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Aronov Maria V.

( Actress)

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Biography Aronov Maria V.
photo Aronov Maria V.
Childhood and adolescence

Mary Aronov lived in Dolgoprudny. Studied bad, but my parents believed in it. To become an actress she had dreamed of since childhood: "I wanted to become an actress since then, as I can remember, years from five-six: I have invited all the neighbors attached a sheet-sets and staged representations. And my dad is angry, he was ashamed that I, as a clown entertain attendants. This is my Mummery, in fact, was the only way to assert themselves, and among his relatives, and even in school, too. The fact that I learned inferior, good grades only in Russian, literature and history were, the rest is barely on the troika pulling.

Maria was about to marry at a young age. At age 14, she met with the Uzbek young men, who, incidentally, was twice her age. Even their parents gave their consent. Waited only when Mary turns 16. But after a while she realized that was not yet ready for marriage, to adulthood, and they parted.

After high school, entered the Theater School named after BV Shchukin (course Vladimir Vladimirovich Ivanov), who graduated in 1994. Says Aronov - Vladimir Vladimirovich is still its artistic father, the king and god. At the graduation performance "Royal Hunt" Mary Aronov played Catherine II. For this role, aspiring actress got her first prize - the RF State Prize named after KS Stanislavsky.

. Another second year at college, Aronov has been invited to the Moscow Academic Theater im.Vahtangova Fridrikhoviches Arkady Katz, who put here "Marriage Bal'zaminova" (play by Ostrovsky)
. There she was granted to play Belotelovu. Then Aronov introduced in Zoykinu apartment "(play by Mikhail Bulgakov), and" Threepenny Opera "(play by Brecht).

So when she graduated from the institute, the question of where to go, there was. Since 1994 Aronov became an actress of the Moscow Academic Theater named Evg.Vahtangova.

From the first years of work in the theater Aronova "lucky" on the role of. She had no massovochnoy scene, not one tiny episode. If this was an episode, it was epizodische as, for example, was in the play "I'll never know, dear" in Viktyuka.

In plays Aronova had the opportunity to work alongside Vladimir Etush, Lyudmila Maksakova, Sergei Makovetsky, Yulia Rutberg. For the role of Prony in the play "For Two Hares" (1997) she was awarded the prize "Crystal Turandot".

Fateful was the play "Uncle's Dream", Aronov appeared here in a new light. "This role has helped me to speak my own voice, did not invent, and understand that, thanks to the director, I can freely were, conveniently, with no twists in the hand and fear of being uninteresting feel on stage."
. Movies

. At the movies - from 1995
. The first role - in the film by Sergei Ursulyak "Summer People" on the play by Maxim Gorky "Dachniki". This is a drama about a day in the life of a holiday village beginning of the century. This brought together representatives of the intelligentsia. Finalized a wonderful summer day, filled with a light flirtation or a non-committal conversation, picnics, humorous games. But the evening comes, each of the heroes hide his drama, a little more, and can happen tragedy. Very Aronov believes that this is her best work in cinema.

. Aronov: "From the first shoot I'm still just a puppy feel excited: It was my first trip abroad (the movie was filmed in the Czech Republic), so even with such notable artists as Irina Kupchenko Sergei Makovetsky, Natalia Vdovina
. Insanely interesting to work with Ursulyak: he did a great director is in terms of precise work with the actor, apparently, because the last actor.

. Recently filmed mostly in soap operas - "Request Stop", "Moscow Windows"
. The most prominent role in recent years - in a comedy TV series "Strawberries". It's - Household comedy, filled with anecdotes from the life of a Moscow family, which owns a small cafe.

Aronov: "Simply amazing lessons I was working on the series" Strawberries ". Galina Polish, I think, was born just before the camera. And Natalia Krachkovskaya literally hoisted me on their shoulders, and all taught.

. In 2002 multiserial starred in the feature film "Yura".

. Aronov: "With regard to what I have to work do not accept, I can definitely say that have never become a joke on the theme of war
. Children's House - another theme for which just morally can not afford to take. Then, I never in my movies not undress, not because the hypocrite, but simply because of my performance it would have looked gone. "

Since June 2002, leading to the FTP transfer of "near you". She starred in advertising washing powder "Comet".

Mary Aronov not like noisy or bohemian companies. All her close friends have nothing to do with the movie. He lives in the apartment of his parents, married, one son Vladik.

. From an interview with Maria Aronova (recorded Katerina Romanenkova, . Site peoples.ru): "Vladik - the fruit of great love, . I loved so, . what could this man running barefoot in the snow, . I looked him in the mouth, . prayed him, . as an icon: When I entered the Shchukin School, . I wanted independence, and stated, . that will live in a student dormitory, . all,
. Of course, my mother was sending me endless pots with homemade food, and these pans flew our whole course of the hungry, and not only our. It so happened that I soon became friends with a third-year - this is a great honor, because the whole first semester to undergraduate we were treated respectfully by "YOU". In our get-together all the time everyone was talking about some Vlade - sort of a dark horse and a fantastic personality, which all admire, whom everyone expects that the soul of any company in general center of the universe. And one, . when I was washing the floor in his room, . I crawled into the hallway, the dirty basin, . disheveled, . chosen to hem and see, . is a friend of mine, a third -, . and beside him terrible, . strange man - with a huge nose, . with huge green eyes, . their long eyelashes and a sinister look somewhere up, . under eyelids,
. Not a man, as an alien: a terrible and while terribly interesting. My friend with a sly grin and says: "Friends, this is Vlad!".

Then this mysterious Vlad was for me to come - very soon broke out of a novel force comparable only with nuclear war. This man was a genius, super-talented, but he is not held, the weak and spineless, he studied in GITIS and the Moscow Art Theater School, but not finished neither one nor the other. Now I understand that he was sent to me by karma, only to have that at this moment and at this point, the planet has been born man. My Chosen One could be clever, handsome, rich, generous, reliable - what you like, but there was not anything that just happened in my head eclipse: I did not realize immediately that she is pregnant. The girl, a simpleton from a strict family where not accepted to speak on intimate subjects did not pay any attention to the fact that the month is long gone, nor the fact that the taxi was sick. Girlfriends chorus repeated: "Masha, go to the doctor, you're pregnant" - and I just waved. It was only when she felt some discomfort in the abdomen - like carbonated lemonade gurgling, went to the clinic. It turned out that I am pregnant for four and a half months, and the tumult of lemonade bubbles - the first stirring of a baby. Oh, for a week I had to go from institution to ride a horse, it's probably happened to miscarriage, as time I went to the doctor. I came out of the clinic: Actually, I kind of terrible alarmist, because little things can be covered with a rash of nervous, but in the fateful question I get Iron Felix, panic comes later. I was walking along the Arbat and think: "I can drive from home - this is so, I fantasized, of course, this would never have happened - I was definitely expel from the Institute, I was there no one needs - a freshman. But I really had a damn damn all to hell, but I'll bear it ". Even then I knew for sure that this will be a boy, and later I dreamed about it, like a calf, so what I brought him the first time: ".

With Vlad Maria Aronov spent about two years, and then they parted. As recognized Mary, it could happen sooner. The cup was too, when he was drunk punched her in the face:

Currently married Mary Aronov. Her husband, Eugene working as head of the transport department in the same theater where Maria stands.

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Aronov Maria V., photo, biography
Aronov Maria V., photo, biography Aronov Maria V.  Actress, photo, biography
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