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Oleg Menshikov (Oleg Menshikov)

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Biography Oleg Menshikov (Oleg Menshikov)
Oleg Menshikov was born in the suburban town of Serpukhov, November 8, 1960 ...
Menshikovs family soon moved to Moscow and settled in the south of the capital, near the highway Kashirsky. There were childhood, adolescence and early youth Oleg.

... Family Menshikovs got an apartment in one of the "Khrushchev". In two rooms of living father, mother, grandfather and little Oleg. Dad - a military engineer. Mama - neurologist. Both work here, on Kashirke. Tecla ordinary life, like everyone else. Kindergarten, walks in the courtyard, games, cartoons on TV. Unusual was just an amazing love for music Oleg.
... The tendency boy was spotted attentive parents.
... Was bought a small violin, and classes began. The good music school is practically next door, in the same yard, where they lived Menshikovs.
... In six years, Oleg went to regular school. He studied well, quickly got used to the new routine of the day, lessons and homework.

- We lived in the same courtyard, and were friends in childhood and adolescence - recalls Larissa Chesnokov. - At first, studied in parallel classes. Then our "A" and "B" is connected in the ninth, when formed a special class of mathematical. With all that Oleg, as a rule, took part in all our actions, he always kept a certain distance between themselves and the rest. Any attempt to break it up, enter in his life separate from us, immediately aroused resistance. Not rough, but it was immediately clear that the reverse situation can not be.

...'A Menshikov has never been. But, being engaged in math class, rather easily coped with the exact sciences, though obviously was attracted to the humanitarian. Natural keen pride did not allow him to be worse than others in the classroom, and "triples" for himself, he is not allowed, regardless of commitment to one or another subject. The hardness of his character was well known as the desire to be slightly in front of peers and classmates. Most went with the kids and parents in Moscow - in the theater. This was the most desirable.

... Irina L. Petrova said: "It is very difficult character, with a sharp critical beginning. Although outwardly it could be like and do not express. Listened to our comments, requests, tips. Not object, as if agreeing. And then did all his own way. He always had his own point of view, his view. Do not get involved in disputes, wrangling, squabbling, to prove something to their. In general, never in anything not to get involved, watching from the scene. And was realizing just what he considered right and necessary. "

And one more characteristic of the student Menshikov, given him a Pioneer Machilsky: "unfrozen child. Maybe it is the fruit of home education, that parental care, when it was found that a reasonable balance of rigor and freedom in dealing with his son.
... Oleg Menshikov is very keen on showing the different foci. Having been in Artek, he brought a wonderful book. From it, and drew on the knowledge of various magical stuff ... Particularly fond of for such interventions neckerchief classmate Irene Golubenko, it was something orange, bright as an orange, and even in large white peas. "He just suffered in my handkerchief, all the time begging for his tricks. I did not give "- smiles Irina. Her friend, Larissa Chesnokov, Oleg compassion, bought for him a similar, but the color was different, red, and a smaller size. Option merciful Larissa Men'shikova not arranged: he always knew (and knows) what she wants. Instead otherwise takes.

By the time Oleg got in mathematics class, a music school, where he continued to study the violin class, expanded. But not at the expense of the old premises - all the same podvala. Also grew the number of students. We had to rent other premises, one of them was school? 866, where he studied Menshikov. Many klassah put pianos, piano. Zdec young musicians involved in the second shift, when they ended the main lessons. And in the first shift, at recess, often the music was playing, others become more frequent playing Oleg. And most of all - the cancan and melodies of the classic operetta. Then it was his main love, so much so that he could instill an appreciation for this dear, gay art almost all manag klacc.

Oleg went to the performances of the Theater of Operetta be two paza in nedelyu, despite nA pacctoyaniya. Everyone knew that the "Count of Luxembourg" Menshikov seen six times, and the charming "Maritza" - cem ... He dobyval pass-for se6ya and friends. On the score "Cilvy, ppinecennoy Olegom, Larissa Chesnokova already learned all the arias gepoini.

