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MR. President (President п?п?.)

( Music)

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Biography MR. President (President п?п?.)
source MR. Pesident - a trio of Bremen: Lady Danii (real name is Daniela Haak, 22), T Seven (Judith Hildebrandt, 19) and Lazy Dee (Delroy Rennalds, 29). The history of very interesting. In order to understand how there MR. President to mentally return to the beginning of the 90s and draw attention to the command Satellite One.

One participant MR. President, namely T Seven, very much wanted to be in a group Satellite One. However, Jens Neumann'u, head of the team, had not like the idea of having in its composition as a young girl (when Judith was 14 years old). But after I saw how cool Jens Judith dances, he unhesitatingly took the girl in his team

Lady Danii is also related to Satellite One, joining this group a few years later. With Jens Daniel met at one of Hip-Hop dance event. The girl was not a novice in this matter, before taking part in many dance competitions. Daniel managed to convince the head of the Satellite One to take her to the staff. For a while she still remained in the shadows, but once Lady Danii provided a perfect chance to prove themselves - sick vocalist Satellite One, Daniela successfully replaced it. Not the last role was played by a good friendly relations established between the two future partners - Lady Danii and T Seven.

Finally, the guy Lazy Dee - 3rd party MR. President - met Satellite One on one of the tour, playing concerts. While Lazy was a member of a group called Reggae.

Now a few words about the title of MR. President: note the spelling of the letters "MR", not "Mr". All because "MR" - an abbreviation for the words "Music" and "Rhythm", and "President" - the highest social status people. Of course, this is not so important, but if you follow the rules of spelling and to not confuse "mr" with the word "mister", it most likely will be MR. President.

Let neposredsvenno for the works of the team.. Debut album MR.President "Up 'N Away" appeared in 1995. The self-titled single was an instant success in all dance floors of Europe. "I'll Follow The Sun" also becomes a hit, although it does not receive the same fame as the "Up 'N Away".
In May 1996, fans of the group are able to evaluate the second album "We See The Same Sun". This album - this colorful bouquet of dance music. Most of the songs - it evrodens tracks, but there are compositions (eg, "Goodbye", "Lonely Heart") reminiscent of Italo-Disco. In Hi-energy style filled with "Love Zone", it is present characteristics of Trance, Rave ELEMENTS. "Show Me The Way" as it resembles the popular "Coco Jamboo". Suffice original, unlike the other singles looks "Olympic Dreams" - a kind of embodiment of the Olympic anthem, filled with the participation of Italian singer Nino De Angelo.

. "There is no other group more aptly expresses the joy, joy, happiness
. When we sing, people begin to realize that man was created not for war, violence or jealousy, man is created first and foremost for the love, harmony, put their bright ideas. We make music so that people do not forget: "We All See the Same Sun" "- so says band member Delroy Rennalds (Lazy Dee).

Exactly one year after the "I'll Follow The Sun" burst into a big scandal. Press circulated rumors, . that Delroy, . Judith and Daniel can not sing (!) And actually vote, belong to someone else! The beginning of mishaps was the invitation to the trio on the radio Bremen 4, . where the leading radio asked to perform acapella (without music) "I Give you My Heart" live,
. I Heard threw all in shock! It was something that very remotely resembling a great single. After this information magazine Stern on its pages even published the names of real artists: Anne Schroeder, Karen Mueller and William King. According to journalists' poddelniki "used only only because of its seksopilnoy appearance and the winding nature. Everyone remembered what happened to Milli Vanilli.. Naturally, the leaders and members of all accusations denied ...

. Over time, the passions have died down a bit and MR.President continued its bumpy ride.

. In the light appears "JoJo Action" - a Euro-Reggae track, analog "Coco Jamboo"
. "JoJo Action" was written before the appearance of its famous twin.

Using a small vacation Lady Danii "lit up" in the group Reset. Meanwhile MR.President gotovitovyatsya a promotional tour for the promotion of the new album "Night Club", which, incidentally, appeared in August 1997.

After 2 years of silence, the staff presents his new work - the album "Space Gate". Next year's promotional tour "Space Gate Tour" never took place - left the group T Seven.

In 2001, T Seven released his first solo single - "Hey Mr President". Danii and Lazy Dee is still listed as part of a group MR President. In the German town of Rostock, they give a live performance right in the pouring rain.
2003: MR.President returned to the scene with their new album "Love, Peace & Sunshine". In place left the group T Seven invited artist Myra. Rumor has it that the album will be released only in Japan.

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MR. President (President п?п?.), photo, biography
MR. President (President п?п?.), photo, biography MR. President (President п?п?.)  Music, photo, biography
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