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KRUKOV Konstantin V.

( Actor)

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Biography KRUKOV Konstantin V.
photo KRUKOV Konstantin V.
Agreeing on a photo shoot, we were hardly looks like our hero. All the information - in a bit stingy and mocking the questionnaire prepared by the Press Service of the film company '9 '. Eye color - brown. Favorite brand of clothing - a London tailor. Favorite vacation spot - Karlovy Vary, Monte Carlo, Baden-Baden, Yalta. Favorite sport - shooting in Macedonian.

Esthete least - the choir decided we suggested to twenty Konstantin Kryukov meet for thirty kilometers from Moscow, in a sporting club. Have a heart in the fresh air, but at the same time shooting a gun - in Macedonian, as he likes.

. Ok, . that, along with a pile of dirty clothes khaki, we figured to take some foppish clothes: at the entrance to the club next to the dazzling road vehicle he stood - the backroom, the representative of the clan Bondarchuks, . who suddenly overnight become the person in the media,
. As a London dandy dressed and with the stigma of a good European education on the brow. Keep me seven!
In family is not without a gemologist

Just a few meters spits corks noisy Minsk highway, but here, behind the iron gates with stern guards, if you find yourself in another life. Palaces of red brick greenery and the trees gracefully walk elk with deer:

. Just over a year ago, our hero, too, plunged into a completely different life, which smoothly flowed beneath his side, but which for some reason he never paid any attention
. And in a blink of a young dandy - in a suit made from the London tailor, - Konstantin has become simply a Mona Lisa of the company, '9 '- in dirty camouflage and carrying a rifle over his shoulder. His famous uncle, Fyodor Bondarchuk, who decided to make a saga about boys in Afghanistan, has invited his team just one layman. And Constantine, promptly mastered the system of Stanislavsky, went to the shooting, charges that were recalled as one of the best adventures in my life.

. Constantine: "Of course, Fyodor made a risky move, offering me one of the main roles - I had no acting experience, but in general I was never interested in this sphere '.

. Statement as at least odd: not only did his uncle - Fyodor Bondarchuk - a person close to the film circles, and his grandfather - Sergei Bondarchuk - director of world renown, and mother - Alena Bondarchuk - a famous actress
. I do not believe that in such a house had not been conducted long conversations about movies and not propagated the cult of acting profession.

. Constantine: "If we follow your logic, I have to get involved in, for example, cosmetics: in conversations with friends and ninety percent of the time my mother devotes discuss new creams and lipsticks ..
. I do not know why it happened, but when I was very young, all in the family unanimously decided: Costa do not have to go into an acting career - too hopeless and marginally profitable this occupation. "

. Either case - evaluation of precious stones, or, scientifically, gemology
. Work though not so exciting - not sitting all day straightening up with a magnifying glass in hand and stare at the shiny faces of diamonds and diamond - but money brings disproportionately. It gemology and became the first descendant of the glorious profession kind Bondarchuks.

Konstantin: "In the fourteen years I went from ninth grade German school, passing an external examination. And even then already decided that the age of sixteen must purchase any profession. My father studied gemology, thanks to him and I leaned in this area. No, my father did not advise, but since I am constantly stuck in his case, I really wanted to learn his specialty - to talk to him in one language. I studied in Moscow, in the representation of American Gemmological Institute - the most powerful in the world in the evaluation of precious stones. And after two years, as planned, graduated. In our group I, of course, noticeably stood out: usually in this institution are experienced people who are age forty or forty-five who worked with precious stones, not one year. Well, that all documentation is sent to America by mail, and nobody, apparently, paid any attention to me, say so, young age '.

. - And that, surely the age of fourteen interesting day and night to consider lifeless stones?

. Constantine: "Of course
. Such small pebbles, but there are a lot of money. Very attractive stuff! Yes, in our profession there is no romance, assess jewelry - work purely mechanical. But I felt funny in my sixteen years to understand that not every veteran is able to understand people. And even be able to advise that a father. Even in everyday life gemology also a useful thing. "

- See at a party snog-sshibatelnuyu girl and immediately appreciate that the diamonds on her neck - fake?

