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Jeffrey Dahmer

( killer-cannibal)

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Biography Jeffrey Dahmer
photo Jeffrey Dahmer
Nickname: "Milwaukee Monster ',' Milwaukee cannibal '.
Number of victims: 17
Time of action: 1978 - 1991 (the majority of homicides accounted for 1990 - 1991).

All victims of Dahmer, but four were negros. He invited the victim to his home, treated her liquor (usually it was a cocktail of whiskey and cola), which mixed with sleeping pills, prescribed to him by a doctor. When the victim fell asleep, he strangled her (hands or a strap), had sex with the corpse, dismembered it, removing all stages of the process at Polaroid. To get rid of the corpse, . He dissolved the body in acid, . boiling them with various chemicals (in particular, . domestic cleaning equipment 'SOILEX'), . transforms the soft tissues and bones in the black stinking slime, . which could easily pull into the sewer,
. (British serial killer Dennis Nilsen, who killed 15 people and in many respects similar to Dahmer, arrested in 1983, is due to the fact that the pieces of the body of his victim, he went down into the toilet bowl, beat sewer).

. From its victims retain trophies: the wrists, genitals, head, which he kept in jars with formalin or in the freezer
. He also kept the skull of the victims, who painted with paint from the spray of gray - to ensure that the skull looked like a plastic dummy (as used in medical colleges), and that in cases where no one could do suspect.

. Dahmer was trying to take off those dead skin to make the mask, but he did not have the skills
. His play with the corpses were also in the fact that he casteth to the torso of one victim's limbs, head or member of another. Also, Dahmer was trying to make their victims (still alive) something like a zombie: using the normal drills he drilled in his head (the front of the skull) victims hole into which poured hydrochloric acid or boiling water. The victims died instantly, while one young man spent two days and, according to Dahmer, behaved exactly like a zombie.

The bodies of some victims Dahmer ate. In his refrigerator was found frozen human tenderloin. At his trial he confessed to six cases of eating human flesh. He also tried to drink human blood.

The case of Jeffrey Dahmer is unique in the history of serial murders. Contrary to popular opinion, that the maniac becomes a man who had a child any serious injuries, the Dahmer was completely normal childhood and normal parents. Of course, he had problems that adolescents often face: shyness, inferiority complex, bullying other children, problems with alcohol. But all these problems do not render a maniac. Nekrofilnye imagination began to attend Dahmer still in early adolescence, and there is no evidence that his life had some events (like the sight of a corpse), which led him to become a murderer, necrophilia and cannibal. Source of Pathology Dahmer is in some sort of genetic or congenital abuse - perhaps it is the only explanation.

Unlike the vast majority of other serial killers, Dahmer does not excite suffering of victims. For 'normal' maniac ends with the death of the victim and his 'fun' for Dahmer all 'fun' began precisely when the victim died. In addition, Dahmer almost the only maniac who did not act within their race. Victims of the white race he had only two - the first two.

. In 2004, the magazine '3 DShroom Magazine 'named Dahmer' most zhaleemym serial killer in American history. "

. On the night of 22 to 23 July 1991 in Dahmer's apartment, police found remains of 11 bodies.

