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Rosemary ABERDUR

( fraudsters)

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Biography Rosemary ABERDUR
photo Rosemary ABERDUR
This cheerful plump woman was scorched crook. Rosemary Aberdur usurped the title of a loud and stole a huge amount of charity. She spent her at a party, inviting many friends. But the natural outcome of such a lifestyle was a prison.

Certainly, when Rosemary spent the money, she did it in style. Having bought the car, "Bentley" for 50 thousand pounds, right there on the spot, hired a driver, so he took her home. In the short time she has spent 780 thousand pounds on a party. Once organized in London docks whole attraction. I bought several luxury cars, including Mercedes, worth more than 200 thousand pounds. Once poured into the bath 240 bottles of champagne, which bathed her lover.

Cheating in style

Rest on yachts in the Caribbean, visits to the London jewelers, clothing from the best couturiers in London and Paris ... Once, when a black Labrador Rosemary pribolel, she hired a car and driver and took the dog for a walk ... among the hills of Scotland. Schick was the motto of her life. But behind him was a scam, because "lady" Aberdur was just a crook, a fake aristocrat, had deceived many good people to throw their money at their pleasure. She squandered almost бё 3 million charitable fund, before it was arrested by the police. Her ascent to wealth was the result of an elaborate fraud.

Rosemary was born in 1961 without titles and ranks, but with the quality that often makes the average person a thief with a thirst for profit. Daughter of Kenneth Aberdura, a radiologist from Essex, and his wife, Jean, had once worked as a secretary in central London hospital, Rosemary received the usual education at a local school. After graduation, residency training as an accountant in one of the city firms. By changing the number of jobs, in 1987 was good as accountant at a hospital charity fund. Then she stepped into the path of lies and fraud. First time in a new place, Rosemary worked diligently and honestly. During this time, increased the amount of money earmarked for the development of medicine. Central London Hospital is recognized worldwide center specializing in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy and stroke. The first success came to Rosemarie when she managed to persuade the Trustees of the hospital that the annual "Royal Ball" can help develop a fund and replenish its cash.

Charity Ball

This ball was little different from the usual charity evenings. But Rosemarie knew: if you convince the public that this is something special, grandiose, with expensive tickets, the hospital can get a lot of money. "Royal Ball" was so successful that Rosemary has organized several such events. Some of them visited the Princess of Wales, Patroness of Charities.

Rosemary woo influential sponsors, which was impressed by her remarkable energy and great talent to convince the rich and famous people to donate large sums to the development of the London Hospital. She really was very insistent. Rosemary hypocritically declared: "I get a huge spiritual charge from meeting with patients, which show examples of remarkable courage in the fight against illnesses, although often this struggle is unequal". Nevertheless, Rosemary appropriated money intended for the treatment of these same patients to increase their own income.

Forgery and falsification

Line between an honest life of crime, Rosemary crossed in 1988, having begun to assign a small amount of money that was donated to a charitable society. She controlled the finances of society, using exceptional trust guide. Some charitable sums lying on deposits in banks and construction companies. After the first "Royal Ball" Aberdur got the right signatures on the accounts that recorded the amount of donations. However, each check were needed, and other signatures, such as Foundation Executive Director Richard Stevens. And crook the beginning of their spoof. Rosemary handle the account so that the amounts that it assumes, has never appeared in official records. She quickly realized that this is a very easy way to siphon off money for personal needs. Horizons of her life increased significantly.
The bulk of the money from the accounts of the society disappeared between April 1989 and 1991. Money literally poured it on the open special bank accounts. Then the crook was to spin a web of lies to pass himself off as a completely different person.

The head of the John Young remembered the day when he first noticed the metamorphosis had taken place with Rosemary. She herds come to work in a gleaming limousine Bentley, accompanied by a chauffeur and bodyguard. "One would think that the queen arrives," - he said it in jest. Aberdur absolutely seriously answered: "You see, I received an inheritance of 20 million pounds and must have protection". All his friends, she explained that the unexpected success gave her the right to take the title Lady Aberdur.

Allegedly received a great heritage, "lady" Aberdur began to create necessary for her new life status background. She moved into a luxury apartment overlooking the Thames, with a swimming pool, a pink marble bathroom and famous neighbors, such as the actress Brigitte Nielsen. A bedroom was lined with blood-red and gold, silk. In the old chair lay a pillow, on which she embroidered his own: "I like old wine, young men and myself". Chandelier in the living room, where in the corner wearing the piano, was worth 10 thousand pounds. Avoiding old friends and relatives who could expose her, Rosemary Aberdur began to gather around themselves the "faithful" who admired all this luxury.

Lotta-week partying

Rosemary was great masters part receptions, parties and gulyanok. One such partying was arranged in an ancient XIII century manor house in North Yorkshire. It lasted two weeks. A string of hired cars brought a guest from the airport, train station, and then drove back. On the occasion of the arrival of each guest with the noise opened bottles of champagne. It took weeks to lead after this orgy of historic buildings in order.