Constantine: 'And this is. Or, for example, recently I was in Berlin - to agree with the auction "Sotheby 'about one event - and realized that my knowledge in the field of gemology allow me to be rather easy to communicate with the professionals'.
. Last Supper

. Well, sure - a man from another world
. Even with his stellar relatives - people who, unlike bones recognized on the streets - there is no such number of titles and knowledge. And this in twenty years! Bends his fingers: a certified gemologist - again, . novice actor - two, . businessman, . Leading business negotiations with the auction "Sotheby ', . - Three, . Lawyer - four, . artist - five: How, . I have not told him about legal education and artistic experience? Probably, . because it, . I already own lost count!,

. Constantine: "When I finished school and Gemological Institute, one had determined the plans for the future - like a profession, which I could deal with life
. Now I'm at a branch of the Legal Academy, the Faculty of Civil Law, because this direction is connected with business. This year - final exams'.

. - In the Internet about a man named Konstantin Kryukov before the premiere of '9 company 'was only a footnote: in the news writing, . that a certain young artist surprised the world community won by Franz Kafka, . which were handed to him by Steven Spielberg and Milos Foreman,
. I'm not mistaken, it too you?

Constantine: "Yes, I. Even good friends and that not everyone knows that painting - the main thing in my life. So sometimes I take time out, going to Prague, where am a member of the local Union, graphic artists, and worked there a month and a half or two '.

. - Wait, I'm confused: why in Prague?

. Constantine: 'Because in Europe, I totally is adjusted life, a home, where I live, knowing that nobody will come and not even call
. After the creation of a picture - it is a very thorough work. In one painting takes me a month or more '.

- And the prize for giving me this?

Constantine: 'The wording is this: for what I came up with a new style, that is the way I draw, no one has ever painted and the paint can not. I have a multi-layered painting - in one picture encrypt a lot of layers, which not everyone can immediately identify, but everyone understands that these layers there are a lot of them '.

. - Arts education do you have?

. Konstantin: "In my childhood I was engaged in a specialized school
. But somewhere in a year, having mastered the technique, gave up his studies. However, continued all the time that a draw - though none of the others seriously to my studies is not treated. And then I just picked up and moved to Prague: the fact that it is in the Czech Republic I met a girl who has his own art gallery in France. I had a problem its something to entertain, so I decided to show her his sketches, eskiziki. It is a first and told me that it makes sense to take the figure seriously. After that, I for six months 'frozen' at the local miniaturist. Because my paintings are, in fact, miniature, only the size of twenty to eighty-meter:

. - You're somewhere exhibited his paintings - as you know and understand that the award should serve it Coste Kryukov?

. Constantine: 'Today I have completed seven paintings, all of them in Europe - hang in close to me people
. Exhibitions so far been: if I agree to some kind of opening day, then on very favorable terms for me. I am very sensitive guy. And people from the Fund of Franz Kafka learned about me by accident: he saw someone from my friends one of the pictures. This, incidentally, is the value of prizes: you can not send the application to receive it, representatives of the fund drive themselves to the world and looking for talent '.

. - How was granted - in a luxurious room with a lot of press and important government officials?

. Constantine: 'Oh no, the usual ceremony of the prize by one person to another
. Previously, if I went blind - imagined and painted. Since I am a selfish person and self-sufficient, then, by and large, I was always worried about just my opinion. But when you now so widely recognized - it does not deny that good. By the way, with the prize came a funny story. It so happened that from the platform company '9 'I have three months left in Prague - it was necessary to settle their affairs, which were abandoned because of the shootings. But as soon as I returned to Moscow, the phone rang: that we must urgently return to the Czech Republic - perhaps I will hand over the award. Frankly, because of this uncertainty I was a little worried: will - will not. So did not anyone say what again depart to Prague, even my mother had to lie that something terrible. In general, in Moscow, none of his relatives knew nothing about my artistic work. And only getting a medal, I thought: 'Well, now it's time to tell everything'. And then one night when our guest had a lot of people, I waited for the right moment and declared: 'So, guys, I have to tell you something to show - what I actually worked in Europe the last two years'. Of course, all were in shock.

- Parents are probably proud of his talented son - and all that, what he gets, and everywhere, he has time?

