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( The first issue of 2008 draft pick, rookie 'Tampa' Steve Stemkos in an interview with Sporting News Bill Aykenbergeru spoke about the difficulties of the first season in the NHL, the liberal)

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As you are given the transition from the Junior League in the NHL?

- At first it was hard for. It is clear that the difference between the leagues is huge - hockey players are much bigger, stronger and faster. In fact, to create a dangerous moment, a player in the NHL is given much less time. But I think that in the last games I had already finished, I feel more confident.

- How do you and your team endured a bad start?

- It was hard all. Such a start and a nightmare not dream. But we do not give in and hope for the best. And now, it seems, we all get better. We clearly follow the game plan, and it brings results.

- How do you play under the guidance of Barry Melrose?

- He is a very positive coach. If you did something wrong, Barry explain everything to you, and you'll understand that a mistake. He tries to do everything that we have progressed. All players like him. Barry - not a hard coach, and this approach gives good results.

. - You know something about Melrose, before he became your coach? After all, in the U.S. it is widely known for his work as a hockey analyst on TV channel ESPN.

. - We have in Canada, where I grew up, do not show ESPN, so I could not see Barry
. The only thing I remember about him - this is how it 'kings' beat 'Toronto' in the playoffs in 1993. Then I was 3 years. That's actually all I knew about it. But after a personal meeting came to know him better.

- As far as the speed of the game in the NHL than in junior leagues?

- Much higher. One of its main advantages, I think the speed, so for me it was not the big problem. In the NHL to make a decision you have much less time. We must to think quickly. It took me a while to get used to it. Hard time to control the puck and know where your partners. But after a couple of games I mastered.

- What are the emotions experienced when they took up their first point in a game against the 'maple leaf' in Toronto?

- I like a stone with a load off my mind. I am glad that this happened in my hometown. At the match was attended by about 70 of my friends and relatives, and I am glad that they saw it with my own eyes. I can confidently say that I shall never forget this day.

- What have experienced great joy - from the first point in Toronto or from the first goal in Buffalo?

- Definitely on the first goal, because it always causes a storm of emotions. Well double - is a Dream. Incidentally, the match came in the Buffalo 40 of my friends, so that without the support I did not stay. Wonderful trip turned out.

- How is the relationship with mates? Making fun of a newcomer?

- A little, but this was expected. This year I was the only newcomer in the team, so all the jokes directed at me. But guys fellows, do not exaggerate.

- What are joking?

- Shaving cream in socks - well, you know. When we arrived in my native Toronto, the guys told me to go to the first rolling. I went out and drove circle. Only then noticed that all were specifically in the tunnel, and I rode alone. That's what they are joking.

- To you as the first draft of room attracts special attention?

- Yes, journalists have a certain pressure, because I have expectations. But I try not to worry about it. Another good thing in Tampa hockey is not a sport's number one. Otherwise the pressure would be enormous.

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STEMKOS Steve, photo, biography
STEMKOS Steve, photo, biography STEMKOS Steve  The first issue of 2008 draft pick, rookie 'Tampa' Steve Stemkos in an interview with Sporting News Bill Aykenbergeru spoke about the difficulties of the first season in the NHL, the liberal, photo, biography
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