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John Duffy

( rapist-killer)

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Biography John Duffy
photo John Duffy
John Duffy used the train-to develop plans for the instantaneous disappearance of their places atrocities. And none other than his wife, helped police apprehend the elusive murderer.

Wife of John Duffy with horror watched his transformation into a cold, gloomy monster whose look, like a laser beam, hypnotized distraught victim ...

The ancient building of the London Court Old Bailey ". Behind his thick walls listened to the sentence the most dangerous criminals in the history of the British Empire. The courtroom, under the arches of which seemed more vital spirit of medieval worship of His Majesty the Law, was a silent witness to many horrific tragedies. Chief among these was kept by John Duffy.

"The murderer with laser eyes" - so named defendant in his opening remarks, the public prosecutor Anthony Hooper. The newspapers immediately took up this apt definition, competing in the description of biographical details maniac.

As a child, John Duffy served in the church's altar, but the thirst for violence led him to the crime. During the trial, in 1988, this young man was thirty years old, and he was kept for two years in jail. John Duffy was suspected in at least three murders with aggravating circumstances, two more remain unproven. It represents the most heinous type of sexual offender - a voracious, cruel and totally ruthless. After reading the preliminary court sentence of life imprisonment with the sentence the offender and the judge reduced the sentence to at least forty years in prison, . Surrey Police Chief John Hurst, . directing the operation to capture a sexual maniac, . says: "This cold-blooded murderer and insightful,
. For twenty-two years of fighting crime, I have never met such a calculating and cunning man. He is very clever and intelligent. I got the impression that he is able to find a way out of any situation. This is a very fiend ".

John Duffy was born in a large Irish Catholic family - the children were six. Even as a child came to England, studied at the school, then leaving her, he worked in different places. In 1980 he married Margaret Mitchell, low fat woman, but their marriage was unhappy. It is a criminal cruelty to his wife led police on his trail.

They lived in an apartment on the Barlow Road in Kilburn, where the eyes of his wife, who initially thought he was kind and gentle guy, John turned into a cold, gloomy monster. His mad eyes seemed to penetrate inside and terrifying. Later in the court of Margaret Mitchell says: "Nice man, whom I married, became a violent monster with an incredibly horrible eyes. He said terrible things: that he loves to mock the people and that violence is natural for any man ".

Duffy sensitive to his small stature (160 cm), and compensated for this shortcoming learned karate and other martial arts. In the sports center, located not far from home, he spent three nights a week, pumping up the muscles and honing techniques of various grabs and strikes.

A few hours a day, John Duffy read books. Basically he liked the work, praises the exploits of "Nazis, violence, cruelty. With great zeal he he studied "The Anarchist's Handbook" - a kind of manual for terrorists, describing different ways of killing. It is from this book, he learned that the success of any crime - the ability to remove the traces. That is why, despite the many atrocities it for a long time the police managed to drive the nose.

Two years after his marriage, Duffy worked as a carpenter on the railroad. He thoroughly studied the railway network both within London and its environs, and this helped him to accurately navigate and choose the best options to hide from crime scenes

. Later, giving evidence at the trial, Margaret Mitchell (she left him in 1986) says about this period of their lives as follows:
. "The first two years we lived well, but when they decided to have a baby and discovered that his father, he can not become, life has changed dramatically
. And the most strange way this is manifested in sex. He suddenly wanted to bind me before we started to make love. John felt a special pleasure when I resisted. If I did not move, did not protest, his interest evaporated. The more I resisted, the more he was excited. Sometimes he brought home movies with the bloody scenes. You see, the blood from the beginning to the end. And he enjoyed all of this nightmare ".
Conclusion psychiatrists read: "Duffy hated women, by driving it into her head, as if they were to blame for their infertility". And this hatred resulted in atrocities against women.

Operation "Deer"

According to police, Duffy made a first offense in June 1982 near the station, Hampstead. Then he had an accomplice. Twenty-four women were dragged into an abandoned building, tied up and gagged her mouth gag. She was the first victim in a series of twenty-seven attacks. All of the police was charged with John Duffy, noting that some of the crimes he committed alone, some - with an accomplice. Investigating this is the first rape, the police speculated that the perpetrator probably disappeared from the scene in one of London's train lines. In the future use of the railway to escape was the hallmark, "handwriting" rapist.

