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( Rudnev, Vadim V. (1874 (9?) -1940) - Politician, journalist and publisher. Of the nobility. He studied at the Medical Faculty at Moscow University, for participating in the student movement in exile)

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Biography RUDNEV Vadim
photo RUDNEV Vadim
Since 1900, he studied at the medical faculty of Moscow University. In 1902, exiled to Siberia for participating in the student movement. Eser. The summer of 1905 arrested and detained in Taganskaya jail before being released on Manifesto of October 17. In 1906 delelgat 1 st Congress of the JDP (from Moscow). He played for the immediate peasant uprising. At the 2 nd Congress of the AKP (Ser. 1907) co-opted into the Party Central Committee. In 1907, arrested and exiled to 4 years in the Yakutsk province. Freed, completed in Basel (Switzerland) Medical Education. During the 1-st World War, passing exams in 1914, received a doctor at hospital ship.

RudnevFevralskuyu revolution of 1917 met in Moscow, contributed to the revival of Gore. to-ta AKP member of-cerned elected March 22. Worked in the "Action Team" for the convening of the 3rd Congress of the AKP. Tsp. Editorial SR gas. Trud. April 11. Mosk. Council RD elected member of the presidium of the Council. April 22. at the plenum of the Council made with the support ACCESSED. Prospect Island in connection with April, a crisis, as opposed to the Bolshevik. resolution of no confidence in pr-woo and the transfer of power to the Soviets. April 29. prev. at the opening of Moscow. Lip. Congress KD. 30 April-1 May participated in the 6-th of the AKP, came to the electoral commission for the convening of the 3rd Congress of the AKP. May 9 at the joint meeting of the Executive Committee of Soviets of the RD and MD said: "The world can be enclosed only in the Intern. scale "(" Izvestia Moscow. Council RD, 1917, 10 May). 25 May -4 June Affairs. 3rd congress of AKP, member. Bureau (Comrade. prev.) spoke on "Review Org. statute "(with AA. Argunov). July 11 elected sinks. Gore. head, in a speech in Gore. Duma supported the policy п-.пг. Kerensky. 6.8 August. member of the Presidium of the 7 th of an enlarged Council AKP Reviewing Finance-Economic. issues and problems in Finland and Ukraine. August 12. welcomed Provisional. Ave quantity per wash. State. meeting as the mountains. head: "I join the call ACCESSED. Prospect Island on overcoming in the name of saving the nation and the Revolution of all the contradictions that afflict the country, the call for the unity of all the living forces "(" State. meeting, with. 45). August 13. one of the welcoming gene. L.G. Kornilov. August 15. welcomed the participants opened SW. Cathedral Pravosl. Ros. Church. On August 29. member of the executive committees of the Soviets formed RD, SD and lips. KD Provisional Council. to-ta - body combat performance of the gene. L.G. Kornilov. Sep 14. member of the Presidium of the Conference of Representatives Zemstvos and cities, to-Roe was to develop a program of societies, governments. In Sept.. participated in the All-Russia. Dem meetings: Sept. 17. made from a group of mountains. for municipal government, a coalition with the Cadets. A similar proposal was also the 22 Sept. for Joint. Meeting representatives of the wash. SRs, Mensheviks. Cadets, Commerce and Industry. group with п-.пг. Kerensky's Congress of Cities Alliance was elected on October 15. during. Council Ros. Republic (Pre-Parliament). In middle. October. organized in Moscow in the inaugural campaign. Coll.

Receiving news of the Petrograd. armament. Restore, convened an emergency meeting sinks. Gore. City Council, where he said that the Duma - the unity, legitimate power in Moscow, and will not obey the Soviets. To fight the Bolsheviks was created Komitett Public Safety, headed by Rudnev. October 25. asked by telegraph to all the mountains. and rural municipalities with a proposal to "immediately to elect delegates to the rye-the first call will come to org-tion support inaugural. Coll. "(" Red archive ". 1933. ? 6,. 26). On the night of October 31 made a presentation at the Meeting of the Committee of Public Safety, part of the Moscow garrison, the presidium of the Council of Soldiers' Deputies to the ta-AKP and the Duma factions on the steps Gore. Duma to-fact attempts at a peaceful solution to the situation in Moscow, the meeting recognized that the-t exhausted all means to an agreement and "the blame for the continuing civil war entirely borne by the Bolshevik Military Revolutionary Committee" ( "Forward", 1917, October 31.). Nov 8. at an emergency meeting of the Gore. City Council, discussing the Revolutionary Military Committee of the decree to dissolve it, said: "It is an adventure just proved to Russia that the Bolsheviks did not know how to lead creative -. work, and only able to destroy "(" Case of the People ", 1917, Nov 8.). 9 Nov.. chaired Zemstvo Mountains. meeting, gave a presentation on the events in Moscow. 15 Nov.. at Taboo WRC meeting Gore. City Council proposed a resolution that "the masses were the Bolsheviks because they were misled, and that the world, to try-ing to conclude the Bolsheviks, Russia will lead to the death" (ibid., 16 Nov.)..

In November - December Rudnev - Standing before. bureau of the Socialist elected members to establish. Coll. Participated January 5. 1918 meeting, established. Coll. January 8. Gore. council under the leadership Rudneva adopted a resolution condemning the crackdown established, Coll.: "There was a realm of unfettered arbitrariness and violence" ( "Moscow. Leaflet, 1918.11 January.). Collaborated in the "Union of Revival of Russia", hiding from the Soviet. power. Then he moved to Kiev, where, together with I.I. Bunakova was sent to North. Caucasus to communicate with AI. Denikin. In November. with PP. Riabouchinsky, P.N. Milyukovs etc.. participated in Iasi (Romania), in a meeting with the Ambassadors of the Entente. In late. 1918 he moved to Odessa, where he headed the bureau Zemstvos and towns Cities Alliance.

April 5. 1919 emigrated. Lived in France. In 1919, together with O.S. Minor and I.N. Kovarsky wrote in a letter to the Central Committee of the AKP, in a rum-condemned "all the growing tolerance for Owls. power, "" ready to go with her a united front to combat antibolshevist. Coalition (Lunacharsky AV. Former People. Essay on the history of the SR party, M, 1922,. 69). Collaborated in the plural. rus. newspapers and magazines.

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RUDNEV Vadim, photo, biography
RUDNEV Vadim, photo, biography RUDNEV Vadim  Rudnev, Vadim V. (1874 (9?) -1940) - Politician, journalist and publisher. Of the nobility. He studied at the Medical Faculty at Moscow University, for participating in the student movement in exile, photo, biography
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