. * * *

. August 1959 - Lionel Dahmer marry Joyce Flint.
. May 21, 1960 - Jeffrey Dahmer was born in g
. Milwaukee, Iowa Family Lionel and Joyce Dahmer.
1966 - 6-year-old Jeffrey Dahmer had surgery to reposition a bilateral inguinal hernia. Lionel Dahmer got a job as chemist in g. Akron, Ohio.
April 1967 - Damerow family buys a house in Ohio. Jeffrey strikes up a friendship with the neighbor boy Lee.
1974 - approximately 14 years of age Dahmer began to fantasize about killing men and sex with their corpses. In high school, Dahmer, according to the artist Derfa (Derf) (classmate Dahmer and creator of the cartoon "My Friend Dahmer"), begins on the road to collect the corpses of dogs and cats hit by a car (a so-called. roadkills), and dissolving them in acid. It is felt that Dahmer tortured and killed animals, but no evidence that there is no: in his childhood he had a dog Frisky, whom he loved, in adulthood - aquarium fish. Pain and suffering was not interested and excited Dahmer, it excites only dead, motionless.
June 18, 1978 - the first murder Dahmer. Dahmer's parents had just divorced, and Dahmer graduated from high school. In some of the June days Dahmer's mother had gone for a few days with his brother, David, thinking that Lionel Dahmer remained. (He was on bad terms with his ex-wife and for a long time with her not talking.) However, Lionel, too, was out. As a result, 18-year-old Jeffrey was left completely alone, without money, without food and with a broken fridge. The feeling of desolation was so strong that Dahmer hours traveled around in the car hoping to find a company. He picked up a contemporary of Stephen Hicks. Some time (about ten hours) they spent in Dahmer home, but when Hicks wanted to leave, Dahmer did not know how to make him stay, and killed him, hitting him in the head dumbbell and then strangled. (Much later, at trial, Dahmer would be well to explain the motives of their murders: he did not want to leave his victim.) Dahmer cut the corpse Hicks, folded pieces of the body in plastic garbage bags and buried them in the woods near the house.
. September 1978 - Jeffrey began his studies at Ohio State University in Columbus, . but most of the time stays drunk (in order to obtain money for alcohol, . He even gives blood several times), . not attend classes - and by the end of the year it expelled.,
. December 24, 1978 - Lionel Dahmer marries Shari Shin Dzhorzhan.
. January 1979 - at the request of his father Dahmer is written in the army and serves as a medical assistant at a military base in Baumholder Germany
. In the army Dahmer was nicknamed 'orphan'.
May 1979 - Dahmer receives specialty nurse.
March 26, 1981 - Dahmer discharged from the army for drunkenness. Returning to America, he lived six months in Miami, Florida. Short visit to Ohio, Dahmer digs up the remains of Hicks, breaks bones with a sledgehammer and scattered in the woods.
. October 1981 - Jeffrey Dahmer is arrested for drinking alcohol in public place.
. January 1982 - Dahmer moved to his grandmother.
. 1985 - Dahmer arranged a worker at a chocolate factory.
. September 1986 - Jeffrey Dahmer is arrested for what he masturbated in front of two boys.
. September 15, 1987 - Dahmer killed his second victim, 24-year-old Stephen Twomey, in a hotel room hotel 'Ambassador'
. Dahmer did not remember how the murder occurred. He remembered that he had met with Twomey in a gay bar and they drank heavily with him, then lifted a hotel room, and when Dahmer was awakened in the morning, he found in bed with a corpse Twomey. He bought a large suitcase on wheels, stuck in his body and took him by taxi to the house of his grandmother. (Unsuspecting taxi driver helped Dahmer bring the suitcase to the house.) Corpse lay in a cellar for almost a week. On weekends, when Dahmer's grandmother went to church, he dismembered the corpse and threw the body in the trash. The remains of Stephen Twomey, were never found.
. January 16, 1988 - Dahmer killing his third victim, 15-year-old boy of Indian blood, Jamie Doksteytora.
. March 24, 1988 - Dahmer killed his fourth victim, 23-year-old Richard Guerrero, in his grandmother's house.
. September 25, 1988 - Dahmer moved into an apartment on North 24th Street in Milwaukee.
. September 26, 1988 - Dahmer was arrested right on his work (he worked as a worker at a chocolate factory) for sexual harassment by 13-year-old Laotian boy Cason (he Somsak) Sintasomfonu (by incredible coincidence, . This boy was the older brother Koneraka Sintasomfona, . by Dahmer killed in May 1991),
. Dahmer had offered him $ 50 for something that he posed naked for photographs, and then pumped sleeping.
. January 30, 1989 - Dahmer pleaded guilty, but claimed that thought that the boy was much older.
. February 1989 - Dahmer killed his fifth victim, 24-year-old Anthony Sears in his grandmother's house
. Sears was a homosexual and he suggested Dahmer sex. After Dahmer had with Sears night, early in the morning, he strangled him and dismembered his body (my grandmother was in church and there was no house for four hours, during which time Dahmer had time to finish their 'work'). He resigned from Sears 'trophies' - the head and genitals, which are kept in formalin. But later he could not keep them myself, tk. the sentence was supposed to live in the house of correctional labor. So he placed jars of body parts in a box, which stuck in his locker in the locker room for the staff of the chocolate factory. There is a box located within nine (!) Months.
May 23, 1989 - Dahmer sentenced. Prosecutor Gail Shelton demanded a minimum of five years 'imprisonment:' From my point of view absolutely clear that the prospects for correction of Mr. Dahmer is very doubtful. He believes that he has done wrong - it is picked too young victims, but this is only part of the problem. He seems to want to cooperate and receptive, but in fact it conceals the deep-rooted anger and serious psychological problems, which are unwilling or unable to cope '. Three psychologists examined the identity Dahmer and described it as 'manipulated, stiffness and deviating'. Also recommended hospitalization and intensive treatment. Dahmer's lawyer, Gerald Boyle believed that Dahmer was sick and they should be placed in the clinic, and not in jail. The sentence was very mild: Dahmer was given probation for five years and sentenced to a year in the house of correctional labor.
