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Sergei Kapitsa

( Russian Soviet scientist, presenter, editor in chief of 'In the world of science')

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Biography Sergei Kapitsa
photo Sergei Kapitsa
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Senior Researcher, Institute for Physical Problems. P. L. Kapitsa, Professor, author of 4 books, dozens of articles, 14 inventions and 1 opening. The creator of the phenomenological mathematical model of the hyperbolic growth of the population. For the first time demonstrated a hyperbolic population growth to 1 g. n. e. Honorary Vice President of Engineering Sciences, President of the Eurasian Physical Society, member of the European Academy of Sciences, member of the Presidential Council for Culture and the Arts. Member of the Club of Rome, Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society. Winner of the Kalinga Prize (UNESCO), winner of the USSR State Prize (for hosting TV shows 'Obvious but incredible'; 1980), laureate of the RAS for the Popularization of Science. Long a leading television broadcast 'Obvious but incredible'. Deputy Chairman Rossiyskogo Pugwash Committee at the Presidium of RAS since 1987, member of the Pugwash movement of scientists since 1977, member of the Pugwash Council in 1987-1997.
. Biography

. Sergei Kapitsa was born February 14, 1928 in Cambridge (UK)
. In 1935 the family moved to the USSR Kapitza and Kapitza now lives in Moscow.

He studied at the Moscow Aviation Institute. His scientific career began in 1949. He worked in several areas of physics: the supersonic aerodynamics, terrestrial magnetism, applied electrodynamics, elementary particle physics. In 1956 Sergei Kapitsa taught at the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute. In 1961 he became a doctor of physics and mathematics. In 1965, at the same institute receives the title of professor. From 1965 to 1998, the Department of Physics taught general physics for students of the first three courses.

In 1973, Kapitza published a book 'Life Science'. The book served as a prerequisite to the emergence of television 'Unbelievable'. In the same year begins to keep this TV show. Which is still shown on television.

Model population growth and economic development of mankind / / Problems of Economics. 2000. ? 12.

The general theory of the growth of humanity: How many people lived, lives and will live on Earth. M.: Nauka, 1999. ISBN 5-02-008299-6

On the acceleration of historical time / / History and Mathematics. M., 2006. S. 12-30.
. Interesting facts

. As head of the department MIPT actively implementing the autonomy of students from the Soviet era.

. He was engaged in extreme sports: flying the plane, in 1967 in the vicinity of Sydney went down in one of the deepest caves in Australia.

. In December 1986, suffered a bad attack of a madman, in which injured
. In Dolgoprudnyy came to an attacker who penetrated to the building of MIPT, where Kapitsa lectured on general physics, and tried during a break in a lecture to kill him, emerged from the audience, a stroke of the ax (by some accounts - ice axes). The attempt was unsuccessful, the attacker was detained, but Kapitsa was injured and spent some time in the hospital. In MIPT after the attack introduced extra security measures, partially repealed six months later.

Several years of academic life was threatened, was hospitalized in Clinical Hospital named C. P. Botkin in the neurosurgical department at the subdural hemorrhage and was operated with complete recovery. He returned to his work.

Character of folklore students of MIPT, sometimes referred to as 'son of his father Fizteha'. After the assassination in 1986 of the folklore associated with C. P. Kapitsa, became less popular in MIPT.

From March 15, 2001, is the vice-rector RosNOU. Actively involved in teaching and research activities of the University.

Many years engaged in scuba diving, a diver's license under the number 0002.

Sergey has a British passport. He frequently visits the UK, where he has a house built by his father. This fact is often mentioned in the press to accuse him of hating one's country.

. Since 2001 - Chairman of the Board Profit Partnership 'World of Science'.

. Since October 2002, is the chief editor of popular science magazine "In the world of science"

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Sergei Kapitsa, photo, biography
Sergei Kapitsa, photo, biography Sergei Kapitsa  Russian Soviet scientist, presenter, editor in chief of 'In the world of science', photo, biography
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