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Anatoly Dneprov

( Music)

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Biography Anatoly Dneprov
photo Anatoly Dneprov
Anatoly Dneprov born April 1, 1947 at three o'clock in the morning. My mother, Sophia, was happy: the son of a big, beautiful and Impress. No kidding: Anatoly born 'in the shirt', and this is a happy omen. So what is the Ukrainian city of Dnepropetrovsk in the night was not quiet: and Father Simon did not know how to enjoy silence. He immediately arranged a feast for all the neighbors in the yard. In those days, friends and families, and courts. Father Anatoly has always been a man of unearthly: Party of two wars, he knew how to appreciate life. Wounded three times during the Second World War, and returned home disabled the 2nd group, he adored his wife and children.

Cesarea a sister Larissa, now she lives in Israel with her mother, her husband and two daughters. But back in that night netihuyu 1947. On the night life in the house of Sofia and Seeds ran fast and fun. Anatoly miss not give. In five years, Anatoly learned to play the accordion and picked himself, hearing all the popular songs at a time. Neighbors every day listening to nightly free concert. In 1954, Anatoly went to school? 9 g. Dnepropetrovsk. In 1962, after 8 class Anatoly entered Dnepropetrovsk Industrial Technical master of instrumentation.

What is he forgot - Anatoly and now does not understand. But that was, it was. However, after 2 years, the soul can not stand it, and Anatoly sent to the city of Grozny and tries to enter the music. School. All items on excellent deals, but on music. Literature gets very bad. Well, and this happens. They say that Einstein was a trio of mathematics! Do not judge me for this comparison, but the talented always more difficult than: But you yourself know it! So after an unsuccessful voyage to the formidable Mr.. Terrible Anatoly returned to the instruments in college and takes an active part in amateur performances!

And yet, not made the soul of a musician of the exact sciences and in 1964 entered the music. School of. Glinka in his native city of Dnepropetrovsk. In 1967, as all normal guys, Anatoly sent in the army. And 2 years of his life were devoted to the ensemble of 'Songs and Dances' Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and Moldova in g. Kiev. The artistic director of the ensemble was Vasilyev, man, unlike teachers in g. Grozny, once appreciated the ability Anatolia Dneprov. The army also Anatoly attends courses in composition at the Kiev Conservatory. After the Army Anatoly returned to school, and in 1971 finished their studies.

By the way, Anatoly Dneprov creates in his hometown of the first jazz group, which participates in many events with the most famous musicians of the USSR. But this he was little, and in 1971 moved to Moscow, Anatoly, and began writing songs for all known artists. Of course, the arrival in Moscow, and the beginning of this work have been difficult. But it does not want to recall this. I would like to recall that the young composer's songs performed Kobzon, Rotaru, Bregvadze, ensembles 'Singing Heart', 'Jolly Fellows', 'Gems', 'Flame', 'Blue Bird', 'Flowers', 'Young Voices', etc.

. His songs became instantly popular
. And songs such as 'The whole world' (verse P. Leonidova), 'Clouds in the River' (verses I. Kohonrovskogo), 'I will not forget this summer', '17 years old '(verses V. Kharitonov),' Russia '(verses O. Pavlova) - still remember and love many. In 1973 he married, and in 1979 he and his wife Olga and son Philip emigrated to the United States, Mr.. NY. In the first 2 years, Anatoly, as a true immigrant, continues to write and create a group of American musicians.

The band was called 'New Ways'. In 1982, Anatolia was lucky to meet with the then best-known producer of show business - John Hammond. John Hammond opened the world such stars as Ben Goodman, Sarah Vaughn, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan and others. John Hammond is a music producer Anatoly, who had already signed a contract with a major company 'Media Max Studio', which records 3 singles. Assistant Hammond Michael Harri producing these singles: 'How you doing, America? " ( 'How are you, America?') On the verses on. Pavlova, 'Good Company' ( 'Good Company'), 'Lost' ( 'Lost') on the verses P. Polizzi. On the Anatolian an article in the newspaper 'Daily News', 'USA Today' and 'Bill Board'. The paper 'Daily News' John Hammond for all of America announced the Anatolia Dneprovo: 'This guy has something to say', and Tom Motolla (currently gene. Director 'Sony Music') in an interview on the Anatolian said: 'Toli - a very talented guy who wrote a really popular song'.

. Known American filmmaker M. Zarkhi from a dozen applicants to write a composition for his film 'American dump', selected the music A
. Dneprov. In the same period, Anatoly became a prize-winner of a popular song in Los Angeles. Along with songs in English, Anatoly released album, and in Russian, and working in nightclubs, tours the U.S. and Canada. His songs have become popular in the Russian emigration, but after some time in the USSR: 'happy' on verses M. Tanich, 'Recognition of Lieutenant Golitsyn', 'Russia' poems O. Pavlova, 'Stars in the Meadow' poems P. Leonidova. So it would seem, so rainbow life in America is composed well, but:. Great 'but' almost half of the Russian emigration - is nostalgia.

And in 1987, Anatoly returns to Moscow. In 1989 he became the laureate of the festival 'Song of the Year', touring with his solo concerts around the country, produces wheels. By the way, at the beginning of the American way of Anatoly began to perform their own songs. Certainly, today almost everyone knows his songs, and his amazing high-pitched voice with the intimate tone of a half-whisper. Recently, Anatoly lot of time to just music. He writes beautiful songs, records them, but here is rush, flicker here and there, not like.

Although he, like J said,. Hammond 'has something to say' the music! And he says he writes and sings beautiful songs that the first time become the dearest. Do not believe me? Sami listen and understand everything!
. May 5, 2008 Legends of the heart has stopped:
. RIA-Novosti:

. Officially, . ischemic heart disease was the cause of death of a famous singer and composer Anatoly Dneprov, . died on Monday in the Rostov region, . RIA Novosti learned from the representative of the Investigative Division of the Investigative Committee at the Prosecutor's Office of Russia in Rostov region,

The singer died on Monday afternoon in a car on the way from Volgograd to Rostov-on-Don, where the evening he was scheduled concert.

"The official version of death - coronary heart disease. When we get an expert opinion, will be resolved the question whether the test ", - said the agency interlocutor.

According to the director of concert activities Dneprov Julia Kurenkova, musician died in a road in a dream, not regaining consciousness. "He has always suffered from heart problems and high blood pressure", - added Kurenkova. She noted that during the night in Rostov-on-Don came next of kin and friends Dneprov who intend to pick up the body of the deceased in Moscow, where he lived and is buried.

Author and artist Anatoly Dneprov wrote many popular hits. His songs ( "Russia", "knocking on wheels", "Clouds in the River", "face in his hands", "long past childhood, and many others) perform popular bands and artists.

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Anatoly Dneprov, photo, biography
Anatoly Dneprov, photo, biography Anatoly Dneprov  Music, photo, biography
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