. From May 1989 to March 1990 - Dahmer is serving a sentence, namely, that the day he could be free, but the evening had come to jail and spend the night there.
. Early March 1990 - Dahmer early release from prison for good behavior, despite requests from Lionel Dahmer did not allow him to until he passes treatment
. Dahmer once lived with his grandmother, but with the proviso that he was within a few months will find their own housing.
. May 14, 1990 - Dahmer finds shelter and moved to the infamous apartment 213 North 24th Street, 924 (in 1992 the building where this apartment Dahmer, were demolished, and before the demolition of someone steals the door to the apartment 213 )
. Here he would live 14 months until his arrest. In this apartment, he kills 11 people. (The group 'Slayer' is a song '213 ', dedicated to Jeffrey Dahmer.)
May 20, 1990 - Dahmer killed his sixth victim, a 30-year-old Ricky Lee Bix (alias Raymond Smith).
June 24, 1990 - Dahmer killed his seventh victim, 28-year-old Edward (Eddie) Smith. Skull Smith Dahmer placed in the oven and set temperature of 120 degrees. Some time later, Dahmer heard a loud bang: it was torn skull and pieces of bones hit the wall oven. Corpse Smith Dahmer dismembered and thrown into dustbins.
July 8, 1990 - Dahmer brings home a 15-year-old young man. At this time, for some reason he decides not to stun him sleeping and strangle. Dahmer boy hits gavel ( 'mallet') on the head, but failed. The boy runs away and tells about the police.
September 3, 1990 - Dahmer killed his eighth victim, a 23-year-old Ernest Miller. After he had drunk a cocktail Miller sleeps. Dahmer did not stifling it, as usual, and cuts the throat.
September 24, 1990 - ninth victim of Dahmer - 23-year-old David Thomas (According to Dahmer, he did not attract him and was killed because of fear that he would tell police about drug use). Thomas was a three-year old girlfriend and daughter.
February 18, 1991 - Dahmer kills his tenth victim, 17-year-old Curtis Stroutera, whom he met at a bus stop. Skull Stroutera Dahmer kept and painted.
April 7, 1991 - Dahmer kills his eleventh victim, 19-year-old Errol Lindsey.
May 24, 1991 - Dahmer kills his twelfth victim, 32-year-old deaf mute, Anthony Hughes. Hughes' body lay in the bedroom a few days before Dahmer dismembered his. Skull Hughes, he has kept and painted.
May 27, 1991 - Dahmer killed his thirteenth victim, 14-year-old Koneraka ( 'Kama' or 'Colac') Sintasomfona. Dahmer strangled him to have committed sexual intercourse with the corpse, dismembered body, the skull preserved and painted.
June 30, 1991 - Dahmer kills his fourteenth victim, 21-year-old Matt Turner (alias Donald Montrell). Dahmer met Turner at gay pride in Chicago. He was strangled with a belt Turner and dismembered corpse. Head placed in a refrigerator, a part of the body - in a barrel of acid.
July 5, 1991 - Dahmer kills its fifteenth victim, 24-year-old Jeremy Weinberger. When Weinberger was still alive, Dahmer drilled his head and poured boiling water into the hole (and not acid, as is usually done). Weinberger spent two more days. His head was found in the refrigerator, part of the body - in a vat of acid.
July 12, 1991 - Dahmer kills his sixteenth victim, 25-year-old Oliver Lacey. He strangled Lacy and performed with his corpse sex. His head was kept in the refrigerator, the heart - in the freezer.
July 15, 1991 - Dahmer fired from his job at a chocolate factory for absenteeism.
July 19, 1991 - Dahmer kills its seventeenth (and final) victim, 25-year-old Joseph Breydhofta. Head Breydhofta placed in a refrigerator, a part of the body - in a barrel of acid.
July 22, 1991 - Police reveals Dahmer's apartment remains of several people. The refrigerator had three heads, neatly packed in plastic bags, sealed with tape, heart, kidney and other internal. The toilet was found in a pot, which were decomposed hands and penis. On the shelf above unitaznym tank were two skulls. The toilet also had tanks with alcohol, chloroform and formaldehyde jars of male sex organs preserved in formalin.
. On the bottom shelf of the refrigerator box was a human head (later found out that it belonged to 24-year-old Oliver Lacey, killed July 12).
. The buffet in the hall were discovered various chemicals (alcohol, chloroform, formalin, ether) and two bleached skulls on a shelf
. At the bottom of the buffet had a large tank, which were placed hands and penis. In the top drawer bedside tables were found three colored gray paint skull.
. On the floor in the box were found two more skulls.
. In the wardrobe was found a human skeleton, mummified scalp and genitals.
. 260-liter plastic barrel out of gasoline, filled with acid and containing three torsos and other body parts.
. In many 'yellow' sources (especially Russian) mentions an interesting fact: when Dahmer was handcuffed, he allegedly told police: 'I hate blacks and fagot'
. Thereby killing Dahmer is given almost no political overtones (from sex to politics can, . naturally, . not many, . but such an outstanding ability to have, . example, . Russian nationalists and homosexuals, . are in fact not too different from each other): sort of like Dahmer kill blacks and gays out of class or racial hatred (to, . Mol, . cleanse the holy land from the U.S. degenerates and Khachikov),
. Or as members of political parties hostile. But Dahmer did not say (we strongly protest against the distortions of historical memory!). In addition, another interesting fact. When the policeman asked Dahmer: 'And what is there for human meat in your fridge? ", He alleged' calmly replied ':' It's for breakfast '. It was not too. For Dahmer eating of human flesh was not breakfast, but something of a sacred ritual (he believed the Indian belief that the human soul can go to him if he eats the meat) and caused him an erection. Although he was not too fond of its taste, and he tried to improve it with every marinades and sauces. (The taste of blood he did not like.) Somewhere wrote that 'police opened the door a young man of small stature'. Growth Dahmer was above average - 185 cm (6 feet 1 inch). Another wrote: "Going into the cluttered room: '- strangely enough, Dahmer kept his apartment in a perfect cleanliness, despite the awful stench of corpses.

