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Gotti and Gravano

( 'The Godfather' of the American Mafia)

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Biography Gotti and Gravano
photo Gotti and Gravano
The road to the top of the hierarchy of the Mafia, John Gotti paved murders and a lie. FBI long to bring charges against the "Teflon б╝ Don" until the "godfather" of the New York clan betrayed his own right hand - Gravano, nicknamed "Sammy the Bull," who murdered on the orders of his boss about forty people.

John Gotti - the boss of all bosses "families" of the American mafia - in his ascent to Olympus criminal empire, receiving an annual income of $ 16 million, made only one mistake. "The Godfather" trusted expert on the "wet" cases, Salvatore Gravano and appointed him as his deputy.

More than thirty years, John Gotti managed to escape just retribution for the many murders and violence, which were listed on the bloody account of a criminal clan.

Indications Gravano, arrested along with the chief and without lipshih remorse betrayed him, helped Justice plant Gotti to prison for life.

"Sammy the Bull," "split" in 1992, agreeing to become a prosecution witness. His testimony destroyed the power of the mafia clan.

Gotti, surround yourself with a bunch of drug traffickers, pimps and murderers, he seemed generous and magnanimous guy. Every year, he arranged a traditional fireworks display in honor of Independence Day, to the joy of the whole region starting in the sky rocket for thousands of dollars.

The streets of enthusiastic admirers clung to his coat, shouted greetings, when he made his way to an inconspicuous buildings rented by the Mafia directly in the center of "Little Italy" - one of the most criminal parts of New York.

For his armored doors, stuffed signaling equipment and top-secret locks, John Gotti its done by a court of. This was the office "Franta Don", as it is called. Here, with the offender abated mask philanthropist. Gambling, illegal liquor, prostitution, narcotics and murder were his business, and Gotti led him competently. No wonder the FBI dubbed Gotti "Teflon Don": all the charges bounced off him, leaving not even a scratch.

He was invulnerable, because there were always witnesses to confirm innocence under oath "godfather" to a particular crime.

These people understand what a terrible punishment awaits them if they say a single word against a ruthless mafia boss.

When in 1990, Gotti was finally captured, the special units of the FBI, worked so hard to expose the head of a criminal "family" were confident that this time justice will be done.

"Teflon Don" was accused of many crimes, including murder in 1985, Paul Castellano - the leader of the "family" Gambino crime committed with the aim of seizing control of the mafia-like organization. While doctors tried to save the life Castellano, John Gotti, was sworn in as the new boss. But "short-lived band played": Gotti again managed to wriggle out of. Servants of Themis was something to come in depression.

Who is he, John Gotti, who rose to the highest criminal hierarchy?

Born on the future leader of the mafia October 27, 1940. He was the fifth child in a poor family of immigrants from Italy, John and Fannie Gotti, which grew thirteen children. Her family took refuge in a small cottage in the Bronx - one of the most troubled areas of New York. Gotti so disliked the Bronx, which later flatly refused to include this area in its sphere of influence.

John Gotti had learned from childhood that the force is much more useful knowledge. His father, a child who came to America from Naples, worked as a dustman for sixteen hours a day, but the family stricken. John believed that the work path to success - this is for fools, and it must take whatever he wants, otherwise.

When John was twelve, parents moved to Braunsvipl - part of Brooklyn, where Italians dominated and where the seething ethnic passions. Dozens of street gangs systematically reduced here scores with each other. Strong, muscular Gotti was a teenager got the nickname "wallop". At sixteen he headed a gang of peers, which all had feared.

May 15, 1957 for the first time Gotti got under arrest, but the case was dropped due to lack of evidence.

Most bosom buddies Gotti were real thugs who are accustomed hang out in small clubs, popular with Italians.

Gotti was a frequent visitor to the club, which was led by Carmine Fatick, while the capo, or captain, in a mafia "family", headed by Albert Anastasia.

The club Fatick spend days loitering smug, shrill-dressed mobsters with pockets full of money. Here they were surrounded by so servile, which is very impressed by Gotti and which he later formalize in my clan.

At sixteen, John left school in Brooklyn and worked first Gladilschikov, then an assistant truck driver. But he was more interested in communicating with "cool" guys in the mafia clubs. Teenager flattered that experienced men listened attentively to his stories about the raids and fights.

Gotti often wiped away at the races, performing small tasks of local gangsters.

At seventeen he opened his own criminal account, received a suspended sentence for stealing.

In 1959, John worked day garment factory, and at night continued to engage in criminal fishing. Somewhere in that time he met Victoria Di Giorgio, a slim dark-haired woman with classic features, and was enthralled by her timid beauty and mild-mannered.

Despite the objections of parents, Victoria Gotti married in April 1960, and a year later they had their first child - Angela.