Managing manor Tim Mudd said: "They spoiled silver and furniture. The saddest thing is that they are shoved into the oven silver trays worth thousands of pounds, and handles covered with lead, melted. Some trays were stained with carrot juice, they tried to clean the silver, but only eventually ruined his. One evening was particularly lush. In one room all the antique furniture was stripped. Other room was turned into a dance hall. Guests depicted animated corpses, who jumped out of the tombs. Account only for this evening was approaching a thousand pounds ".

Queen of the castle

Similar cases have been few. To celebrate the birthday of his girlfriend, Aberdur rented Conwy Castle in North Wales. Guests had to get there by helicopter. Plan the evening was carefully designed. They arranged a masquerade in the medieval style. Arriving greeted pageant. Pampered Labrador Jeeves in the helicopter did not take, he joined his mistress, later, when a new footman brought him in a limo. As soon as the helicopter with Aberdur and her girlfriend landed, they were met by minstrels in elaborate costumes, a triumphant fanfare sounded, and the menacing "Black Knight" in the armor approached the girls giggling. But the "white knights" rushed to "black" and saved the girls. Later, a ceremony was arranged comic erection Rosemary on the throne, the queen of the castle ".

The next scene of the play: Aberdur transports its guests to another castle, where they were entertained by an orchestra of wind instruments and Cymric Male Choir. The evening ended with lots of champagne and fine hors d'oeuvres. This jaunt was evaluated in a fantastic sum - 40 thousand pounds.

However, all her servants and hangers-permanent, it soon became clear that this plump woman - "Queen of Charity" is actually very lonely. She hoped to buy the friendship of his generosity, spending money on cruises in the Caribbean Sea and the Indian Ocean, handed out invitations to lavish receptions in London. His London butler Filipino Manuel Cabrera, who worked in her year and a half, she gave an excellent apartment. He argued that, although she had a fiance - British army captain Michael Kabbins, Rosemary contained lover. In Cabrera's duties was to make sure that these two did not face each other.

"Happiness can buy ..."

Cabrera as an account of his mistress: "When Michael and Rosemary got engaged, he gave her a stunning diamond ring. But it did not like her, and she bought herself another - more than 8 thousand pounds. She believed that happiness is always money can buy. Have a party in Grenada, she paid the visit his girlfriends, and she stayed home with Michael. Once she made an unprecedented "beach party" in his apartment. All the furniture was removed, and the floors are covered with a thick layer of sand. Bath was littered with bottles of champagne, which opened one after another ".

Another party was arranged on Valentine's Day. She called this evening, beating up on Valentine's Day ". And has spent his 60 thousand pounds. At the entrance guests offering exotic cocktails, and then invited to the table, which is literally bursting with the most exquisite dishes. After heavy libation guests went upstairs, where there was a pool, and there they were invited to dress in costumes specially prepared. Fun started with a humorous fighting in the water and ended with yet more champagne and frank revelry.

The Foundation hoped to raise 10 million pounds sterling to the needs of hospitals. Rosemary Aberdur so skillfully was documentation that the auditors are the best the city twice thoroughly trust fund accounts and records, and both times found that they were in perfect order. But there was nothing further from the truth.

Aberdur used a new technique: she gave auditors accounts in installments, thus leaving me time to transfer money from one account to another. Naturally, differences in those parts, which she sent to auditors, there was. The trustees of the Fund showed carelessness, allowing it access to accounts and control of the finances, and the crook took advantage of their trust.

Stolen title

Thus, the system of deception functioned successfully, taking more and more sophisticated forms. In the first half of 1991 crook awarded бё 1 million. As if in mockery Aberdur withdrew 100 thousand pounds from his own account and donated the money stolen from the same patients, the hospital: a gesture of magnanimity on the part of aristocrats, who worked hard in the field of philanthropy. And this gesture grateful trustees are not left without attention.

Of course, the embezzlement of large sums could not remain unnoticed indefinitely. Her husband, Lord Stewart Aberdur, began receiving letters in which he thanked his guests for the title of the evening, which he did not suit. Christmas cards, addressed to his wife, were signed by people with whom neither the Lord nor his wife had never been familiar.

"Who was the woman who pretended to be my wife?"

"There was a case - told Lord Aberdur - when out hunting I was approached by a young man and said:" I recently met your wife, she arranges exciting evening ". He had never seen my wife and Mady was absolutely sure that the woman, which he said is my wife. I was stunned. "My wife - I said to him - is in Scotland with a child, so I do not understand how this could happen". I asked him to introduce me to the one that pretends to be a lady Aberdur. I decided to turn up at a party and expose it as an impostor. Later came across an article in the newspaper, which wrote about this woman, but as my daughter. When the letters began to arrive, I began to return them to the post with a postscript: "In this address are not living". But even when you discover that someone - an impostor, really very little you can do ".

