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Leo Levan

( Business Today Leviev is not only diamonds, in the assets he had construction companies, metallurgical plant in Israel, part of the fuel companies 'Alon' (1700 filling stations and refineries)

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Biography Leo Levan
photo Leo Levan
Lev Leviev (Leviev), one of the largest diamantaires in the world, an Israeli businessman. Ranks second in the list of the richest people in Israel (annual production volume of its business - $ 1 billion). With diamonds and diamonds, Leviev began working as a grinder in a factory for polishing diamonds. Who knew that a simple apprentice in 1994, will become a leader in the diamond industry.

. Today, business is not only Leviev Diamonds, . in the assets of his construction company, . Metallurgical Plant in Israel, . part of the fuel company "Alon" (1700 filling stations and refineries in the U.S.), . total diamond concessions in Angola and other,
. In December 2007, personally led by billionaire developer AFI Development, . whose principal owner himself, Mr. Leviev Experts, . Leviev considers Russia's most promising market, . so he decided to lead the board of directors and participate in the management of the company.,
. Education

. 1971: Chabad yeshiva in Kiryat Malachi;

. 1969: The underground yeshiva in Samarkand.
. Career

. 1997-present.: "Africa-Israel, owner and chairman of the board of directors;

. 1980: "Africa-Israel, aktsioneo, board member;

. end of the 70's: opening its own factory for the processing of diamonds in Africa;

. 1971: a factory for polishing diamonds, a journeyman;

. Military service in the Israeli army.
. Besides

. His wife Olga, nine children;

. President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS, the head of the "Congress of Bukharan Jews of Israel."
. Rumors

. By purchasing shares of Africa Israel and becoming a member of its leadership Leviev sells weapons, buying diamonds, changing planes in gold, platinum pumps, sells swimwear and condoms, petroleum and bauxite
. Together with Arkadi Gaydamak (also a former Soviet) regulate the public debt of Angola, the Soviet Union, with such a remarkable way that they themselves become co-owners of the largest deposits of diamonds "roller"

. We Leviev friendly relations with Boris Berezovsky and Mikhail Khodorkovsky
. Strongly friendly, almost brotherly, but once decided, Berezovsky fell out with Putin, Leviev switching teams and began to "make friends" with Roman Abramovich.

. Born July 30, 1956 in Tashkent, Bukhara Jews in the family.

. Santa Leviev for promoting Jewish religious tradition in 1949
. was arrested and exiled for 25 years in Siberia.

In 1971, Mr.. Levayev family emigrated to Israel.

Worked cutters in diamond-grinding workshop. Later opened his own lapidary shop.

. He married the daughter of one of the largest diamond cutters, was taken by father in business.

. Prior to 1998 - vice president of Russia Jewish Congress (RJC), later became actively create "rival" Jewish religious structure - the Federation of Jewish Communities in Russia
. Allegedly ranks second in the list of richest people in Israel (annual production volume of its business - 1 billion. dollars). President of Leviev Group. Supervises the Israeli fuel company Alon, telecommunications company Africa-Israel. Supervises the biggest Bulgarian mobile operator MobiTel.

In Russia now owns ogranochnym "Ruiz Diamonds, which owns the right to buy 20% of diamonds in the Urals over three years. Bought Yerevan ogranochny plant "Kristall". Fluent Moscow jewelry plants, uranium mines in Kazakhstan, Permian now "Kama-Kristall diamond-cutting, 18% stake in Alrosa (foreign trade operations with diamonds).

. Charitable Funds Leviev "Or Avner" ( "Light Avner Leviev on his father's name) and the Ohr Chana finance movement Chabad Lubavitch.

. Was the main sponsor of the Moscow construction of a Hasidic Jewish community center, the largest Jewish community center in Europe, inaugurated in September 2000
. At the opening attended by Vladimir Putin.

Since November 1999 - President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS (mainly - Hasidic), in Russia the organization represented the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FJCR). A few days earlier as part of the Jewish religious delegation met with Vladimir Putin.

. On November 26, 2000 - President of the World Congress of Bukharan Jews.

. November 17, 2004, met with Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, . after which the Deputy Mayor Iosif Ordzhonikidze said, , . that invest in urban projects, . and create for them a particularly favorable mode,
. They had to enter and Leviev. Ordzhonikidze said that "at various construction sites Leviev has invested from 2003 to 2004. $ 700 million, from 2005 to 2007. [plans to invest] another $ 1 billion ". (Gazette, 18 November 2004)

. For 2004 g.od - company, . belonging to Leviev, . built on the territory of MIBC "Moscow City", the central core and high-rise building, . commercial and business complex "Tverskaya Zastava" and closes with traffic interchange in the area Belosrusskaya, . as well as luxury housing in the Patriarch's Ponds,
. (Gazette, 18 November 2004).

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Leo Levan, photo, biography
Leo Levan, photo, biography Leo Levan  Business Today Leviev is not only diamonds, in the assets he had construction companies, metallurgical plant in Israel, part of the fuel companies 'Alon' (1700 filling stations and refineries, photo, biography
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