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Natalia Krachkovskaya

( Actress)

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Biography Natalia Krachkovskaya
photo Natalia Krachkovskaya
Atal Leonidovna Krachkovskaya - actress invoice, pure comedy. She brought to the cinema a new character, a new type of heroine of the second plan - women nezakompleksovannoy, combat, not shy about their size. Krachkovskaya immediately attracted the audience and filmmakers were happy to use it я-пTп©п¦пT, especially in the scenes tricks. Krachkovskaya itself on it goes, because movies always dreamed about.

Natalia was born Nov. 24, 1938 in Moscow. First name - Belogortseva.

In childhood Ntatalya was a very naughty child. She was friends with the punks. Most of all she liked to organize raids on other people's gardens - a sacred thing! Of course, whipped. Once, even the guard fired at it with salt: the benefit missed, but her companions suffered.

The family has always lived in the theater, so the girl could not conceive of life outside of acting career. Passed examinations in History and Archives Institute, at the same time decided to act and to VGIK, in the studio Vladimir Belokurova. There - 256 people in the place! But Natalia is not accustomed to give up. And just imagine: a girl in the body, adorned with straight hair parted on the head, declaiming: "Peter Yershov. "Humpbacked Horse". Monologue Ivan the Fool ... "Hearing this, Belokurov said:" It is this "little fool" should take.

Everything was fine until then, until it fell under the car. She was in critical condition, doctors banned for a time not so much to learn - look at the bright light. Yet she started acting: first in the crowd, then in the episodes.

She married her sound engineer in. Krachkovskogo and through it once met with A. Gaidai, who invited non-professional actress to play madamGritsatsuev "Twelve chairs".

Krachkovskaya very excitable person and loves to play in casinos. Once she lost a lot of money and, although nothing spared, as recognized by now, since preferred to take with them to the gambling table, someone from sober friends. In order to stop.

Tugovato have friends, when the actress is in a rage ... Once in Sochi it from the poker table dragged girlfriend - she always loses, but it only further fueled her. "And yet sometimes very nice buck! I need some kind of plague the company to any stressful situation ... I've had years when I was constantly on the move and had only one dream - to sleep at home ". And she loves to sleep. However, lately all night reading detective stories and classics.

Actress likes to live. Allow guests, zastolnichat. From grandmothers, she learned all sorts of goodies with Georgian spices. Luchko put in a dish a little more than usual. Herbs - tsitsmaty, tarragon, cilantro - add to the flavor. Mixed with crushed garlic to the severity ... At its "sharp little" cakes and dumplings are still friends go herds.

To 12 years, she was very thin - the post-war baby. Maybe it would retain leanness to this day, if not its "Georgian" grandmother - seeing skinny granddaughter, she decided to fatten her. And since I'm a man who loves everything that gives him pleasure, then I began to recover somewhat faster than others. Forage benefited them.

- I never felt the complexes because of its completeness. Always considered myself normal in all respects, and this belief contributed to the fact that around me at school always curled a swarm of fans. One fan told me: "One hundred kilograms of dreams."

- Do you know what I had conquered my future husband? The fact that he brought me breakfast in bed. It was on the set. We lived in a hotel, and he began to look after me. One morning he opened the door to our room and handed a tray on which stood the cottage cheese, sour cream, buns. I was still asleep, and the girls cried out:''Natasha, Vladimir brought you your breakfast!''I put on my bathrobe and went downstairs to the lobby, where he was waiting for me, and told him: "Volodya, these delicious muffins, which I simply adore". He decided that the roses - this is certainly good, but I was not that proymesh. But breakfast - fresh cream, cottage cheese and soft buns - this argument is stronger. And in general, he was right.

He was one of the best sound engineers at Mosfilm. Unfortunately, it is no longer alive. We lived together for twenty-six years, soul to soul.

She still remembers the first love. "He was from a neighboring school, a handsome, tall, dark-haired. It seemed to me that he treats me like a condescending. Despite the fact that I was unprepossessing plump, friends assailed me jealous. Especially one so small, fidgety. It is madly in love with him, even after the school was trying to marry me. But on graduation, he confessed that he loved only me. He then was married twice and became an inveterate bachelor. And we parted with him because he changed my eyes - in the movie exchanging glances with a lady. I stood up and said to the whole audience: "Oh, yes!" She turned and walked away forever. "

"A woman without a lover as a reference without printing. It was the case, explained, talked about love, suffering. Novels were, and quite long, but such heart-rending, like in the movies show, I was not ". Her life was rich patrons - all she had promoted itself. "I forgive my frankness, not sleep with those with whom you like, and with those I love. I am very independent and strong woman, to do everything herself. Even in the movies without a stunt.

The only drawback to the completeness - is the eternal problem with the purchase of clothing. Soviet industry has not really trying for women in the body, and to dress up, we had to constantly dodge. Natalia learned to "mask" in clothing. "A complete woman should have a strap. Some people think that by this they seem to be thinner. On the contrary - always look thicker. Do not wear things straight - this is how sweatshirt, full. It is desirable to make an allusion to the waist, even if you do it no. But just a hint. Then you show a compact and very convenient to move. And again: I love the classic style - to complete the women he most winning. Unfortunately, we have a movie does not even know how to shoot a beautiful body - neither male nor female. Then I do not like it when a woman instead of two breast pimple.

I can reassure tolstushek: men like obese women, they just hide it. I am convinced that 90 percent like fat women, and the remaining 10 per cent ... very complete! My favorite person told me: "Natalia, you - a hundred kilograms of dreams!"

I went to its completeness always treated with humor. I will never forget how I played out! I got a call, and a male voice said that I was invited to a role in such a film. Then came the envelope, where it is written that I take on this role adopted without trial. I'm an easy mark, ran to her husband happy, I say: Look, I'm in a good movie invited. Her husband takes the letter, unstick root and reads further: "Approved for the role, but for this you need to urgently within two weeks to lose weight at 35 pounds!" There is!

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Natalia Krachkovskaya, photo, biography
Natalia Krachkovskaya, photo, biography Natalia Krachkovskaya  Actress, photo, biography
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