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NAU Ralph

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Biography NAU Ralph
photo NAU Ralph
After the death of Lennon's showbiz celebrities have bodyguards to pay thousands of dollars to protect themselves from the "hunters celebrities. These fools, as Ralph Nau, deprived of the main stars - peace of mind.

The most insane "hunter" for celebrities soon will give another application of the amnesty. Such petitions he sent every two months starting in 1989, and they are forced Hollywood to shrink from fear. Some stars of America before his death, afraid of Ralph Nau - heartless mindless killers, who all his life obsessed with obsession: love of women stars.

He - one of a generation marked by the devil's seal of young people who nursed America in the second half of the twentieth century: people living alone and lost, who choose the rich and famous strangers ... and often love their heroes to death.
Nau could well remain nameless among the masses of the same psychos and criminals, if the object of harassment did not become a movie star of America. The beginning of his notoriety - in December 1989, when a group of celebrities, including Cher and Terah Fawcett (both - his former victims), opposed the discharge from a psychiatric hospital Ralph. They said that he bombarded them letters from prison, alleging that the singer bought his bus Easton family farm that Olivia Newton-John is a murderer, and Madonna wants to marry him.

The murder of a rising Hollywood star Rebecca Schaeffer occurred in the same year, when Cher and Farrah Fawcett made accusations against Nau. It confirmed that their fears about the possible release of Nau were not unfounded. Shaffer, who had just turned twenty years old, was a beautiful and cheerful girl. She became a victim of pervert lone Robert Bardo, who spent his life watching television. During the day he watched countless soap operas, and at night - cheap melodrama. Later he says: "She was my goddess ... I loved her ". Bardo was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of actress.


Ralph Nau - another of the cohort of people living alone. The man who, according to one psychiatrist, "wants to kill the whole world".

Even at school he was distinguished by the closed nature, never dared to make an appointment or a girl develop friendships with their peers. At sixteen he left school, and his brother, Kerry announced that Ralph came to the club, which helps single men find happiness with women ". In fact, people just pay the money, but instead received a letter in the mail indecent.

Ralph also paid money and received a similar letter. They treasure it, showed his friends from his native town of Antioch, Illinois. This was the beginning of the formation and obsession: people who have never met, can love each other.
Arriving in Hollywood in 1980, Nau began to write letters to show the stars. The first went to Cher, because at school he got into a fight because of it, another - a woman named Mary.

Madness on the rise

Message to Sher, he signed as "Shaun Newton-John" and pointed to the return address: "Xanadu".
At first the letters contained the outpouring of love, then they began to appear hidden threats.
Most of their mad love letters Ralph wrote home, adding to the list of recipients Shin Easton, Farr Fawcett and Madonna. He transformed his small room in the place of worship Olivia Newton-John. His dog, he gave the nickname Sam - under the name of song, which became one of the greatest hits of Olivia. But soon killed the animal, giving him the overdose of sleeping pills, because the inflamed brain Ralph ripe thought - this is Sam, not let Olivia him.

Soon the victim of his harassment was Diana Ross, and behind it - Connie Chung, one of the leading syndicators. But the main target remained Olivia, and Ralph began to sign letters to their own name. Olivia turned to the firm that provided security for Hollywood stars. The head of the firm, Gavin de Becker followed by Ralph, but police did not say, explaining it this way: "Our justice system is constantly hunting out clues to clap man in prison or in a mental. For them, only one fact that he pushed his mother, or by purchasing a gun, took aim at someone. In this case, we see a guy who every day goes to work and not cause harm to anyone ".

Next three years, de Becker and his men at the request of Olivia watched almost every movement of Ralph Nau.

Ralph saves money to see Shin Easton and Olivia at concerts in Los Angeles. He traveled on set, to catch even think Sher. And all the time with him were people de Becker.

At one of the concerts Olivia Newton-John Ralph climbed up on stage, but the agents de Becker kicked him out. "I know that the concert was interrupted after I ran away, - he wrote to her later - because I'm sure you sang just for me". He hung around studios Sher. He waited for Shin Easton and Terah Fawcett near their homes.

In 1983, the firm where he worked Nau, broke, and he, not a drinking man, nonsmoker, not meeting with the girls, spent their life savings on a trip to Australia, there to monitor Olivia.

A whole week he slept in a rented car, trying to be as close as possible to her, but all in vain.

In a depressed mood, Ralph returned to America and spent the last savings on a trip to Scotland to see Shin Easton, which he read somewhere about this, returned home. But he did not let the customs.
Ralph returned to his father's farm, where a family with growing dismay noticed his aggravated madness. So much so, that he began to arrange three-hour show with a dog as a "soloist".

De Becker telephoned his father Ralph and told him of the obsessive ideas of his son to famous women.

Delmar Nau talked to a lawyer, but he said that nothing can help. Ralph, in fact, without causing any harm.

In January 1984, Ralph Nau sold his car and finished off by combining the money with the latest savings, launched the second pilgrimage to Australia for "once and for all settle with Olivier". And this time, De Becker knew of plans Nau and suggested superstar to leave the ranch. His people controlled every step Nau from the very start of the journey. A whole week I wandered lonely Ralph on sparsely populated region. He never saw Olivia.

When Nau is back from Australia, his parents divorced and his mother was married to Ken Gerke, owner of the poultry. Ken Ralph gave to his work.

It seemed that everything went well, but once in a stifling August night madness finally prevailed over them: Ralph hacked to death eight Danny Gerke, his idiot half-brother. The boy could neither read nor write, could not talk and even dress. He was vulnerable from all sides.

When questioned after the murder of Ralph Nau says in the police: "Olivia always sends me a telegram. She says she loves me and wants me to be with her. She paid my way back to the United States. I think you can find Danny with a dog ".
Police found the boy's body in a cornfield. Dog beside the corpse was.
At trial, psychiatrists read out the conclusion, which would indicate that the boy was killed for having switched the TV channel, when Ralph was looking statement one of his heroines - Nadia Comaneci.

August 8, 1984 Ralph's mother put him to sleep and Dennis and her husband went to watch TV in the other end of the house. Ralph looked transmission in the living room. Acted Nadia Comaneci, and he was fascinated.

Looking crazy

Around 10 pm, Ralph said to his mother and stepfather, that he heard cries Dennis, went to find out what was going on, but the boy in the bedroom was not. While they searched the house and the area around the house, Ralph hurriedly washed his clothes and shoes. Half an hour later the police arrived, and suspicion fell on only one man - Ralph.

"I was alerted to a strange sight - will tell later a lieutenant of Chester Police Department Lake County. - I had to question him. I guessed at once: he killed the boy. He could not admit it directly, and began to tell us different fables. I'm sure: the baby woke up and wanted to change the channel. But the screen was a "sweetheart" Ralph, and he slammed the baby like a fly ".

Doctors Psychiatric Clinic in Chester, where he was first sent, immediately realized that Ralph Nau seriously ill. He was detained for six months, until the court ruled that his confession could not be taken seriously because it can not be regarded as a reasonable man who would be responsible for their actions. Followed for five years of legal disputes, and only in 1989, Ralph transferred to a hospital for the mentally ill in Elgin, Illinois. But the system of justice in the United States of America entitles mentally retarded patients every sixty days to petition for discharge from hospital. And Ralph Nau requires freedom. But his request to oppose famous victim of his amorous ambitions.

"Nevertheless, the day will come when it does come out. And in our country not everyone can hire a de Becker for his defense, "- said a clear-headed lawyer who acted for the fact that Ralph Nau sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of the boy.

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NAU Ralph, photo, biography
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