At the same time Gotti was admitted to the ranks of the gang as a "soldier" in a criminal "family" Gambino. Here he met with Salvatore Gravano, nicknamed "Sammy the Bull,".

Thirty years of John Gotti pulled for a "Sammy the Bull,". They had similar fate, but Sammy did not aspire to loud glory. Its quite suited the role of the Vice-boss. Sammy so blindly believed his chief, was later admitted in court: "John Gotti was my master, and I have a dog. When he said "full face", "bite".

Ultimately, however, everything changed: dog bites owner.

While Gotti grew from rank to rank, the King of mobsters, Albert Anastasia was losing popularity. He has surrounded himself not very loyal people, each of which saw himself as the supreme leader of the clan. When the head of the syndicate decided to change the course of events, it was too late: the killer was himself shot dead by thugs Carlo Gambino.

After Anastazia finished off at a barber shop in Manhattan, boss of the clan becomes Gambino. He demanded obedience from the "soldiers", who previously worked for Anastasia.

Assessing the prospects, Gotti had sworn allegiance to the Sicilians, which has now become a powerful "godfather".

Soon Gotti retired from the garment factory and hired a transportation company. This work provided the opportunity to visit the warehouses and thus "paving the way for future conquests. At night, he and Sammy were lounging in bars and restaurants, getting information about the profitable cargo for transport. The findings were passed capo - Carmine Fatick.

Capo mafia in the command structure of the group of "soldiers" of 250. They swore allegiance to "family", which operated under the protection of.

At that time, Gotti was nicknamed "Charlie-Van", as in his duties included the kidnapping of trucks for special assignments.

And Gotti, along with Sammy controlled the owners of garages where stolen vehicles were dealt with, and then re-assembled from different parts and resold.

Meanwhile, private life of John Gotti cracked. Although by the time the family had two more children - Victoria and John, endless night absences head of the family led to discord between the spouses.

For stealing a car Gotti went to prison for twenty days: amazing but true - raking in thousands of dollars Mafiosi not shied away from ordinary theft. In 1966 he was again sentenced to four months for attempted theft, and this time he lost his job in the company for the carriage of goods, where it produces a wealth of information for the raiders Gambino.

Gotti wanted to have the same unlimited power, which had a new head of the syndicate Carmine Fatick.

Now his closest friend was Salvatore. Among gang members on the status of Sammy legends, such as this. Once when Sammy was sitting at home, the dog ran up to him, holding in his mouth severed human hand. This hand belonged to a member of his own "family", who once ran across the road boss. Sammy "stitched" violator gangster etiquette and threw the corpse into a garbage pit where the dog picked up in the waste liked her bone.

Gott's not had a weakness for wine, not courting women, he worked for eighteen hours a day. His only passion in the "off" time were gambling. This passion gangster forced to constantly search for the money, time and again to take up the dirty work for gangs involved in extortion and other shady business.

Soon, the FBI set a trap for Gotti and several of his associates in New York's Kennedy Airport: they robbed a store with women's clothing worth more than seven thousand dollars. John Gotti was sentenced to three years in prison and a prison - a good school for every gangster.

While Gotti was serving his sentence, his direct boss Carmine moved the headquarters of the gang from East New York in a dark room of the club, which soon became known throughout the criminal world under the name "Bergin".

The traditional order among the Mafia clans in New York has not changed. Selected branches of government - the "family" Gambino, Bonanno, Genovese and Colombo - received from criminal activity are large, uncontrolled profit. All who tried to resist, ruthlessly destroyed or brought to ruin

. The structure of these criminal military communities was the same, . as it has developed in the beginning of the century: the boss, . alternate, . Counselor, . which transmits the necessary instructions capo, . responsible for the "soldiers" in their teams, . and, . Finally, . performers bloody orders ringleaders - "Soldiers",

"Family" Gambino included over twenty teams. In each of them had a number of accomplices, who divided their booty with capo. Capo, in turn, sent three senior leaders of the profit "family".

In 1972, after three years in jail, John Gotti, who turned thirty-one years, was promoted. He served his term "honest", no one is granted, so that the deputy boss Aц╠elo Delakroche instructed former raider work capo berginskoy team.

Delakroche patronized Gotti even before he went to prison. Deputy boss always found him cold calculation and reverence for the traditions of "Cosa Nostra".

Gotti on racketeering concentrated among white-collar "- small government employees and private firms. He was interested in negotiated contracts, illegally obtained money, entertainment.

The test of loyalty to the clan was to order the Don Gotti Gambino. Aging "godfather" was in mourning - was kidnapped and killed his nephew, Emmanuel. Gambino capo John Gotti promised rapid promotion if he track down the killer and avenge the boy's life.

