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Comments for Andrew SMOLYAKOV
Biography Andrew SMOLYAKOV
photo Andrew SMOLYAKOV
Often the actor Andrew Smolyakova offer a movie role bandits, gangsters and killers. "I looked at my hero - and understandable - who is a murderer and a villain," - explains it completely visual approach to their appearance Andrei, starring in more than fifty films. That's another telepremera does not change kinoamplua artist Smolyakova. Under one of the three sonorous names - "Gansterskie war," the Sun at all is not enough "or" doctrine Klipko "on television screens of the central leaves a film in which the honored artist of Russia Andrei Smolyakov plays killer nicknamed Epaulettes. But if the "vicious" appearance Smolyakova active demand in the movies, all his other acting talents are used successfully in the theater.

"Nature gave him many gifts, distinctly scenic charm, excellent plastic. He does not need to defend their positions in the theater. They had a strong and trustworthy "- confidently about the artistic talent Smolyakova said Oleg Tabakov. Which confirms the outgoing season. Artiste under the direction of Oleg Tabakov Andrew Smolyakov a major role in the play "hypocrite" won the prize of the International Fund. K. S. Stanislavsky and expert jury at the Moscow premiere. In addition, it was Andrew Smolyakov was recognized theater critics one of the best actors of the Moscow scaffolding. Ahead of him in the undeclared contest just Konstantin Raikin, who played a truly outstanding role in the play "Signor Todero". Tandem Raikin-Smolyakov on the pedestal outgoing theater season rather symbolic, . because the actor's fate is now a leading artist of the Theater under the direction of Oleg Tabakov Andrew Smolyakova began not without the help of a teacher Konstantin Arcadievich Raikin.,

. With all this, the actor Smolyakov off-stage is not prohibitive pretentious personality
. And could, for all his talent: Andrew Smolyakov charming, intelligent, infectious, self-sufficient, fascinated by sport, devoted to family. : I going to make a movie in a new role - in the picture for the children of his stepson will be none other than himself Koschey Immortal.

. -So, ask! I have nothing to hide.

. It seems to me that you lost a great volleyball player.

. -All right already - so you! Indiscreet statement!.
. I would certainly be a great volleyball - somewhere in the 15-16 years I have entertained such hopes. Not for nothing that I was even invited to play for various teams: Actually I'm very sporty person, love sports almost all of its manifestations: and to engage and participate in competitions, and watch. Exception of baseball!

-How can you not like baseball?

A fact that they took our great Russian game of "rounders" and something called his "Baseball". I will never forgive them this "vulgarity"! (Laughs.) The quotes you hear?

-Maybe then we should revive this great Russian game?

-Lapta? And I'll be this way - the founder?.. It is still a few years will work on the main occupation, and if you understand that it is already on the wane, then maybe, and loans.

A main profession yours called?

- (Shyly smiled.) Artist me: I am an artist, and this is interesting. In the words of Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky: "I am a poet, and this is interesting."

-Do you consider yourself more an artist or a movie theater yet?

-I would have probably said all the same - actor. I used to work in earnest and in film and theater.

. -You work so seriously that some time ago, received the award as the best hypocrite scene. (Rassmeyalsya.) How many productions have been played before you presented the award Stanislavsky?

. -Four, in my
. But representatives of an international fund managed by the Stanislavsky watch a play. And I hope they are not lying when they gave me this award. Probably something to see: I do not like to talk about their work! So embarrassing.

-Let's talk about the awards. What account prize was awarded to you a few weeks ago?

-Theater - third. The first one was - "Turandot", which we received for the "Internet Room" (the role of the Black. - Authors.). Second - "Seagull" when I was recognized as "best villain of our scene in 2001" for the play "Kabala sanctimonious. Moliere "(the role of Marquise d'Orsini. - Authors.). Awards And I do not. There have been a film in which I was shot. For example, my favorite picture is "about you" (it took Rodion Nahapetov) won the Grand Prix in Monte Carlo.