Constantine: "I do not know, should they ask. But, frankly, in our family, each busy with his business, so the time for pride to each other, no one. And in general so it folds up to the end that no one knows who is doing what '.

. - And what, you never advise parents, not sharing their plans?

. Constantine: 'We have to share, but it is better not to do - once it begins:' Come on, we'll help you '
. And I do not need help, I want to do everything himself. "
Son of the Father

At this point, do without banal rants about the children of prominent clans. Constantine - a sensible young man, so is well aware that questions about relatives still can not avoid. Especially now, when everything suddenly stopped: where Bondarchuk so long concealed such a talented guy?

Constantine: 'Since my childhood I was detached and out of the great names of Bondarchuks, and from Moscow's reality as a whole. I was four or five years, when the whole family - father, mother and I - had gone to Switzerland. They spent six years and returned only in 1995. First, together with his mother - his father was still some time remained in Europe, and then he pulled himself. Although he is so mobile people that can be said about him this: he lives nowhere and everywhere at once '.

- About my mother, the actress Alena Bondarchuk, know all. What does your father do?

Constantine: 'My father business man. And I try to help him as his strength and capabilities'.

. - Why did you not take the name Bondarchuk - deliberately separated from the well-known clan?

. Constantine: 'When I was the first time asked a similar question, I remember, I was quite taken aback, did not know what to say - but what kind I should be a name? Of course, the father's, is not discussed
. I realize I left my mother's maiden name. But her father - Bondarchuk, and my dad - Kryukov. Therefore, I also hook '.

- And a child no one told you: Kostya, do not forget you - the glorious race?

Constantine: "Yes, I somehow did not notice their belonging to this clan. I - Kryukov, lived in Switzerland. And now, not particularly think about it. Even my old friends did not know that I am related to the names Bondarchuk. Although we have recently, all the relatives, it is very united. We and give a number, Fyodor lives quite far away, and we love to meet our big family '.

- And his grandfather, Sergei Bondarchuk, do you remember?

Constantine: "Of course. How does he remember me? Pensive and slightly aloof man. Maybe, . because, . I watched him during this period, . blocked when the film 'The Quiet Don' and his life as if everything was dust - to the creative challenges added sores: Even though when I appeared, he always became cheerful and open, . i, . even when very small, . always felt, . that Sergei Fedorovich - man 'in himself',
. I thought that he had so many thoughts that he had them, even not sound like - all the same sixty-one percent would not understand '.

. - You are a child understand that Sergei Fedorovich - personality cult?

. Constantine: 'No, for me it was just grandpa
. I only saw that everything in the family loves him madly, and I loved him madly. The fact that he was a great man, did not even care '.

- But his films you watched with special attention?

Constantine: "Yes, and not one time. Until now, constantly re-examining one of the pictures - and regardless of the fact that filming her Bondarchuk. It is - 'The Fate of Man'. Deeper impression on me did not make any movies. "

- Now, after you've starred in the movie itself, you are otherwise was to assess creativity grandfather, your mother?

Constantine: 'We have an interesting thing. For many years I lived as if separate from the clan Bondarchuk, I had interests, does not border the movie. Why, I thought that my famous relatives engaged in some sort of useless, not a particularly difficult profession. And only after the shooting in the company '9 'if I opened my eyes. And such appeared compliments! I am now, for example, imagine I can not, as Sergei F. filming 'War and Peace'. Fantastic, nothing else! In any case, now all that is associated with cinematic bed of our family, I suddenly became very interesting. And I'm going to continue to continue family dynasty. After '9 companies 'managed to play in a series, where he played the son of Irina Rozanova, and ready for new proposals'.

. : Already said goodbye, Constantine, after a little manipulation with his mobile phone shows me a tiny small screen: 'Here, make it clear: this is one of my paintings
. Photos from my site, which I did not so long ago '.

- You're still and sites doing? Tell me, is something like that, what are you not doing?

Kostya, even without thinking, without a hint of irony at a young brow replied: 'Yes. Unfortunately, I just can not do some serious things, all constantly hands do not reach '.

I had to quickly retreat: the phrase I had to digest alone.

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