Gotti eagerly took up the cause. Instantly were placed network of street bosses and petty gangsters, that is, those who take up the dirtiest things.

Soon Gotti knew the exact name of the murderer. He was a kind of James Makbratni. The rest, as they say, was a matter of technique.

When Gotti associates with suddenly appeared in one of the bars on Steygen Island, Makbratni sat there alone and quietly sipping whiskey. Gangster approached him and took out a business card - as it turned out, it was a false identity detective New York Police. Quarrel ensued. It was necessary to make it appear as if Gotti murdered rival, defending his own life.

Makbratni realized in what he was remaking, and tried to snatch the gun. But Gotti beat him. Short-barreled revolver police immediately spat in the face of the victims of the deadly bullet.

However, in the bar were too many witnesses. Gotti and his old friend, Angelo Ruggiero were soon arrested. They were accused of premeditated murder.

But Gotti's Gambino hired for himself and his accomplice skilled New York-based lawyers John Cohn. He passionately argued in court that Gotti was acting in necessary defense. In addition, Cohn concluded "gentleman's agreement" with the District Attorney. In exchange for a reduced sentence gangsters went to some concessions, and as a result, both escaped minor term.

Bribed the guards in prison, Gotti was chosen several times from his cell, met his wife, dined with pals at the restaurant and regularly treated to an Italian pizza. All this was done under the guise of advice from a private practitioner in Brooklyn.

In 1976 he died "godfather Carlo Gambino. According to the practice rasledovaniya, to take his place was Delakroche - Deputy boss and mentor Gotti. But before he died away from the traditions of the Gambino mob boss, and appointed his cousin - Castellano. He handed Delakroche "consolation prize", allowing him to remain deputy boss, to whom will be ten out of twenty-three teams of "family". Experts on organized crime say that this was the most unreasonable of all made Castellano. Giving a competitor a great power, he has created within the gang two opposing empires and deadly for a group.

Paul Kasteldano was more like a respectable businessman than a gangster. As for Gotti, the new boss was clearly located to the quirky and fortunate companion.

However, in March 1980 in his personal life Gotti tragedy occurred. He was very fond of his second child - by Frank. The boy was 12 years old when he died and burst under the wheels of cars, which led them to a neighbor, John Favard. Gotti decided to take revenge on hapless furniture dealer who is found guilty by the police in the death of a child.

Favard began to receive anonymous threatening letters and thinking to move with his family in another part of the state, away from Gotti.

Whenever John was driving past the house Favaro, he lay down his fingers, as if pressing the cocking hammer.

Four months later, while Gotti and his wife Victoria vacation in Florida, furniture salesman suddenly disappeared. As stated by the witnesses, as he parked his car near the house, as the darkness emerged a figure whose. Blow to the head Favard was knocked down and thrown into a car that Tyr vanished in an unknown direction.

More unfortunate seller of furniture has not been seen.

Gotti grieved at the death of the little Frank and every month to come to his grave. One of the rooms of his house was turned into a kind of temple of memory of the deceased son. Photos of the boy had been framed by dark velvet, which fell in heavy folds around the gilded frame.

As for the gangster business Gotti, he continued to flourish, while the gangsters of the other "families", one after another fell into the hands of the federal police.

FBI wiretaps placed in the headquarters of the New York mafia, helped the police catch the gang in the illegal gambling. Many of Gotti's associates were behind bars, but he again managed to escape.

In July 1981, gangsters were worried - gambling bore large losses, nedobiraya to 50 thousand dollars a month. And then there's "family" Gambino took up distribution of drugs. Organization Castellano tried to stay away from drugs: the boss thought that this case is appropriate only "black", and is enraged when he was accused of trafficking in heroin.

It turned out that behind his back worked Gotti, using the contact "Sammy the Bull," in the underground drug trafficking.

On charges of drug trafficking were arrested John Gotti and his three accomplices: Mafioso Angelo Ruggiero, a lawyer with the gang "family" and director of the waterworks company, where Gotti within twenty years the number of master.

One of the officers recalled: "When we took these guys in 1982, Kasteppano was beside himself with rage:" Listen, Johnny, you better prove you are not involved in this "- he said. But Gotti denied his guilt. He had visions of enormous profits, which could bring "family" drug trafficking.

Was indicted and most Castellano, and this was the beginning of the end of the Gotti gang under his leadership. Recent friends become mortal enemies

. Commission (gang name committee, composed of representatives of all heel "family" mafia who control the city) adopted a resolution that senior management has decided to leave the Mafia drug distribution business of "black"
. Four other clans in New York immediately violated the agreement, but Castellano led their teams to stay within the obligation. Leader infuriated that it was the team of John Gotti ignored his order. After accusations of illegal trade in heroin Castellano said that in the hierarchy of "family" upstart John Gotti has no more room.