. A favorite role of yours, perhaps it is those for which the premiums and received?

. No! Here, for "The Lower Depths" I was not given the "Golden Mask", and I was nominated! Mask gave Constantine Arkadievich Raikin - my teacher
. And I'm so glad.. Because it saw the play in which play dice - "bass", and I liked it - Kostya it should work fine: And despite that, I will still continue to love the role of the actor in the play "The Lower Depths". Love and the role of Adolf in the play "Father".

-And it all began with the role of Mowgli:

-Yes. This was the idea Kostina. Send to young actors, students, graduates of this performance on the course at Tabakov (just the very first course Oleg Pavlovich). So well all taking shape - on the course were almost all the characters. Not only Mowgli. I was in this regard and was lured from the Shchukin School in GITIS. So I was at the Tabakov. Until now, there and live.

-This is a happy coincidence?

"I think probably. I do not know how my life would be formed, graduate school, I Schukinskaya. Perhaps, too bad. But I like how it has developed now.

. -How can you feel in the role of one of the founders of the snuff-box? After all, this is the first course, which you and lured, became the basis of the famous snuff-box.

. -We finished GITIS in 1980
. Tabakov not allowed to open his own theater. And we ran like scared, nashkodivshie children, for various Moscow theaters. And at night still met in the basement - worked. Then already Oleg Pavlovich scored a new course (and I was on this course as a teacher), and already, when the course is released, Boris N. Yeltsin said: "Let there be a new theater in Moscow!" Then we all gathered together in this. But, of course, someone at this point did not want to participate in the new case, someone has not called Oleg Pavlovich. Happens: Life with us still some metamorphosis produces. And then, in 1986, has opened the theater. But first, who shoveled the basement of Chaplygin - future snuffbox from the excrement left by the homeless, we were. Among my classmates are many wonderful actors - Vasya Mishchenko, unfortunately already dead Lena Mayorov, Igor Nefedov, Larisa Kuznetsova, Sergei Gazarov.

. -It will take a little time, and the audience will look for an opportunity to get to the theater performances, directed by Andrei Smolyakova:

. No! Go answer - no! I've never had a director's ambitions
. Never! This is a very responsible! Director or director of the theater, the creator of the theater - a man who calls for the road. And throughout the journey, which he imagines it possible to pass, it should be interesting. I am afraid that confused interest in himself and to his interest in people who will call in this way. I have such fears ... Call it what you want - complexes, fears. So do not be theater.

-Afraid of whether anything else Andrew Smolyakov?

-Water. But do not water as a means of hygiene, and water as elements. This is all from my childhood. As a boy I was saved by doctors, in this regard, water - virtually banned poems. And, if you noticed, I swim almost as a pregnant woman.

-I thought the opposite ...

-So, I have learned to hide it.

"You somehow too critical of yourself.

Yes, very. But, I confess, sometimes sultry nights, I think, not too? And even say for three or four years I have let to treat yourself differently. Because at some point realized that was the blacksmith of his misfortune.

. And, despite the fact that your profession requires frequent glances in the mirror, you do not love her own reflection.

. -Well, and what to watch for yourself? If I saw in the mirror of Venus de Milo: Or something else from Botticelli, my favorite artist, then it would be looking into it more
. I have enough to look at myself in the mirror in the morning.

-What about the make-up before the show?

-Now I will say a great sedition. I may be condemned for it: I do not get up ever in my life! Even the tone is not imposed.

-Many masks you on stage, Mr. actor. How did you achieve such a perfect reincarnation?

-I do not know. Do not know: But I really do not like makeup. I'm not a typical artist, I play the role of the heroic plan. And if suddenly there is the role, such as for example in the play "The Lower Depths", is enough for me?: And do not shave. There is already playing a role and my definition of roles.

"I know that you have always wanted to play Raskolnikov ...