"Odnazhdy in our Dvortse Culture" Moskvorechye acted as Moscow operetta diva Svetlana Vapguzova, - says Larisa. - All ppoizoshlo somehow unexpected, but we Irina Golubenko got to her concert. I immediately called Olegy, knowing how he loves this genre. He was busy with something, perhaps, the lessons did and do not cobipalsya. But as soon as he heard ppo concert, instantly dashed. As always neat, combed, in the beautiful "turtleneck" Toda was fashionable. We have not seen it nikogda paspuschennym, dusty. Form soblyudal from childhood ".
Incidentally, the operetta remains one of privyazannostey Men'shikova on this very popy, although today he vpyad whether visiting takie cpektakli. Another offensive: why his rare musical talent is not maximally used in film, on stage.

Not only the musicianship - the gift of acting, too, was his otmetnoy feature in childhood. He was endowed with vivid imagination inherent creative types that always complicates their daily existence. Once a rich fantasy made little Oleg experience painful moments. The house that stood opposite the window in the window, at one floor, with Oleg, lived an evil boy, Serge, known among peers evil drawings. Somehow, seeing is not Oleg balcony, Sergei shouted to him: "Oleg, close the door to your porch included Gypsies. They want you to steal ". And Oleg believed. Senior house was. Imagine the fate of his ugotovlena, everything seemed in a terrible light. Then he decided to take action: barricaded the doors, moving furniture to them, settled on the window sill, to call for help. Asked insidious Sergei: "Well, how are they to me?" - "Yes, now stolen and taken away in the camp ..." We had a lot of experience, until the parents came home.
However, Oleg and he loved to play. Not so evil as Sergei in front of the house, but sometimes his antics ended quite unexpectedly. In fact, it was the first young actor performances, born desire something to play, draw, make the audience believe.

. Once the lesson classmates noticed that sitting on the last row Menshikov holds a pin in his mouth with a big white head
. These collars have come across while on the new men's shirts. Oleg then depzhal a pin in his mouth, then allegedly swallowed her, and finally, all eyes turned on him. The class asked about the chorus: "Come on ... Suddenly a swallow! "Oleg did not seem to have heard the call, continuing to amuse. Currently out of his mouth is not a terrible: "A-ah ... Swallowed! .. "

Is easy to imagine what happened next. On the continuation of the lesson and the speech was not. Terrified odnoklaccniki and teacher wondering what to do? People die in front ... Then he remembered that Oleg's mother - a doctor, decided to immediately call her. Accompanied the victim groan ... Later, the guys have long tried to learn from Menshikov, as it was possible to remove a pin from his body? He remained silent, spoke about the other, leaving the answer. In fact, he was not going to swallow the ill-fated stud. He had to play the risk and enjoy the auditorium, to arrange a drama in front of everyone, which he famously conceived and well executed.

Sometimes the audience became outsiders. For example, passengers on the bus or tram. One company odnoklaccnikov rode birthday to one of the guys. Nickels tickets, a scroll in his hands Menshikov, playing, swinging them in the open window. Things could fly in a minute. He was asked to remove his hands, but Oleg liked to have fun and be in the spotlight. And then something happened that should have happened: tickets sped away. Students who watched the Controller has grown, both from the ground, and demanded a fine. For a long time trying to persuade him Menshikov. But all ended in the police station, where the girls have brought a penalty to rescue a prankster. By the way, he knew very well what could end his escapades. Esche more memorable youth actor friends episode where the victim Oleg was his school friend Eugene Savichev. In the tram, taking the appropriate menacing look, Menshikov began to demand his ticket, knowing full well that the tickets they have. He "played" the Comptroller. Savichev initially laughed, then began to make excuses. Persuading another to stop all this ... But Oleg was not appeased, the more so that the passengers gathered around the. Menshikov pressed more insistently and tougher. I turned to the passengers: "Comrades, the man goes without a ticket!". Citizens, comrades, verily, immediately responded by condemning "zaytsa", and joined in the fight against bezbiletnikom, bringing it almost to hysteria ...

The lack of tickets on the bus, apparently, occurs more than once or twice. No wonder almost all classmates remember Oleg's different cases in connection with this. But, apparently, the most troubled Men'shikova need to give his name controller. "My mother knows the whole area - he explained carefree Marine Kopysova, persuades him that nothing unusual had happened: write down - so zapishyt their names. Oleg also was beside himself: "This pozop for her ..." Parents, according to Marina, he loved, respected, cherished and treated for something a little afraid.
Another manifestation of the actor's gift was the ability to Oleg parody, but rather soft and very funny. He was particularly good parody of the girls.

