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Filipp Ivanovich Golikov

( Marshal of the Soviet Union (1961).)

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Biography Filipp Ivanovich Golikov
photo Filipp Ivanovich Golikov
In October 1941. Golikov returned from a trip and took command of the 10 th Army, participated in the defense of Moscow in the winter of 1941-1942. Later commanded the forces of Bryansk and Voronezh Fronts. In 1943-1950 he. - Head of Personnel of the Red Army at the same time (October 1944) - The authorized SNK for the repatriation of Soviet citizens. In 1956-1958. - Head of the Military Academy of Armored Forces. In 1958-1962 he. - Head of the Political Directorate of the Soviet Army and Navy. Since 1962. - The Group of Inspectors General of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR. TSRK member of the CPSU (b) in the years 1941-1952., Member of the CPSU Central Committee in 1961-1966. Member of USSR Supreme Council (1937-1946, 1954-1966):

. As head of the GRU on the eve of the war and having almost all the information about the aggressive plans of the fascist Wehrmacht, . Golikov deliberately passed to Stalin, . who believed, . that in the next six months, Hitler did not attack the USSR, . intelligence reports marked 'misinformation'.,

. S
. Pestov wrote: 'Philip Golikov - a fat little man with a face the color of pig iron. It began its activities in exploration from the, . that attacked the cadres with reproaches: for too long, . Mol, . sitting abroad and overgrown with numerous connections with foreigners! He tried to insinuate, . that this is the main condition for the depth and reliability of information, . but the true Bolsheviks did not spend on the chaff!,

. Before the war, Golikov had the habit of walking on the reports to Stalin from two folders
. If the mood of the leader was not very overcast (well it almost never was), Golikov got out dispatches from the folder where the going more or less truthful information. If Golikov from secretaries learned that Dzhugashvili gloomy, then lecturing the attention of the other - 'prosperous' folder. GRU told that Golikov told them to collect only that information which coincides with the opinion of the Leader ...

. Quoting an amateur in exploration (before that he was an army commander), . Philip I. was the only person in the GRU, . who sincerely believed in 'friendly intentions of Germany ", . a prisoner with her pact he considered 'the dialectical product of the genius of Comrade Stalin. ",

. Since filing Golikov was developed 'sheep' theory according to which Germany does not dare to attack the USSR, not having to stock millions of sheepskin coat (for a winter campaign in Russia
. - Authors.). And as the price of wool in Europe is not growing, . GRU chief, . despite strong pressure from many factors and rechecked information about the near Germany's attack on the USSR, . continued to be on the table Dzhugashvili comforting information about, . that 'training Germanic armies on the eastern border is masked before planting fascist forces in England. ",

. At the beginning of the war, Stalin was so afraid of the unexpected turn of events that began urgently seek an armistice with the Nazis in any conditions
. He ordered Beria to establish contact with Hitler and suggest that the Baltic states, Ukraine, Bessarabia and Bukovina, Belarus and Karelia. Father of all nations was ready to give half the country into slavery just to survive, he and his regime. However, self-confident Fuehrer only laughed contemptuously - and so he takes it all in the coming months.

. When fear was a little bit and we had to find the perpetrators of the catastrophe, Stalin accused the intelligence - and especially the military - that she "missed" the beginning of the war
. Golikov was sent to the front ... ' (Pestov C. Bomba. Secrets and passions of nuclear underworld. SPb., 1995. S. 204-205).

With. Shtemenko remembers that during the war, the Front Commander Golikov often reported to GHQ distorted information. 'In those days the most severe developments in the Voronezh Front was not possible to draw an objective picture of the reports Golikova' (Shtemenko SM. General Staff during the war. M., 1968. S. 109).

In 60-ies Sorge reports with notes Golikova surfaced. Golikov (at the time he was a marshal and deputy defense minister) is not confused - he began to stage a mental breakdown in his office ... Veteran sent into retirement. Investigation is scheduled nebylo (Rapoport, Alekseev S. Treason: Essays on the history of the Red Army. London, 1988. S. 486).

Golikov awarded 4 orders of Lenin, Order of the October Revolution, 4 orders of the Red Banner, Order of Suvorov, I degree, Order of Kutuzov I degree, Order of Red Banner of Labor, 2 orders of Red Star.

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Filipp Ivanovich Golikov, photo, biography
Filipp Ivanovich Golikov, photo, biography Filipp Ivanovich Golikov  Marshal of the Soviet Union (1961)., photo, biography
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