-Yes, I play it all his life, but did not play, unfortunately ... By age. This was a brazen of me.

-Why not? How many years Raskolnikov? Twenties. Some of the artists playing at a young age the elderly, and vice versa - in adulthood - young.

-At a young age can play the old. I saw what a great example. I mean Vova Mashkova in the play "Sailor's Silence". But older people to play the young should not be. Is bad that! ..

-0Andrey! You have to old age is still very far!

I'm forty-three years have. It seems to me that I was inadequate to their age. And try not young and not old.

-The only thing that somehow can confirm your words - you have an adult son.

-Yes ... What confirm? Ah, yes: (Rassmeyalsya.) Yes, Mitka eighteen years. He is a freshman at the University of Radio Electronics and Automation. And when he was born in 1984, I was 26 years old. In my opinion, I'm already quite aware that I'm doing.

-Why did not the son went to the artists?

-I do not know. But in the transfer of "While all the houses," he said he hates the theater, and ballet had previously fallen out of love (the wife of Andrew Smolyakova Svetlana Ivanova - dancer. - Authors.). Probably, this is not something that the pressure from our own, the parent, the parties, but rather the fact that the romance of the theater it somehow bypassed. And it applies to the theater as a place where my father and mother work. Yes, a little bit (smiling) abnormal his mum and dad. Sure. Since deviations in the psyche: But! That they work.

. -Andrew, will be able to assess - with any of the directors with whom you have worked, it was the hardest?

. -What's the catch in your question, I do not understand now? (Laughs.) I'll tell you what talented director, the harder it is to work with him
. Certainly. And with Valery V. Fokin, and Vladimir L. Mashkov, and Mindaugas Karbauskis. But in another sense is not easy! Not that hard. There flying at these rehearsals, as crazy as a lover on the first date! I am always surprised that these people open your eyes, where, apparently, you already saw all. So, maybe, and there the word "difficult". Then, indeed, there is work and on themselves and on the performance. And life changes.

You are a man-slave?

-In the profession - yes. From the beginning. But then comes the moment: You know, there is such anecdote. Invites director actor, and surrounding it all taldychat, they say, why he took this actor, he's such a terrible, impossible to work with him. A director reassures, saying that he could make him play. Begins work, the director doted in the actor, who in turn all the requirements of the director performs, and performs brilliantly. For the general run took. And the director is happy. At last - day of the premiere, the play begins, and the actor is playing quite as much as before. Then the director is running behind the scenes of furious: "What are you doing?" What are you permit yourself? " At the actor says: "You know, . when you rehearse, . I'm not bothered! Now you do not bother! "So, . still occurs at some point, . when all understand: myself, . about performance, . about character,
. Then, as it happens somewhere in two weeks or three before the premiere, I can enter into a dialogue with the director. But, when everything starts to assemble. Until then - no. Until then - convince me explain, because, as I usually say the director, I do not understand.

Here, you knew something of yourself every time before the next premier. Little understood already, who is there hiding inside you?

-And there Andryushka Smolyakov! A good guy, probably a good. A man who loves the profession, which I think is not modest, but what shy, something in this profession can. I think so.

-And if Andrei Smolyakov would take and would have acted not in the theater, and in medical school? You're going to become a doctor.

"He would have been an outstanding neurosurgeon! My hands are good. I know about it.

-Where are the hands of the failed application of a neurosurgeon?

- (Smuschayas.) I can not answer this question: It is too personal.

-Maybe somewhere else?

-No. Nowhere else. While on stage, probably. Someone said that I have some nice motion obtained. Even at home - around the house, I have certain responsibilities. But do not make of me an angel walking on earth. In this sense, I am such a boring character: with Basharov tennis play, I go to the store and my house toilet. Yes, even walking with his dog - Richard. And!

-I know you recently with Marat Basharov in a movie filmed.

-Recently. They caught me for so long, was caught, though. But then they had to let me go. I play a killer.

