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Bryant, Charlotte

( Otravitel'nica)

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Biography Bryant, Charlotte
Irish beauty Kate generously shared their charms with men. Soldiers adored her. But sexual obsession led her to a strange marriage, and then to debut in the role of poisoner.

Her real name is Charlotte Makhyo. But in British military units, located in her native Ireland, she was known by the name Keirr Killarney. Charlotte, a native of Londonderry, had the unenviable reputation of a woman who served my body hated army soldiers, filling her home. This occurred in the early twenties, when many neighborhoods of Dublin still lay in ruins after a devastating and bloody civil war.

Profession Kate was a very dangerous. This danger came not only from an endless succession of clients. Irlanskie militants were determined to get rid of the authorities of Westminster and to make Ireland a free nation. They were treated harshly to those who collaborated with the occupiers and those people considered enemies of the nation. But Kate was willful girl. She did not tolerate anyone's advice and slept with anyone who chose. But Kate chose the British military for a very simple reason - they had money.

Special quality

Nature and the parents of gifted Kate raven-black hair, milky-white skin, full breasts and bright green eyes. She stirred in his numerous admirers frank lust. Kate Killarney struck the imagination of not just one man, and her memory long lived in the hearts of many, even after she died in living. Ignoring the threat of compatriots, she boasted of his profession. "Good is not going to end," - Irish gossips whispered, watching as her growing popularity among the soldiers.
Many in the military became the "service" Kate Kiplarni. But whatever it is that this green-eyed seductress at home, it does not quite suit. And the beauty was afraid that by the end of his life is doomed to engage in a dangerous profession. Kate began to dream of a single soldier who ever would take her to England. And there it forever bury its past - and long live the new, happy life!

. Lost Hope

. Faced with good-natured jovial Brian Frederick, a military police officer Dorset Regiment, stationed in the neighboring village, Kate decided that her dream has come true
. In one of the battles of the First World War, Brian was injured. Looking ahead, we say that the wounds bothered him all his life. But all the physical suffering and mental disorders have been forgotten, as soon as he met the beautiful Kate. She easily won his heart. It is primarily seen hope, giving the opportunity to get into the world of her dreams, settling somewhere in London or Manchester.

In 1925, Frederick retired from the army. In a small town in South Wales held their wedding. They began living together at a local farm, where he received a place manager. The first few months all went well, but it soon became clear that the country life in England is no different from rural life in Ireland. They rented a house without electricity or plumbing, poorly fed, enough money only for the most necessary. In short, the reality proved to be very far from the luxurious life that Kate saw in dreams.

And again she burst into prostitution. Her husband at that time did not unbend back twelve hours a day, often away from home. Customers hand her gifts in the form of succulent pieces of meat and bottles of champagne. Kate got some money, and it became desirable shoppers in a small shop of the village of Over Compton. Given birth to five children for the poor cuckold Fred, she never confused the maternal duties with their profession. Local old-timers claimed that Katie liked to have sex no less than the men who frequented her. Of course, neighbors talked about it knows that, but she paid no attention to the evil tongues. Fred knew about the adventures of his wife, but appreciated her contribution to the joint budget.

However, this sweet, or rather a strange life abruptly came to an end. Kate passionately in love with one of his many customers. Her life came tramp named Bill Moss. It is believed that this man - the same mysterious and sensual, as she herself. Moss distinguished classical beauty, and was, moreover, a charming man. She spoke of him: "Bill was a better man than all the others together. What happened between us, it was a miracle. You know, something like trying to keep the sea during high tide. I could not refuse what was happening between us, even if it wanted to ". The tide caught in love and left side of Fred, who, apparently wishing to please the promiscuous wife, he admitted idler house.

As soon as Fred in the morning went to work, Moss jumped from his couch to double bed. Very soon these rushes was no more need: Kate said that she loves tramp-ROM, and Fred was sent to the sofa.

Owner Fred heard the village gossip about this "tripartite alliance", and drove them out of the house that they rented. Why nobody wanted to take shelter. Once Fred left Kate, but soon returned, and the strange cohabitation of three adults went.
But two years later, Fred showed symptoms of some mysterious illness. At first he thought that his disturb the fragments of war, entrenched in the body and made themselves felt. He was lying doubled up, unable to move hand or foot. Body have reduced the painful cramps. Doctors recognized the acute attack of gastroenteritis caused by the unsettled life and erratic power supply. Fred begins to suspect that all his suffering in any way connected with Bill Moss, but the Roma suddenly disappeared, apparently fell out of love Kate. However, in the home of Fred soon be another unwelcome lodger.


Kate appeared girlfriend named Lucy Ostler, a widow with six children. Fred suspected that the sexual needs of his wife drove her to lesbianism. But he did not anticipate that this new friend will take place escaped gypsy. Mrs. Ostler spent the night in his house along with Kate.

But Fred was not up to them. That night he appeared again terrible cramps. "ER" took him to the hospital, and the next morning, Fred is dead. The doctor on duty was unable to establish the cause of abdominal pain, which led to the sudden death of a healthy, fast-cut man. The doctor ordered an autopsy, after which it became clear that the old soldier, who survived the bullets and bombs on the Western Front, was poisoned with arsenic.
Kate and her children were under the supervision of local authorities, while the police searched the house and interviewed neighbors about the marriage Kate and Fred. The investigation lasted for more than one week, but found evidence of poisoning could not be. However, when Kate and her new friend staged a confrontation with the pharmacist, who remembered that arsenic was selling a woman a few weeks before his death, Fred, Mrs. Ostler "split".