Since 1985, Duffy began to kill their victims. And the reason served as an unexpected encounter. In hendonskom court, awaiting trial on charges of beating his wife, he saw a woman who raped a few months ago. She did not recognize him, but Duffy realized that I should not risk. In his warped mind ripe idea that all of his future victims should keep eternal silence

. Going in search of another victim, . Duffy usually wear uniforms of the railway, . put in a pocket knife with a sharp razor blade, . and a special "set of a rapist", . which will eventually serve as evidence against him: a box of matches, . a piece of string or cloth and a piece of wood, . precisely - a special device called a "Spanish windlass", . Duffy, who wore around his neck chosen for them to violence, women,
Even before John committed the first murder, he was listed in police files. During the operation, codenamed "Deer" the police had made to the computer of all known sex offenders in Britain. In this list appeared, and Duffy, but not as John Duffy, but as a "rapist", tk. namely rape was the cause for the operation "Deer".

Twenty-seven days after the unrest experienced in the court Hendon and his decision not to risk Duffy ruined the first human life. December 29, 1985, he attached himself to Alison Day, nineteen blonde ehavshey train from Alminstera in Hackney Wick, but Duffy forced her go earlier. Threatening with a knife and dirty curses, he pulled into the garage, Alison, raped and strangled with the "Spanish windlass". Then, having attached to the body weight, threw the corpse into the river. Alison could not find seventeen days, and time has done its job - all the evidence had disappeared. The only thing that found the police - a few fabric fibers from the railway uniforms.

The staff of Scotland Yard did not immediately linked this case with the crime, recorded during the operation "Deer". And although the corpse of a girl was found in a river near the railroad tracks, against the merger of these two cases one was a very strong argument: "rapist" had never before killed. Nevertheless, both groups appeared suspicion that the suspect and the murderer - one and the same person.

At the same time, was killed by a fifteen schoolgirl Martha Tambezer. Martha was the daughter of a wealthy Dutch industrialist, who came to England. On that day, Marty returns home for a bike path along the railroad. Duffy suddenly attacked her, dragged to a vacant lot and tied her hands behind her back, raped, then strangled her "Spanish winch. Then he burned the lower part of her body to destroy traces of semen. But, he also did not want to, he still has left clues: a girl broke his neck bone hit, which speak only people who practice martial arts. The killer left a faint footprint beside a corpse and a piece of rope Swedish production.
Then there was another rape. At this time the victim was fourteen-year girl whose life is spared Duffy. Her testimony during the trial did not leave anybody indifferent. She cried all the time, because the terror experienced then, still not leave her.
That's what she said: "I was standing at the bus stop, when I was approached by a man in the form of a railway with a hood thrown over. He held a knife and dragged her into bushes and threatened to slit my throat if I resist and scream. I could not even budge. Then he hugged me as if we were loving couple, but still holding a knife near the neck. I thought he was about to kill me.
Before the rape, he said: "You'll be better if all do the Right Thing. When it was over, he seemed satisfied. I was shocked and did not understand what's happening. I thought that he wanted to cut my throat or something like that ".

In May there was another murder in which the accused Duffy. During the trial at Old Bailey, at the insistence of the judge the offender was acquitted of this episode due to lack of evidence.

Murder, on which John Duffy was acquitted, has caused wide public resonance in the country. Anne Locke, twenty-nine years, was cheerful, happy newlywed, worked as a secretary in a London television company "Weekends". She was killed in May 1986, after returning from honeymoon. The killer dragged her maloosveschennuyu part of the park for the railway bed, bound and gagged stocking. The body is not able to find three months.

Six days before the body of Mrs. Locke was found, police questioned Duffy as one of the suspects. He was included in the group, code-named "Men Z", because his blood was found on the body of Martha Tambezer. Detectives in London, Surrey and Hertfordshire have joined forces to conduct extensive research and compiled a list of five thousand suspects in sex crimes are identified during the operation "Deer". The special command with a computer analyzed the five thousand cases for the following parameters: a detailed description of the perpetrators, age and methods of attack. Professor David Cantor, a leading psychologist at the University of Surrey, helped the police to re-establish a psychological portrait of a suspect. He also suggested that the murderer-rapist lives in the London area, emphasizing that somehow it is connected with the railway. After this, all data were entered into a computer. 1999 men, whose psychological profiles fit into the scheme, received numbers and were interviewed by police officers. John Duffy was registered under number N 05. If he had not mocked his wife, his name would never have entered into a computer system.

