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Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna

( Singer, Actress)

Photo Gallery Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna (23)
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Biography Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna
photo Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna
Maria Kozhevnikov was born in Moscow in 1984. As a child she has long worked in a section of Rhythmic Gymnastics. True gymnast Mary did not become, - she always had problems with being overweight. Oh girl is very fond of muffins! No, plump it has never been, but for the rhythmic gymnastics every extra kilogram - is almost no penalty.

. Singer and actress

. For a time Maria Kozhevnikov was the soloist of the popular female pop group 'Love stories' (formed in 2002), and then decided to start a career as an actress
. She graduated from RATI (GITIS), co-starred in an episode in the series' Rublyovka Live ', then appeared in the roles of Olesya in Russo-Ukrainian TV series' bitch' (with the 153 series) and a charming blonde Nastya in the series' Hello, I'm your Papa! ". Spectators can also see the aspiring actress in serials: 'The Gift of God' (nurse Lena), 'GAI' (Rita), 'Heartbreakers'. However, all these work for various reasons have not brought great popularity of Mary - or projects were not untwisted, or the role of the entirely too small caliber ...

Alla from 'Univer'

Everything changed the serial channel TNT 'Univer'. Successfully passing the casting, Mary was adopted by one of the main roles - Allu. The heroine of Mary Kozhevnikova - typical blonde jokes. It is greedy for money and fame, and is ready for this easy to concede the moral principles, loves rags, guys, but real love does not seem ready. She is more like to win the heart, while trying not to singe the fire wings of love. As for intelligence, then this, the heroine Kozhevnikova can not boast:

. The series 'Univer', built on the principle of the traditional sitcom and tells about the life of students, immediately drew the attention of younger audiences, thus ensuring the actors wide popularity
. Not less important component part of the success and became a skillful promotion, conducted just before the premiere.

The logical consequence was the heightened interest in Mary Kozhevnikova. Often people ask her how she looks like her heroine. 'Overall there - she says - we constantly find ourselves in two different stories. I am a magnet for bruises, cuts'. In all other respects as Maria does not like Allu. Unlike her heroine, she used all of his life to seek work. In the same series 'bitch' actress was shot, almost around the clock.

After the success of "Univer" Maria Kozhevnikov takes on new role in the doomed love and acceptance in the series "The Kremlin cadets". Its heroine, Anya Prokhorova - the embodiment of kindness, honesty, and female heroism. She marries an army Stepan. For a beautiful young girl such a thing these days is equal to the feat. Her husband had become a cadet, and intends to connect his life to service to the motherland. Anya lives with rare encounters with loved ones suffering the hardships of military fate of his wife and blames her husband, and treated with understanding and respect for his choice. In the story the heroine of the series is going to become a mother, and would raise the child alone, because it does not want to interfere career Stepan.

This character is called the viewer a lot of positive emotions and reactions. Maria Kozhevnikov appeared before them in a completely new role, which was taken at "Hurray!" Rankings its popularity has increased several times.

However, success only spurred her to work with even greater zeal. And now ready for the screen two more films with her participation: "To the west of the Sun" and "Unforgiven."

As for the exterior of Mary Kozhevnikova - it is very deceptive. The actress can easily transform into glamorous and fool, and a femme fatale, and in 'my girl in the board', which significantly expands the scope of its Role. Therefore, it remains only to wait for new, diverse works of Mary on the silver screen.

. Life

. For a long time, the actress did not disclose his personal life, but in the spring of 2009, the press leaked rumors of the imminent wedding Masha Kozhevnikova and Ilya Mitelman - a wealthy businessman from Chelyabinsk
. Ilya Mitelman also known as a member of City Council on the Kurchatov constituency. Wedding lovers had planned to play in June 2009.

Masha and Ilya had known for about a year. Eligible bachelor spotted a bright girl, when she came to his native Chelyabinsk on tour. Since then, he literally would not let her pass, and now, finally, it would seem he got his way. Love does not have to pull the official part - Mitelman already introduced the bride with her parents, and immediately after this couple had applied to the registry office. According to rumors, the future daughter-like mother of Elijah. However, before the wedding, it never came. By the way, before Kozhevnikova, Mitelman met with the famous singer Zhanna Friske.

. In August 2009, Maria co-starred in a candid photoshoot for Playboy magazine and admitted in an interview that, despite the crowds of fans, her heart is still free
. Therefore, its decision to withdraw for a men's magazine no one could challenge. "All decisions until I accept myself, enjoy the freedom and making up for the lack of adventure in his student years," - said the girl.

. Kozhevnikova formulated the qualities which a man must possess to win her heart: "I can conquer his charisma, wisdom, inner strength, reliability, and much more (I'm afraid, not enough space)
. As for looks, for me it is unimportant, because its decoration I will, "- she said.

The actress told a small juicy details about their sex life: "I have never had sex. I support the idea that people were making love. In my understanding of the process of intimacy - a kind of mystery, dizziness, smells, which reduce your mind, your hands dear loved one, his whisper, breath. You feel the mood, guess each other's fantasies. This is when two become one and this is something from which I take pleasure. And no matter where you are alone, though in the car. "

. Filmography:

. 2005 Rublyovka Live - TV series
. 2006 Hello, I'm your Papa! - TV series
. 2006 She-Wolf (Russia, Ukraine) - TV series
. 2006-2007 Who's the Boss? - TV series
. 2007 Three and Snowflake
. 2007 Sovereign's Servant
. 2007 Love on a knife edge
. 2007 Yellow Dragon
. 2008 Two Sisters - TV series
. 2008 Gift of God - Series
. 2008 traffic police, etc.
. (GAI) - TV series
2008 Daughter
2008 Heartbreakers - series
2008 Univer - series
2009 Kremlin Military
Unforgiven 2009
2009 West of the Sun

Photos of Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna
  • Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna
  • Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna
  • Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna
  • Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna
  • Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna
  • Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna
  • Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna
  • Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna
  • Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna
  • Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna
  • Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna
  • Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna
  • Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna
  • Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna
  • Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna
  • Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna
  • Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna
  • Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna
  • Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna
  • Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna
  • Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna
  • photo shoot for Playboy magazine
  • Photoshoot for Playboy magazine

Photos of Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna
Kozhevnikov, Maria AlexandrovnaKozhevnikov, Maria AlexandrovnaKozhevnikov, Maria AlexandrovnaKozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna

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    Kozhevnikov, Maria Alexandrovna, photo, biography
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