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Timbaland (Timbaland)

( Rapper)

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Biography Timbaland (Timbaland)
photo Timbaland (Timbaland)
Timbaland (Timbaland) (real name Tim Mosley, Tim Mosley) (p. March 10, 1971), American rapper in hip-hop producer. Began as a club DJ. The earliest work of Timbaland - have JODECI to release 'Diary Of A Mad Band' and 'The Show, The After-Party, The Hotel'. At first he did In The Meanwhile and Sweaty, the second helped write Bring On Da'Funk and Time And Place (this information is not on the official website and in press releases). But his real debut in 1996 by working with Aaliyah in her 'One In A Million', where the music Timbaland in Four Page Letter and If Your Girl Only Knew Aaliyah helped the young to become a star.

Also in 1996, Tim was involved with Ginuwine in recording the album 'The Bachelor' and its associated output hit Pony. But the real success came after Tim's debut single The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) its long-standing partner Missy 'Mesdemeanor' Elliott. It was unheard of for that time, the bits with a strong original bass. Subsequent singles 2 Sock It To Me, where Missy and Da Brat depicted in the video aliens, and Beep Me 911 cemented Timbaland title of the most brilliant producer and innovator.

In 1997 Timbaland released a solo album in the creative tandem with his old friend Magoo - 'Welcome To Our World'. The album went platinum with the single "Up Jumps Da Boogie (feat. Elliott and Aaliyah), who took twelfth place out of a hundred in the magazine 'Billboard'. Then Timbaland worked on film soundtracks. In 'Can't Hardly Wait', he along with Missy made a remix of the original Hit 'Em Wit Da' Hee, where samples of organic sound to synthesized sounds. One of the best works is a Timbaland track Aaliyah Are You That Somebody "for the soundtrack to the movie with Eddie Murphy's' Dr. Doolittle '. Also in the same soundtrack includes his work with Ginuwine, ALL SAINTS, Playa and his solo song Da Funk. Popularity Timbaland as a producer was growing with each track made them.

Even Mariah Carey has invited him to work on Babydoll from the album 'Butterfly'. Timbaland with Missy Elliott produced tracks for the film 'Why Do Fools Fall In Love': DESTINY'S CHILD Get On The Bus, Coko He Be Back, Busta and Missy Get Contact and TOTAL What The Dealio. In 1998 Timbaland released his solo 'Tim's Bio: Life From Da Bassment'. This album proved to be weaker than the previous ( 'Welcome In Our World'), but should provide the single Here We Go, performed along with Missy Elliott and Magoo. But the most striking tracks from the album became the Who Am I in a creative alliance with Twista. Quick recitative very 'talkative' MC is the best combination in bits Timbaland.

Also very original and interesting compositions Fat Rabbit and Put 'Em On. That same year, Timbaland has helped to write Missy Elliott's second solo album 'Da Real World', central to the composition of which was She's A Bitch with a wonderful video, taken master rap and er-end-bi-clip Hype Williams. In videovariante instead of Big Boi reads authoritative French rapper - MC Salaar. In 2000 a project was completed 'Timbaland And Magoo Indecent Proposal', which became a new milestone in the development of Timbaland-style and set the tone for all new quest in the rap and er-end-bi music. Being on top of hip-hop, Timbaland is not confined to the creative background - he worked with Beck, LIMP BIZKIT and NO DOUBT, would like to work with METALLICA, THE CRANBERRIES, Bjork. In 2002, Timbaland, together with rap performer Mary (Magoo) released the album 'Indecent Proposal'.

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Timbaland (Timbaland), photo, biography
Timbaland (Timbaland), photo, biography Timbaland (Timbaland)  Rapper, photo, biography
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