However, Duffy was a skillful liar. On the night he was attacked by Alison Day, he came up with a plausible alibi. He managed to convince the officers that he did not suffer from sweating. The fact that some victims of violence shows exactly that. But Duffy replied that sweats only at the highest voltage. Police did not quite suit his answers, but there was some sort of clues, evidence to link the behavior Duffy interrogation attacks. The suspect refused to give blood for analysis, first demanding a meeting with a lawyer. And when the police he was warned that it might be cause for further questioning, Duffy turned to someone with whom studied karate, and for a fee that has made him a few cuts on his chest. This venture ended in a clinic for the mentally ill, where Duffy hit, saying that after the attack and lost his memory gone through turmoil. It was a last desperate attempt to escape justice, as the network set by the police, slowly but inexorably enmeshed him.

In October 1986, when the police "work at" the last on the list of suspects, John Duffy leaves hospital for the mentally ill, and again given his violent passions. He chooses another fourteen schoolgirl and, tying her eyes, tied to a tree and raped. Bandage falls from her eyes, and he was struck by her youth and beauty, suddenly begins to waver - to kill her or not, then softens and decides: let live.

Computer calls only name

At this time the computer shuts down the analytical work. Rape in Koptholl Park, in north London, committed in the past year, surprisingly reminiscent of the rape and murder of Dutch teenage girl Martha Tambezer.

Details of the attack and all the data on criminals - blood group, age, height, weight, and methods of attack - were entered into the computer and the machine gives one single name - John Duffy. Professor Kantor, who developed a program known as "psychological portrait of the perpetrator, explained:" Next the offender - in detail, which he furnishes his crimes. The conduct of any person highlights the intrinsic features only him and no one else. Take a simple example: the crimes committed in the workplace, the most typical of people who at this time does not work. However, we do not make conclusions based on any one particular evidence. We are creating a system of characteristics inherent in this type. For example, people are very difficult to hide certain aspects of sexual behavior. They can get the type of person. After all, there are various ways to rape. We analyze how the offender is approaching the victim, the behavior during the attack and after. Of all these factors, put together, we create a complete picture ".

Two weeks of detectives led by John Hirst watched John Duffy. He was followed on the heels literally, none of his movement did not escape their attention, and finally at night, when he was in the form of the railway came in search of another victim with a set of rapist "in his pocket, he was arrested.

Purpose - the glory, a means - the murder

During interrogation, Duffy brains on ice. One of the lawyers involved in the process, said in an interview: "He could do nothing, just look at you by those unblinking eyes. They looked like big black abyss, they did not have anything - no soul, no emotion. I imagine in place of the victim of his wife, and my heart shrinks from pity for those poor women, who in the last moments of his life saw such evil eye. He said nothing and only occasionally, when he felt that the case turns out badly for him, whispered: "Well, what they can give me, eh?" Thirty years? "No problem, I otsizhu and thirty years. It's okay ".

Police searched his apartment and found the clothes in which he attacked Martha. Forensic experts examined the fibers and established their identity with the already available to them. They also found a tangle of Swedish rope, a piece which he had left near the body of Martha, and boots. The underside is consistent fingerprint at the crime scene. Were removed, and other items: videos with bloody scenes, "The Anarchist's Handbook" - a guide on terror, pornographic magazines, knives, and a simulator that is used to inflate the muscles, so necessary in his battles with the victims.

Duffy said nothing in court. His eyes unblinking look at the judge when he read out a list of horrible crimes. He was found guilty of two rapes and two murders.

February 26, 1988 was announced the verdict: forty years' imprisonment. Duffy turned and looked at John Hirst. This look seemed to say: "You see - only forty years. No problems ".

But his soul was racked with pain, though not because he killed people, robbed of life and broke the family, but because it was smashed to pieces his own ego and his crime did not become sensational century. Press did not spoil it to their attention. While in prison, Duffy boasted to cellmates that his name would be on a par with the names of such well-known gangsters, like Jack the Ripper, the Black Panther, Ian Brandy and Myra Hindley. Particularly infuriated him that one day with him began the trial of Kenneth Erskine, stokuelskogo strangler who killed seven elderly people in their sleep. And this process eclipsed his case

. After sentencing, . pronounced Duffy, . One of the policemen said: "Perhaps, . awareness, . that he was not the devil, . it is not the most bloody and terrible of all the criminals (as such because he was in reality), . and is the most terrible punishment for him,
. After a painful self-conceit Duffy puts it in one with the most notorious criminals of the country. He dreamed about the status of "star" in the constellation of murderers and very upset that the case Erskine led to more visible than his, John Duffy. Hunt for killer cost of three million pounds sterling in thousands of man-hours. But now, at least forty years ahead, the women are spared from one of the most violent rapists, murderers of the last time - "killer with laser eyes."

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John Duffy, photo, biography
John Duffy, photo, biography John Duffy  rapist-killer, photo, biography
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