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Viggo Mortensen / Viggo Mortensen /

( Actor)

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Biography Viggo Mortensen / Viggo Mortensen /
Viggo Mortensen was born in New York in 1958 - he was the eldest of three sons in the family. Mother Viggo, Native American acquaintance of his father - a Dane - in Europe, in the 50s years. In 1960, Mortensen moved to South America (her father was a business in Argentina) where he lived until 1969, when his parents decided to divorce Viggo. The father continued to travel, and the mother and children moved to New York, where he continued their education. It is worth noting that Viggo had inherited from his father's love of travel and foreign languages - he speaks fluent English, Spanish and Danish, and to some extent - Norwegian, Swedish and French.

The new school, where Viggo went to school after moving to New York, he led an active sporting life - was part of the tennis team and was team captain in swimming. He was very humble, friendly young man. Enjoys photography. In 1977, during a boisterous celebration of Halloween, Mortensen earned a scar on his lip, which is decorated with it, and to this day. It recalls the actor himself, he was so drunk that day that he would not even need anesthesia when he was taken to hospital.

After graduating in 1980, university, Viggo went to the historic homeland of his father, at one time spent much time on the farm with his grandfather. Like his father, Viggo has changed in many youth work, trying to earn a living - was a waiter, elevator operator, seller of colors:

In 1982, Burrows decided to go back to the States with his new girlfriend. It was at that time, he set about trying to become an actor and enrolled in acting schools. He attended the Actors Studio, Warren Robertson for two years, playing simultaneously in several theater productions. His first role in the tapes Purple Rose of Cairo and Swing Shift was slashed in the final assembly of paintings. Getting an actor's film career was in general a very difficult. Most movies, . which Montensen filmed over the 1985-95 period (except recognized roles in American Yakudza, . Darkly Noon, . and Indian Runner), . films were Class B, . which remained undetected kinoindustirey and does not make money nor the creators, . nor the actors - why Viggo had to even look for jobs as a waiter and driver, . to ensure their existence,

In 1987, on the set of the film Salvation actor met with soloist punk rock band named Eksin Servenka and soon proposed to her hands and hearts. In 1988 they had a son Henry and family moved to live in a more peaceful and far from music and movies Idaho. To earn a living, Viggo had to continually go to plays and even despite the lack of good roles, the actor was forced to accept a secondary role.

Gradually Viggo began to move in the mainstream cinema. He appeared in ribbons Daylight / Daylight / and Prediction / The Prophesy /, . then he was invited to the Crimson Tide / Crimson Tide / and Portrait Lady / Portrait Of A Lady /, . as well as the widely advertised "GI Jane" with Demi Moore and "Perfect Murder" with Michael Douglas.,

. At the end of 90s career Viggo was on the rise, which can not be said about his personal life
. In 1996, Viggo and Eksin decided amicably to separate, while maintaining a good relationship. Their son, Henry, in turn, living first with one, then with the other parent, because Viggo is often busy on the set, but Eksin - on tour with her new band.

In 2000, held its first photography exhibition Mortensen - he practiced photography from school, and to submit their works to the public his nudged his friend, actor Dennis Hopper, who also enjoys photography. The exhibition was a success and soon the work of Mortensen were displayed in another gallery - in addition, . ibid public could learn about his work in the field of poetry and painting - have recently started painting seriously Viggo, . bought a studio and loves most of his time to spend in solitude, . doing:,

. However, all these passions are not reflected in the acting career Mortensen - in 2000 on the screens released tape "28 Days" with Sandra Bullock in the lead role, . Viggo and soon received an offer from Peter Jackson, . offer, . from which it was difficult to refuse,
. But initially the role of Aragorn in the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" was planned Stuart Townsend, only by a lucky coincidence for Mortensen eliminated from the project. For Viggo decision was very difficult - 1 year working in New Zealand, away from home and a son, a big responsibility and a complete ignorance of the way - the actor has never read Tolkien's works. However, communicated with his son, he realized that he had no moral right to refuse an offer and after 3 days he was on the set in a distant country.

No need to explain how to influence the life of an actor filming Tolkien's novel. All three years, . during which the screens out "Fellowship of the Ring", . "Two Towers" and "Return of the King", . to the person Mortensen, . as in other matters and the other lead actors VC, . attracted increased media attention,
Actor overwhelmed with offers from movie studios, but not in a hurry to throw into this quagmire with head. After "Lord of the Rings", he starred in only one tape (at that time, . as his colleagues in the trilogy more active use of breaks between shootings) - "Hidalgo" will be released in 2004 and tell us the history of the cowboy, . has decided to accept the offer of the Arab sheikh to take part in the competition of the best racers of the world - race, . length of 3000 miles, . race, . long in life:,

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Viggo Mortensen / Viggo Mortensen /, photo, biography
Viggo Mortensen / Viggo Mortensen /, photo, biography Viggo Mortensen / Viggo Mortensen /  Actor, photo, biography
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