Kasteplano planned strike violator retaliate. In its submission, the prosecutor accused Gotti and four other leaders of the mafia in illegal transactions involving narkobiznssom.

In December 1985, died Delakroche - "godfather" of the New York Mafia and mentor John Gotti. Together with the death of the patron dashed hopes for progress in the Gotti clan.

As a successor of the supreme boss of the Thomas Castellano called Bipotti. Thus Gotti was given to understand that his career is over.

December 16 of that year, a new candidate for the "godfather" and his yes-man decided to visit his favorite restaurant "Sparks". Here they gathered to discuss further tactics Mafia "family".

In 17 hours 16 minutes luxurious limousine chieftains stopped at a restaurant. Kasteplano was in the middle of the entrance, when a sudden shot him immediately. Sitting behind the wheel of Thomas Bipotta also got several bullets.

The killer disappeared around the corner, where his car was waiting. Some time later, John Gotti and Salvatore Gravano said luck expensive champagne.

That same night, Gotti swore allegiance to the clan and became his "godfather". One of the "biography" of the New York mafia journalist Renaud Franceschini later recalled: "I was in London and when I heard about the murder of Paul Castellano, immediately thought: the next" Godfather "- Gotti".

After the murder Gotti has openly launched a drug trafficking. He also left alone "white collar", which blackmailed Castellano, preferring the traditional gangster way of making money - with arms.

The police claimed that John Gotti became the leader of the New York Mafia is not so much because of its reputation in the underworld, but because of the fact that his powerful rivals failed to avoid prison.

A series of ships in the early eighties eliminated Mafia leaders in New York. All but Gotti. Worked geared mechanism intimidation tactics of the authorities and skilfully built on the attractive appearance image, as well as a brilliant lawyer Bruce Kotler.

John Gotti never forgot about double agents, and from time to time taught them lessons of cruelty.

Billy Boy had been on the FBI's dossier as a "soldier" in the team Gotti when he was only beginning his career as a Mafia. It was the same man who told federal authorities that his boss was the drug. He lived in Brooklyn under an assumed name since his testimony leading to the arrest of several gang members. One of them was Gotti's brother Gene, who was for trafficking in heroin, twenty years.

Early in the morning Billy Boy went from home to work. He did not notice the three men emerged from a car parked in front of or immediately caught up in their hands guns. When the shooting stopped, Billy Boy's body was riddled with bullets.

Murder organized "Sammy the Bull," - the right hand boss.

In 1985, Gotti was convicted in the attack on the repair work and the forcible removal from $ 325. Recall that he had been in prison for stealing a car, and once again surprised incredible pettiness of the bandit to be rolling in millions.

But the victim knew who the Gotti. At the hospital, he said the loss of memory, and the charges against mafia no longer exist by themselves.

A year later, caught the Gotti racketeering, and he was indicted on three counts, including murder. But this time the offender managed to escape justice. And in 1992, it turns out he did not order the killing of trade unionist, who did not pay the mafia to "contributions".

Right hand boss in all of these crimes consistently remained his loyal "lieutenant" Salvatore.

By his own admission, in the second half of the 80 years he has committed so many murders that many even forgot.

Salvatore was arrested along with Gotti. Both waited for the court, and the police had no doubt that much this time, the criminals do not wiggle.

The investigation records of overheard telephone conversations, compromising gangsters, and the two informants willing to testify against the accused.

But suddenly Sammy had agreed to speak out against the mafia. It was a rare event in the history of criminology. It turned out that the cruel and cold-blooded killer, sent to the other world, dozens of people experienced the horror of the potential to end up in the electric chair. Therefore, in the dramatic trial in March-April 1992, he became a witness against John Gotti and his empire.

Gradually confessing all murders committed on the orders of Gotti, cowering under the gaze "godfather", Salvatore knew that now he is gone man. In exchange for the testimony of Sammy could expect a reduced sentence for his own crimes. Above it hangs the threat of life imprisonment. But still it was better than the death penalty.

June 23, 1992 Gotti was the last time put on his clothes off - custom-tailored white suit and a yellow silk tie. He was sentenced to life imprisonment without the right to pardon. Together with the boss was convicted of his deputy Frank Lokasio - "Frankie Loc", 59-year-old lover, also exposed the testimony of Sammy.

"This would never have happened if they did not become enemies, - said a renowned expert on anti-mafia George Karmentsa. - It was a classic two-act play, which ended in treachery. The logical ending to such scoundrels as these two ".

According to rumors, is not defeated until the end of the mafia empire Gotti is now managed by his son, John Jr.. They say like father like son. Time will tell whether there are exceptions to this rule.

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