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( OPEC President since 2007, has been in office a second time, the first time was in office in 2000-2001. Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Algeria since 1999. Earlier in the year 1980-1999)

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Biography Chakib KHELIL
photo Chakib KHELIL
Chakib Khelil, was born Aug. 8, 1939 in the Moroccan city of Oujda. Even at school he met the future President of Algeria Abdelaziz Bouteflika (Abdelaziz Bouteflika), (some sources attribute this knowledge to the end of 1960).

. In the years 1962-1968 Khelil attended the University of Texas, where he received his doctorate engineer
. Then Khelil worked in the U.S. as an engineer for Shell and Philips Petroleum, as well as the Bureau of research McCord.

In 1970 he returned to Algeria, Khelil. Since 1971, he headed the department deposits the state company Sonatrach, the Algerian who was responsible for hydrocarbon natural resources, and also was president of the joint venture company Sonatrach and the American Coreb. From 1973-1976 he was the advisor to the President of Algeria, as well as president of the Group Valhid "(Groupe Valhyd), development planners and funding of hydrocarbon resources of Algeria.

. In 1980, Khelil went to work at the World Bank, international organizations that promote the economies of developing countries
. Working at the World Bank, Khelil was engaged in oil projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and for some time led the Energy Division of Latin America. It was alleged that he belonged to one of the key roles in the restructuring of Latin American economies with the assistance of the World Bank. In the 1990's Khelil called the World Bank's adviser on oil.

World Bank Khelil, left only in October 1999, when Bouteflika, who had just elected president of Algeria, appointed him his adviser. In late December the same year, Khelil as Minister of Energy and Natural Resources entered into a new government, headed by Ahmed Benbitur (Ahmed Benbitour).

. From November 2000 to November 2001 was president Khelil, OPEC - the cartel, which brings together major exporters of oil (according to some sources, he assumed the post Jan. 1, 2001)
. In that position, Khelil maintained a moderate position on the regulation of oil prices close to the position of Saudi Arabia. This Algeria 2000's was considered a supporter of an active regulation of prices by OPEC.

In July 2000, Khelil submit a new draft oil and gas legislation Algeria. Debate on these projects, . providing for the liberalization of oil and gas industry, . waiver of the mandatory 51 per cent participation of Sonatrach in all developments and providing greater opportunities to foreign companies took place over the next five years,
. Despite the fact that from March 2001 to May 2003, Khelil also was CEO of Sonatrach as opposed to project management company, and some political groups. So, . when in 2002 in Algiers, to create a new government headed by Ali Benflisom (Ali Benflis), . Prime Minister, . speaking for the preservation of the role of Sonatrach, . wanted to change Khelil, . But President Bouteflika insisted, . that he retained his position,
. In early 2003, Khelil's position in the government once again shaken, . but after the resignation Benflisa in May 2003 and the formation of a new government headed by Ahmed Ouyahia (Ahmed Ouyahia) Khelil reiterated that the discussion of oil and gas legislation,
. Finally the new law was passed in July 2005.

In the field of external relations Khelil noted the role of media in the reconstruction of relations between Algeria and Iran in 2000. Also, Khelil was negotiating the construction of Algerian-Nigerian and Algerian-Spanish gas. Thanks to the foreign relations Khelil in the early 2000's has expanded overseas activities Sonatrach, especially in Latin America. In mid-2001, Algeria became a member of the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE). Since late 2002 at the request of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's Sonatrach has assisted in expanding the export of Venezuelan oil.

Since 2006, Algeria's energy policy has become tougher. Oil and Gas Law was revised in favor of Sonatrach, which was seen as a manifestation of "energy nationalism" (in this regard, Algeria was compared in the press with Venezuela and Russia). In 2007-2008, Algeria followed by other African oil suppliers switched to a policy of additional taxation of oil companies receiving income.

In September 2007, Khelil again became president of OPEC. In the period of sharp rise in oil prices in 2007-2008 Khelil rejected the organization's ability to reduce prices and in March 2008 explained the increase in fuel mistakes of the U.S. administration to manage the economy of their country. In July, he also stated unrelated oil consumption and its cost, but price increases tied to the economic crisis in the U.S.. Begun in the second half of 2008, falling oil prices led to the fact that c Sept. OPEC led Khelil began reducing oil production to stimulate growth in prices.

. Khelil speaks Arabic, Spanish, French, English and Portuguese
. He is married, he has two children.

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Chakib KHELIL, photo, biography
Chakib KHELIL, photo, biography Chakib KHELIL  OPEC President since 2007, has been in office a second time, the first time was in office in 2000-2001. Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Algeria since 1999. Earlier in the year 1980-1999, photo, biography
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