Two weeks before his arrest romantically minded Rosemary rented expensive hotel in Sussex, and invited people from the service video. She dressed up as her favorite heroines Scarlett, and friends dressed in costumes of other characters in the film "Gone With the Wind", in order to create their own film version of the well-known stories. At this "prank" she spent 50 thousand pounds from the same charity.

Lying in the end opened, and suddenly and quickly. The cause of the collapse was negligent, thoughtless mistake on her part. The fact that Rosemary Aberdur becoming more self-confident and less cautious in accounting fraud. In June 1991 she left for a few days to once again "shake". I had forgotten on his desk in the office copy of the check in the amount of 120 thousand pounds, which were taken from one of the accounts belonging to fund the construction company. Next was a letter with a copy of a resolution to transfer this amount to one of five banks, which Rozmarn used to launder money stolen from the charity. The letter, a copy of the check and discovered the executive director of the Charitable Fund Richard Stevens. Oh he knew that the construction company was not allowed to sign Aberdur. I realized with horror that the signatures on this and the previous checks were blatant forgery handwriting of those who possessed such a right.


The next day a group of police officers from management to combat fraud raided the apartment Aberdur to conduct a search in the "Aladdin's Cave" and describe the property. Boxes of papers and other evidence of cheating were removed from the house of the false aristocratic eyes of the astonished neighbors. List of values found in her apartment, was 37 pages.

But the very crook disappeared as soon as learned about the police visit to her apartment. Following the example of the well-known members of the "great robbery" train Ronnie Biggs, she ran in Rio de Janeiro, while the trustees of the Fund estimated the size of its "hard work".
From a rented apartment near Copacabana beach Aberdur rang and her parents, and the groom Kabbinsu, who served in Germany. In long telephone conversations they had tried to persuade her to return to Britain. The Minister of Defense authorized the captain Kabbinsu leave the regiment, to fly to Rio and bring Rosemary where she ought to be. An old school friend Sarah Boaz also contributed to the return of Rosemary.

Last feast

In the end, Rosemary agreed. But furnish his return to the already familiar to her chic. She forked out (and sorry that - money is a charitable trust) on the ticket "business class" for itself and groom. On board she served fine meals and excellent wines.

When the plane landed in Britain, pale Rosemary met detectives and security officers. A woman accustomed to a luxurious limousine with a personal driver, squeezed into the back seat of a police car between the two surly detectives and taken to the headquarters office to combat fraud.
Life has changed dramatically fake aristocrat. Her chic dress changed prison flannel. The right to withdraw bail has been denied, although at Christmas she was allowed to go home to parents.

The collapse of the world of fantasy

Rosemary Aberdur reached the point where it was necessary to take stock of your accounts (not for charity but for justice), presented in March 1992 before the court. She pleaded guilty to seventeen counts and did not show any emotion, . when the prosecutor read out the list of crimes: 65 thousand pounds sterling for the evening - a surprise for girlfriend, . 80 thousand for the rental of yachts, . 780 thousand for the title of the evening, . 134 thousand in personal service and 280 thousand for machine,

Lawyer Bowl Graham said in its defense: "This is not a criminal or an ordinary skilled swindler. There is nothing that would be detected in her delinquent. We do not see nothing but shame and remorse and the courage to answer the questions of the prosecution ". Aberdur pour other people's money down the throats of these people. Counsel stated that she suffered from an inferiority complex. He presented as a victim of Rosemary "rudeness and tinsel high society". "In the end, - he said, the world of fantasy became reality for her. Self-deception began to take up. And he added: "These sprees, it's become a disease of gluttony '.

The prosecution painted a different picture. Prosecutor's speech struck a harsh tone: "It is clear that it contained a lot of people, including close friends and her lover. Thousands of pounds were thrown into the retainers and parasites. She began modestly, but then it flared up appetites. She knew that eventually will fall, and disappeared in Brazil ".

Four years, which sentenced Aberdur, many in the charitable fund assessed as too lenient punishment. His tutor said: "You spent money on vulgar extravagance. This suggests that the motives which led you to the crime, were difficult or extraordinary. All this is true, but within two and a half years you continued to milk the fund. You trust and you abused that trust ".
Of course, Rosemary was a swindler, one of the greatest deceiver in the criminal history of Britain. And it may well deserve more severe punishment than that which has defined a criminal court.

But there was one person who would like to make friends with Rosemary. He said he was ready to show her "sights of Rio de Janeiro", which she never saw. That man was Ronnie Biggs, who escaped from a London prison for sixteen years in hiding in Brazil. He said: "I could give her much joy, if shown, this city, before she came back. This is a great place for a girl who loves to have fun, and she would not have needed a lot of money. I think she should not give up. She is young, her whole life ahead. But you can be sure I will not forget his promise. Hopefully when she is released from prison, then come to visit me. And I'll show her what real friendship ".

If this couple ever be united, it is quite able to claim a place in London's Madame Tussauds museum, where the collected wax "doubles" all the world's celebrities. Including scandalous.

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Rosemary ABERDUR, photo, biography
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