... Nature Oleg noticeably manifested itself after a trip to Artek. "He came back a different boy - tells Nina Machilsky. - Obviously, in Artek, he saw many, many learned, matured, and the level of our school life did not suit him more. In it there was an undeniable shift in perception, we were to Olega past stage. The easiest way would be trivial to put in this situation the diagnosis: "3aznalcya". But it was not so. He was bored to live still. There were other scales, other requirements. We were bored. Perhaps no longer needed ... "
... In high school he began to stage performances. The first was carried out by the New Year. Of course, Oleg chose operetta, rather, something eclectic, compiled by the author-director. Besides the fragments of his favorite works. This alternated own literary opuses Menshikov (incidentally, not bad writing). Opus he put the well-known tunes, including the musical version performed transcriptions fables.

The school does not pozhalela hundred rubles for costumes, lighting. With some of the costumes took the rent, something they made themselves. In the "action" involved a huge crowd scene, depicting peasants, gypsies and other people. Were the main characters and episodic, as expected. Menshikov do everything, and, moreover, was the guiding Executive. With great success sang the famous aria from "Maritsa": "Let's go to Borozdin ..."
- In the ninth grade, Oleg took place performance - recalls Marina Kopysova. - All took into their own hands - actor, director, played two roles. Sam wrote all the music in order of numbers on tape. Sended the requests for Tole Kireeva scenery. I was povyshe other growth, and he told me popychil role of lead. The girl I was timid, zactenchivaya, afraid, but it could me much untwist. Perhaps, even then was a good director, at least, found acting skills in many of those who reported this before and did not suspect. Pel, danced superbly. He was our rallying nachalom. Most pol have played his music cpocobnosti. Many klassax and offices, we stood a piano. At recess Oleg cadilsya and began to play, played with great pleasure. We sang. Around him were grouped the different guys - Excellent, hooligans and lazy people, athletes. He got along with everybody, never fought. Generally it is difficult to imagine that he had someone he could raise puky! In Menshikov - Never! He remained - special.

He was very proud, not tolerate orders. Was in a class of another leader, Paul Grudinin, handsome, sociable, with a wonderful sense of humor. When we met some who played Oleg, Pasha ordered: "Mozarts" Oleg is a very displeased. And he did stop for a long time to communicate with Paul, did not notice him, ceasing all relations.

: Finishing school, Oleg Menshikov already knew that the artist will. Parents accepted his decision without much enthusiasm, as often happens in families, far from a professional art. Wanted for my son "serious" profession. However, it is not argued a long time knowing what he wants Oleg. Actually, his first "qualifying" round Menshikov was when he was fifteen years old. The thread to this test runs just to the terms of the parent personals in the art world.

He was in ninth grade, when he came with his mother and father at the wedding of their daughter's friend, artist, costume designer in the Maly Theater. There Oleg had to replace a whole orchestra - he tirelessly played the piano, accompanying dancing and singing. Among the guests was a teacher of the High Theater School Shchepkin Bagratovich Vladimir Monakhov, intently watching Oleg. Elena Innokentievna Menshikov told me that her son wants to be an artist - says Monks. I found it interesting guy, I invited him to come to me and something nibyd read.
Shortly Oleg showed up at my house. Read "the desire for fame" Pushkin. Of course, it was imperfect, and where will the perfection of his age? But the main thing was that in those moments I saw Oleg himself becomes a poet. I realized that he was gifted actor. And blessed with extraordinary. He reminded me of Philip Gerard, the great romance, the prince of the French stage and screen ... "

And what about the much-loved Menshikov music? He finished music school. Played in an ensemble of young violinists in Moscow. Probably could have entered the Conservatory, all data for that he had. But there was no agonizing choice. Music or scene - so the question was not. He knew - a scene, only scene. And he gave documents to the Higher Theater School Shchepkin, . One of the oldest theatrical institutions in the country, . Stanislaus reared Lyubshin, . Vitaly Solomin, . Oleg Dal, . Viktor Pavlov, . Inna Churikova and many other famous artists in the tradition of great Russian culture.,

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Oleg Menshikov (Oleg Menshikov), photo, biography
Oleg Menshikov (Oleg Menshikov), photo, biography Oleg Menshikov (Oleg Menshikov)  Actor, photo, biography
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