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RUDIN Alexander

( Art Director Mmusica viva)

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question: How is your band different from other chamber orchestras in Moscow?

-response: Over the years we have developed their own approach to work. He might not be such a warmhearted in detail, but I think has a better its freshness. Musica viva very omnivore in its repertoire. We quickly prepare new works and not play for years the same thing.

. in: How did Musica viva was a lot of sharp turns in his biography - from subjection Vladimir Philharmonic to loud litigation with his former producer Pavel Slobodkin?

. -A: The time when we were a team of Vladimir Philharmonic, I remember with gratitude
. A conflict with Slobodkin was largely logical. The principle of "who pays the piper calls the music" is not new, but in this case, he had already very pathological character. The irony was that we wanted to play concerts at the Center Slobodkin on Arbat Street, and he said that he does not need. The audience will come - natopchet. Musicians get broken desks, chairs, spoil valuable floor on the stage. He did not want the room functioned as a full-fledged concert stage, he needed a club to talk, which, in turn, did not need us. I am genuinely sorry that it all happened, or rather, did not work. It is a pity that one of the finest chamber music halls in Moscow is in a strange use.

Q: And who are now ordering your music?

-o: We are now a Moscow team. However, "under the mayor's office" we are only about four months. But finally got the stability. When the state did not give, then create different Ltd.. Then it was better to be private. And now is the time that the private is very difficult. And our new status - is a very good gift for the anniversary.

Q: How do you think the conductor has to be a despot or a liberal?

-o: I think if the conductor despotic, he will never achieve emancipation and the sincerity of the musicians on the stage. All will be played clean, but absolutely dead. Naturally, during these years I have changed the style of work with ensembles, from orchestras in general, with colleagues. Certainty diminished. Uncertainty was added. Because the more experience, the more vague criteria.

Q: Why do you rarely perform together with his son, a pianist? It even makes you some competition: he has his own projects, you have - their. Children usually prefer to peek out behind the backs of famous parents.

-o: In Ivan we play together, just not so often - two or three times a year. And enjoy. We are both quite independent people, and we are very different with Ivan. We respect each other. I do not think he needs my support. Yes, I do not know how to be supported. I can tell a person X, that my son plays very well, - once, twice. And the third time I did not tell. Topic will be closed. This much I have in nature.

Q: And you like to be friends with Alexander Rudin?

-o: I think that there is. As far as I know from reliable sources, the Rudin severe. I am very fond of their shells, and always try to be not appropriate. In life I get bored with anything except music. Although I can not say that nothing I read or do not go anywhere. I even sometimes watch football, but only such things as the World Cup or European. My TV does not work practically. For fifteen years. There are two or three programs of educational, cultural plan, which could look. But all the same TV - is such a plague, a drug. Better not get used to it.

Q: What do you think will be the next 30 years for Musica viva?

-o: Do not know. The main thing - that they simply were.

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RUDIN Alexander, photo, biography
RUDIN Alexander, photo, biography RUDIN Alexander  Art Director Mmusica viva, photo, biography
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