Green Bank

Despite the fact that the pharmacist could not identify either Kate or her, Ostler came to the police and all laid out: "In the closet was Keith Green Bank. She showed me her, and warned: "This bank did not touch. I must get rid of it ". I asked what in her, but Kate did not answer. A few days later I was cleaning the boiler and in the ash saw this jar, charred and mutilated. I threw her into the yard, because we dumped the ashes on the compost heap. Perhaps the bank and now there ".

Police were lucky - the bank was found. Despite the fact that she was disfigured, the pharmacist is easily identified her and said that it was a bank he sold a woman. Bank sent for examination in London and received confirmation that it was stored arsenic.
Keith was arrested and charged with premeditated murder and warned: if the court finds her guilty, it is quite possible maximum penalty - death by hanging. The prosecution, of course, not passed by the strange cohabitation of Kate and her husband Fred, Brian, Bill Moss, and, finally, to Mrs. Ost-ler. Last appeared in court as the main prosecution witnesses. Perhaps they feared that otherwise, may also be in the dock - as accomplices in the crime. Moreover, Moss (his real name - Leonard Edward Parsons) had already dealt with the police on a number of small dealings. May 27, 1936 began trial. Kate suddenly saw that Moss and Ostler testify against her. They were joined and her two older children - ten-and twelve-Lily Ernest, who were very fond of her father and could not forgive her mother act.

Yes, unfortunate Kate Killarney did not have to wait for help from anywhere. Attorney General Terence O'Connor, who led the charge, set the tone for the process, saying: "The prosecution alleges that the defendant killed her husband to get rid of him ... For such a crime should be only one punishment, and we insist on it: the death penalty ".

History arsenic

First testify Ostler. She said that at night, when Fred died, she heard him coughing in the bedroom. Kate slept on the couch in the living room, where the host and Ostler. Later she heard Kate was trying to drink his meat broth. "A few minutes later he vomited, - said Ostler. - Later he became quite ill, and he was sent to hospital ". Keith cried when she learned that her husband died. But Ostler said that it struck her as strange, because Kate told her that she hated her husband. "In this case - told Ostler - why do not you go away from him, I asked ... She replied that she could not feed their children, but does not want to throw them ". Perhaps the most damning evidence Ostler indication was that she read aloud to the illiterate Kate cheap magazines with descriptions of various crimes. In one of them was the story of how a woman in America, was poisoned by her husband. According to Ostler, Kate cringed and asked her: "What do you think, and I can get rid of something from someone?"

However, in the press and in court was a storm of protests in connection with the use of children's testimony against the mother. True, they were confused and contradictory values were not.
Hot Kate's eyes glued to a former lover, when he was brought into court to testify. But Moss spoke only of his attachment to her. Nevertheless, he recalled a conversation about a bank with herbicide: "I was behind the kitchen door and heard Mr. Bryan asked his wife:" What is it? "-" This is a herbicide, "- she said". So Moss tried to convince the court that Kate Killarney first met her husband to end with the herbicide, and then he chose a strong poison - arsenic.

The testimony of the expert from the Ministry of Interior rather convincingly confirmed the possibility of a long and carefully prepared by a suspected assassination attempt on the life of her husband. Dr. Lynch said that samples taken from the corpse of Brian, showed the systematic use of poison in small doses over several months. It was about a man who did not do anything wrong to his wife, but nonetheless was forced to lose their lives. He was slowly dying from the disease, which causes did not know and deal with which could.

Harsh verdict

Testimony against Kate gave thirty witnesses. No one spoke in defense poisoner. The dock, she looked pitiful. Women who committed a vicious murder, lost the case on all counts. Will it was suppressed pomposity of judicial proceedings that have unfolded in front of her. How could she denied any involvement in the death of her husband to return Moss. Upon further questioning, she described the relationship with Mrs Ostler just friendship and more into any detail on this occasion did not go.

All that could be done Kate, to deny his guilt. But the fact is that no one else was motivation for this ubiyyva. Moss returned to his wife, Mrs Ostler remained in the house of Fred's only for one night and could not give him hell for a long time.

The court in Dorchester lasted two weeks. However, the jury for its verdict needed just an hour. After the jury pronounced him the elder one word: "Guilty". Kate took it quietly at first, but after a minute hysterical when Judge MacKinnon announced that she would die on the gallows in the prison Exeter. In a state of shock sentenced a woman were taken to a cell placed in the basement of the courthouse.

An appeal was filed. The defense filed a professor from London, a specialist in poisons. However, this evidence of change nothing could. Chief Justice, Lord Hewart said: "The court is strongly opposed to attempts to provide evidence, which should appear at the hearing. Moreover, it is clear that in this case was not a mistake. Court will not listen to the pundits puzzled over evidence, which they have no idea ".

Rejection of the appeal caused a new wave of public indignation. Many demanded a retrial, the issue is raised in parliament. Press wrote about the possible fate of the unfortunate children. It was reported that Kate insists on his innocence. Protests against unfair trial sounded so loud that the leader of the campaign for complete abolition of the death penalty has publicly promised to allocate 50 thousand pounds to protect poor women.

"Do not let them kill me!"

Kate somehow managed to draw up a petition addressed to King Edward VIII, in which she begged: "The Mighty King!" Have mercy on my unhappy subject, do not let them kill me ". But this is a desperate message left unanswered.
At eight o'clock in the morning July 15, 1936 Kate Killarney last time I saw the sun. The scaffold woman heard the last prayer of the priest. Five minutes later the doctor pronounced him dead.

Was she guilty? This question still arises in the legal profession. It is clear that her lover Moss-Parsons no motive for the murder of Fred was. Because the poison was used for a long time, and there is no suspicion of involvement in the case of Mrs. Ostler. American criminologist Charles Skippy specializing in dubious penalty, holds this view: "I think she did it. Keith defended the scheme, known around the world: "I am innocent". But to prove his innocence could not. And the jury, without any doubt, believe the evidence. That's how the world in which we live. "

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