Just do not know what Dahmer said during his arrest. According to one version, when he was handcuffed and placed face down on the floor, he said: 'For what I did, I must die'. On the other hand, when Dahmer felt that something was wrong, he became nervous and shouted: 'I just lost my job and I want beer, your mother! "
July 25, 1991 - against Dahmer was charged in four targeted killings. Installed a pledge of 1 million dollars (this means that if Dahmer wanted to change the preventive measure, ie. not in jail during the investigation, he would have to pay the police million).
August 6, 1991 - against Dahmer was charged in eight targeted killings. The amount of bail is raised to $ 5 million.
. August 10, 1991 - Koneraka Sintasomfona body cremated in a traditional Buddhist ceremony.
. August 22, 1991 - against Dahmer was charged in three murders.
. January 29, 1992 - selected a jury (of which only one was African-American, which led to protests among the families of victims)
. The trial of Dahmer started. Of the 100 seats in the courtroom 23 were reserved for journalists, 34 for family members of victims of Dahmer and 43 for public observers. The measures of security have been unprecedented in the history of Milwaukee: at the beginning of each meeting of the courtroom were searched with dogs for explosives, all without exception of persons, . Admitted to the process, . passed through a metal detector, . a very Dahmer was separated from the courtroom specially constructed wall of bulletproof glass, . height of eight feet,
. Counsel was made by Gerald Boyle, Dahmer, who defended the murderer in the past.
. February 15, 1992 - after a five-hour meeting, the jury found Jeffrey Dahmer guilty and sane on all fifteen counts and sentenced him to 957 (nine hundred fifty-seven) years' imprisonment (in Wisconsin no death penalty, . and sentences, . according to the American Criminal Law, . be arithmetically folded), . he was held in the Columbia Correctional Institute in g,
. Porteydzh, Wisconsin. On the eve of the verdict Dahmer wrote a letter to the judge: "Your honor. Now it's all over. I did not have the slightest chance to be released. But I do not want freedom. Frankly, I wish for death itself. I had a chance to tell the world: the fact that I did - I did it, but not because of what I have someone to hate. I felt no hatred towards anybody. I knew that I was sick or evil - or both. Now I know that really was sick. The doctors told me about my illness, and now I am calm. I know how much suffering I have caused: Thank God, the more I will not be able to cause suffering. I believe that only the Lord Jesus Christ can save me from my sins: I beg to see me treated without condescension. "