"What a way you hurt awesome - killer.

Yes, my hero of the film comes in darned-pereshtopannoy woolen sweater, which we found in the garbage and wash. Killers are usually things that do not mind being the case immediately after the throw or burn. And the fingertips of my hero "decorated" flesh-colored silicone nashlepkami. Because Epaulettes acid burned his hands so as not to leave fingerprints. The film will soon be shown on television.

-I know what you're going more and stepfather Koshchei Bessmetnogo play.

Yes, soon will be making a movie for children about childhood Koshchei "In search of fairy kingdom". That's why now I am almost without hair. Everyone asked me: "You have that image changed?" No, to ask what I and my stupid appearance made:

. -How do you admitted to your stepson was angry Koshcheev?

. That's not my character to blame, blame the gods! Our pagan gods.

. -I am glad, of course, that this is not your own blood, but then you have to adopt this child?

. -Fathered
. Gods of fate is decided. And due to the fact that in those far-distant years there were many, they are as entitled to all the gods, as we know from history, quarreled among themselves, and sometimes the battleground chosen people. So it happened that my stepson did not have myself, but his favorite is also not yet found a favorite, and then he called the Koshcheev immortal, and her Baba Yaga. It should look magnificent movie! The script is funny, he was so touched me that I agreed with great joy to play.

-We recognize you on the screen?

-I think so. I will put on a wig with long hair, and everything else will be my. Maybe a tattoo on his left shoulder I could publish.

-What's new in the theater season?

"You know, I unfortunately do not know that I will have to spring. The only thing we know - as soon as the theater was invited to several theater festivals. And in Tbilisi, and in Berlin, and Tokyo, and in Carlsbad, and I hope that in the Khanty-Mansiysk - I love to go there to visit. And in early spring or in late February, if everything goes, we are directed Mindaugas Karbauskis again to work together. We have translated the play called "synchronous".

-Tell me, you feel the difference - go on stage Snuff-boxes or on the Moscow Art Theater?

-My life is so evolved that the Moscow Art Theater, I went out and before. There were such things, and I rescued a few times this theater. And he did it is absolutely natural. Yes, when Oleg Pavlovich, became the head of the Moscow Art Theater, some actors in our theater were there to play. But I think that all this happened very organically.

-Y viewers an opportunity to see favorite actors on the big stage. It is not every person can get a ticket to snuff. I do not think that this is primarily due to the small auditorium:

-I also do not think so. But in this there is a certain charm. The theater should not be a stadium, theater - is something intimate. But I will not dissemble, sometimes nice to go out on the big stage. And if we play conceived for large scene. In the "Kabala sanctimonious", for example, I catch kicks!

-With what feelings do you get on stage?

-With a sense of sharing ... Then it turns out that appeared on the scene, said: "A" and the audience in response: "Come on B!" And then you begin to recite the entire alphabet, with any letters in different directions. I need it and they - the audience, it is necessary. And then it kicks. Actually before I go on stage outrageously arrogant people.

A how to relate to a round of applause?

-Spectators do me some incredible things, especially if more and well received. They can heal me, food and drink, only that clap and shout "Bravo!"

. "And then you're not so" exhausted "after the show?

. -Once people after the show "Father", and he is the most difficult for me, visited me in the dressing room, and stunned
. They went to the deceased Smolyakova:

-I? ..

A revived it sits, looks at book. And all - they are! Spectators! Oh, what they can do!.. So I always go out to the audience positive mood. Yes, with love, unconditionally.

-Why do you give to the movies only play villains?

-Intrigue to keep the same. Right? I looked at my hero - and understandable - who is a murderer and a villain.

"You are a lucky man?

AZ? Yes.

Often, one thinks about this?

-If the people for whom I live. I did everything for them. And on his beloved, for their own happiness or misery does not have to think. Although I am a real person, and sometimes life throws me some tricks, then I am about something and I'm sorry. But you can not live for yourself!

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