storyline?

No, the general idea, I know. There are two Tatiana: Tatiana Barinov, Tatiana Razbezhkina. Tanya Barinov - not very good, blonde (laughs). Tatiana Razbezhkina - brunette.

The good news?

In principle, it is good, but my hero, Misha begins to suspect her in the opposite. 'My brother', the protagonist, gets to the hospital, where I again met Tatiana, and ... I have nothing concrete to say, I'm afraid I can not. It's like in any series, it is not the plot, the main thing - the characters, the characters. Yes, and incredibly difficult to retell the story, too many cobwebs between the characters.

As the work itself, with actor's point of view, in terms of experience?

In principle, the role can build, but, frankly, do not want. None of this and does not require. Everything happens quickly, in general, to play and I really do not have time, everything happens on the machine. If the scene was given to three hours, instead of forty minutes, it would be natural to think everything through, and express themselves in creative plan. There have time to just quickly said the text and add to it the necessary emotions. I have good diction, so the challenge I managed. Little uncomfortable, that there is no playback - with the help of technology, which you can select the most successful doubles and mount the footage on the set. Certainly, this is a good experience. Series, thanks to its dynamism, can sharpen the work before the camera, and it will be too easy to take part in other projects.

. This is your first such major project?

. Ilya Joseph This is my first frivolous project (laughs) ..
. Before that I had dvenadtsatiseriyny film 'cadets'. Of the 12 episodes of my - eight. Voice to their week. Filmed several works Kuprin: 'The Cadets', 'cadets' and 'Duel'. A powerful blend. That's where I was one of the main roles.
Then there was the project 'Election Day'. I had the role of a sailor, a small. In the shootings, I was involved six days. If in the beginning it seemed to me that the ship - it's interesting, then in the end I sat in the cabin and tormented doing nothing. Reconsidered, perhaps, sixteen pieces of DVD.
Then he started shooting the movie 'The Model'. My partner was Catherine Fedulova ( 'Piter FM'), we have to play with her love.

You do not give disembark?

Well, why. They gave thanks that I have so much in every place visited. During this year, thanks to the profession, I visited the Ukraine, went to Odessa and, of course, on the gold ring on the boat expressed above. In Odessa were filming 'seconds before ...'. My hero because of the girls ran away from the parts, and eventually shot a lot of people on this subject had a conversation with the Archangels ... unusual plot and character. Film must soon leave. It was there that was my first erotic scene ...

Hmmm ... and can be more detail?

The girl, for which my hero escaped from a part, insists that I did not commit murder. And in the end, her entreaties move in the form of seduction. In the end, I killed her, and even murder, from which she tried to dissuade me, done.

And some funny things happened?

There was one moment, the script I'm dying and lying in a coffin. The coffin was taken for rent. It would be absurd as it may sound in the context, lie was uncomfortable, very closely, but the hardest part - it was not breathing. While there someone crying, passing by - the camera focused on me, I hold their breath, in general, was an interesting time.

. Ilya IosifovRasskazhi about his work in the theater

. I played in the theater Dzhigarkhanyan, which worked for almost a whole season
. In the play by William Syroyana 'In the mountains of my heart' I played the Armenian boy, around me all twisted. I played with a girl too, from our institute. Good partner. Armen Djigarkhanyan periodically came, looked, whispered something in his ear to the director and left. But the project ended after two months of rehearsals, not actually begun.
After playing in the play Ludmila Razumovskaya 'Close your eyes, I'll tell you a story'. Took me and my friend Hambartsum. I played Twin, and he - and Thomas, we are like brothers, but not native. Covers how the guys on the street, who live on the streets, in some tunnels, affected by general social problems - for example, drugs. It was fun in terms of rehearsals, games. I enjoyed, I really liked everything. Then there was the play 'Little Red Riding Hood', where I played a wolf cub. All this was for me pretty good school.

Ilya, what do you first give an autograph, remember?

About! I was actually first appeared on the stage, you know, this unspoiled shy boy. After the performance at the exit were girls with a prayer in his eyes: 'And you can, and can be your autograph? ". I think they persuaded.

Itself in childhood than keen?

My childhood was very strange. Mom, I was connected with the theater, with the corps de ballet. And my dad was a graphic artist, he actually tried to teach me since childhood to paint. I went to art school, but since I am insanely lazy in the classroom skive in terrible. I was just sitting in front of an easel and quietly hated still lifes. Hudozhka I was on the basis of general educational institutions. But, you see, I even won second place in the competition "Young talents of Moscow '. And all these scales, solfege and old French songs, too, were quite boring for me. I recorded them on tape, and when my father went into another room, and should no longer for me, I have included a tape recorder while he watched TV. There I studied for more than two years.
First I went to school with a mathematical bent, then I was transferred to a school with a theatrical bent, because I was terribly. I am very grateful for the school setting choreography. Now I move very well. I was a regular truants, some studies done, but that would otmazatsya. After the ninth grade, I decided to enter the college theater. The entrance exam for the program: fable, prose, something else. All this happened like this: I came, he began to read, my tears began to flow, and I sobbed, ran out of the office, then calmed down, came back and everything was done on the new. A girl tried to reassure me, a student, as it turned out, the third course. Such a boy they liked. The first year of training was on my 'cheers'. I just repeated studies that did cool my classmates, but after a while realized that to do something different. Somehow, I immediately found a common language of our leader. We are united with him enthusiasm for the theater of the absurd. He was very fond of this avant-garde, and I was very close to this development on the style. We did play in his third year of college 'Alice in Wonderland'. I've played some tea, pork, coffee table, Alice and myself. That is such a character ... chameleon, he somehow flow from one image to another. I would gladly return to this work, by the way. Now I am a student of 3 courses of the Institute of Liberal Education.

Ilya IosifovIz celebrities present to you someone studied?

Hmmm ... I remember that at school, in classes at two years older than we learned brothers Chadov. I disliked them, treated them as 'uuu, my fine fellow ...'. I have been parted, the smallest in the class, and it was awful. Then came more ads bar 'feint' with the slogan 'for those who are really cool', they played Chadov. He was one of the first made him a weave, it was very cool. Now, of course, nothing negative to them no, they are great guys.

What's the main thing you have carried out training?

The first two years we have nobody could understand what the master wants the theater of the absurd complete sway. Then we learned that it was all 'dirty school'. Even in Chekhov's 'Three Sisters' we have found motives lesbian. The audience knew nothing about it, but it is our detailed study of the characters, their characters, the nuances of some - all helped on the scene just before the audience to feel his character perfectly.

. How did you get things on the personal front? You meet someone?

. No, now, no one, I live alone, eat once a day
. So I am free and graceful.

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