. Jeffrey Dahmer, prisoner number 177252, was contained in the east wing of the Columbia Correctional Institute in solitary confinement for 648, the rate of 2.5 to 3 meters, with color TV and stereo systems.

. 1993 - telefilm goes 'The Secret Life of Jeffrey Dahmer' with Carl Crew as Dahmer.
. Dahmer, along with his father, gives a television interview in prison
. He admitted that he feels regret and remorse for having caused the suffering of the families of their victims, and that continues to experience a desire to kill.

. 1994 - published confessional book Lionel Dahmer 'Story of my father' ( 'A Father's Story').
. May 1994 - Dahmer subjected to treatment with antidepressants Prozac because of the fact that the complained of suicidal thoughts.
. July 3, 1994 - while serving in the prison church on Jeffrey Dahmer attacked the prisoner-Cuban
. He wanted to cut Dahmer's throat with a razor blade, which is hidden in the handle of the toothbrush. Skarver sat for a double murder and was an African-American (as well as clinically schizophrenic, suffering from hallucinations and delusions of grandeur: he considered himself the son of God). Morning Dahmer, Skarver and another inmate Jesse Anderson were doing chores around the shower. Skarver started beating Dahmer and Anderson handle of a mop (some sources claim that it was some sort of metal object like a pipe). Then he returned to his cell. When the guards asked why he does not work, he replied: 'God told me to do it. You will hear about it in the six-hour news. Jesse Anderson and Jeffrey Dahmer are dead '. (Most likely, Skarver killed two 'racially motivated': Dahmer killed 13 blacks, and Anderson blamed the murder of his wife, which made it, two blacks.) Dahmer died on the way to hospital. His death was recorded in 9 hours 11 minutes in the morning and was due to blunt impact to the eye. Anderson died of his wounds two days later (doctors compared with those of his wounds with wounds that could get people caught in a car accident). Dahmer's corpse was kept in the refrigerator compartment morgue for almost a year.
September 1995 - Dahmer's body cremated. Half took the ashes of his father, half - his mother.
. Late 1995 - Lionel Dahmer refused to give permission to use the brain Jeffrey Dahmer in scientific research, so the brain is burnt.
. 1996 - Administration of Milwaukee at the request of honorary citizens of the city to buy at auction police seized items Dahmer (including the drill, which he did his lobotomy victims, and the refrigerator, where he kept parts of their bodies) for $ 407,225
. June 28, 1996 - bought at auction things Dahmer burn.
. 2000 - Thrash metal band 'Macabre' has released a concept album 'Dahmer'.
. November 27, 2000 - Joyce Dahmer's mother dies of breast cancer.
. 2002 - on the screens out, David Jacobson's film 'Dahmer' with Jeremy Renner as Dahmer.
. May 2005 - John Baltserzak (the same policeman, who in May 1991 along with his partner returned Dahmer victim) elected president Milwaukee Police Association.

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Jeffrey Dahmer, photo, biography
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